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Two car garages are….big.  If you only have one car, or you don’t mind parking your cars outside, there’s no reason for you to not turn that unused space into the man cave haven that you’ve been wanting for years.   Check out these Two Car Garage Man Cave Ideas  to see if an idea catches your eye. If you use one, make sure you let us know in the comments at the end.  

1) Projector Screen

That two-car garage is probably not set up for a TV, but it can be the perfect space for a do-it-yourself home theater. This projector comes with a 100 inch screen, so you can have a huge TV for movies, sports games, or even just your regular TV shows. With this, you can have a couch up against a wall and shine the projector onto the screen, rather than having TV screen in the center of the garage with cables running to it.

2) DIY Empty the Garage

If you have been using your garage, the first thing you need to do is empty out the space. You do not want your man cave to be cluttered with old items that are meant for next year’s garage sale. This video shows you how to customize sturdy garage storage to fit what you need to store. By mounting shelves to the ceiling, you get a lot of floor space. This is great if you have a tall garage. You can also designate one wall for storage to keep your garage artifacts away from your man cave.

3) Camaro Wall Clock

If your garage does not have a clock, this may be the time to add one. While you may like to spend long hours in the man cave, you will need to know when it is time to head to bed, or go to work after a session exercising in the man cave. This camaro wall clock is brightly lit, so it can be read at night. It also has the Camaro emblem, making it a fitting addition to a garage man cave in particular.

4) Cooling

Your garage may not have heating and cooling yet, but it probably should. If you are not interested in a full AC, heating and ventilation system, this simple fan may work. It is strong, and is designed for good ventilation, in case you are using your second bay for garage work. It will also keep the space cool while you are hanging out or working on cars. The fan has three settings, so it can keep a larger area cool or be focused only on the area you are in.

5) Wrench Coat Hooks

Your garage has an opening to the outside. There is little point in having a two car garage man cave if you are not going to make use of the garage doors. Thus, you will need access to coats and jackets at times. To have them readily available, get this wrench-shaped coat hook set from Amazon. This is a clever garage-themed set of hooks, and the large hooks are big enough for any coat, jacket, hat, or lanyard.

6) DIY Dual Spaces

A two-car garage is ideal for a two-part man cave. You can set up one space as a workshop and the other with a couch and television, for example. Alternatively, you can set up one space as a bar and the other as an exercise room. The options are endless. This guide tells you how to set up a curtain to divide up spaces, if you want to define them better, or just keep sawdust from your woodworking project out of your beer.

7) ​​​​​​​Furniture Covers

Garages are inherently messy places. You likely chose a garage space because you can go in and out easily, and it is durable enough for tools, woodworking, exercising, and more. Even if you did not choose it for these reasons, you will likely go outside and come in from outdoors, and have at least a small workbench. If you want a soft space in the garage, consider these couch covers, This way, you can sit on your couch in the middle of a woodworking project, and just toss the couch cover in the wash when you get it dirty.

8) Area Rug

Many two car garages have separate garage bays that lend themselves to creating two spaces. You can even use shelves to make a wall between the two bays. If yours has a single door, though, you may need more than garage doors to help separate your spaces. Put this area rug under the couch to soften the area and define the “living room” part of your man cave. The rug is gray, with a wavy pattern that can hide oil stains. It is also a short fiber rug, and is easy to clean.


When your house was first built, it may not have occurred to the builder to install cable in the garage. If the home’s builder did not see your garage man cave coming, you will have to adapt. Streaming is a good way to get TV if you do not have reliable satellite; however, if you do not want your nice new SMART TV in the garage, you will need a way to stream onto a big screen. This 25 foot HDMI cable can connect a laptop to your TV, so you can stream onto any TV.

10) Funny Garage Sign

No man cave is complete without some humor. This sign from Amazon has the humorous caption “What happens in the garage stays in the garage.” This is appropriate for a garage man cave, since it is a private space for you and friends. It may also be where you work on projects. If you make a stupid mistake, as we all do sometimes, you likely want that mistake to stay in the garage man cave. Otherwise, your friends will have too much material to make fun of you.

11) DIY License Plate Box

A garage man cave needs some garage themes. If you create a dual space with the two garage bays, one of the spaces is likely to have a cozier indoor feel. To keep the garage theme in this space, try this do-it-yourself license plate box. There are many crafts that can be done with license plates to add to the garage feel. Consider bending plates around objects to create other looks. This box will be a useful storage space, while carrying the mechanic theme through the whole man cave.

12) ​​​​​​​​​DIY Cabinet Bit Organizer

If you chose a garage as your man cave location, you will likely have two things:; a comfortable space to relax and a workshop space to fiddle with projects. If one bay contains a workshop, try making this bit organizer. Like any do-it-yourself project, it is more work, but allows you to create a completely customized storage space. You can also use similar methods to those in the video to customize this storage to your needs.

13) ​​​​​​​​​​Full Service Route 66 Metal Sign

Route 66 is a popular theme when it comes to mechanics, auto swamp meets, and, of course, garages. As you decorate the more comfortable half of your garage, makes a nod to the workshop. Advertise your garage as a full service station, with this sign. It has a picture of a pretty girl on it, adding a whole new meaning to the words “full service.” Add an image of a classic car, and it fits in any part of your dual man cave.

14) Caged Area Light

Most garages are best suited to overhead light. When you light a garage, you will usually have utility lights designed to light a workspace. While the workshop half of your garage may have such lights, a more comfortable and relaxing section will need a warm-toned overhead light. This area light is caged, so that any mishaps in the workshop cannot harm the lights inside. It is also large enough to light a seating area or other small space.

What kind of dual man cave will you make? Try some of these ideas and tell us how they worked in the comments!

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