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When you look up at your bedroom ceiling, what do you see? Do you see dull neutrals, bright colors, or faded pastels? You’re not here because you want subtle blends and faded colors. You want to go bold, with Navy Blue and White Bedroom Ideas. If you’re not sure how to go about it, check out our navy blue and white bedroom decor and design choices!

1) ​​​Nautical Bedroom

There are many easy to do a blue and white bedroom theme. You can go bold, classic, bohemian…or you can go thematic. Create a nautical theme with furniture and art like this. This is a tasteful design that adds a bit of ocean and beach decor to the bold color combination you’ve chosen. The unique design makes the room feel warmer and more inviting, whereas a navy blue and white theme could look too impersonal otherwise.

2) Bold Art

Your artwork is critical in transforming your navy blue and white bedroom. Since your color choices are already bold, you don’t want bright and intense, clashing colors. Instead, focus on using your theme color in your art. One great thing about blue is that you can mix shades so that any bold blue artwork will look good in a navy blue and white room. These blue and white flowers are vibrant, and provide lively energy for your bedroom, but not enough to interfere with sleep or relaxation.

3) ​​​​DIY Navy Blue Wicker

Your best bet when creating a bedroom theme with dark colors is to use the lighter color for large areas. Instead of painting large swathes of navy blue, place a few navy blue pieces around the room. Wicker furniture is an excellent choice because it isn’t one solid piece. The gaps in the furniture break up the dark color, so you have the bold navy blue and white look without too much dark color. Watch this video to see how you can paint wicker, though you’ll be using navy blue paint instead of grey.

4) ​​​​DIY Navy Blue Nook

Navy blue is a dark color, and should be used sparingly in decoration, but you still want the navy blue to be noticeable. Ultimately, up to half of your bedroom should be navy blue colored, depending on what looks right to use. In this picture, the artist wanted a large area of navy blue, but instead of painting their whole wall, they created a smaller nook around the bed area. You can create a similar effect with an accent wall or even a navy blue curtain behind the headboard of your bed.

5) ​​​​​Striped Curtains

If you don’t want to overwhelm people entering the room, but don’t just want a white room with navy blue accents, stripes may be your friends. Striped navy blue and white curtains like these have both theme colors, but neither the bright white nor the dark navy blue are allowed to take up too much space. This creates a perfect balance between the two. Try to achieve a similar balance in the rest of the room by adding navy blue furniture pieces to balance white paint.

6) ​​Fountain

A bedroom fountain is a cool idea. You’ve probably seen fountains around and thought they would be a fantastic thing to have in your house…then looked at the price tag. Watch this video to learn how to make a fountain with LED lights. Use the fountain to accent a nautical, ocean, or beach theme. If your navy blue and white bedroom is navy-themed, adding water features is a beautiful way to show it. You can use darker blue LED strips with white paint if you want to match the room colors more closely.

7) ​​​Art That Blends

Your artwork can be part of your decor. Designing a navy blue and white bedroom doesn’t just mean there’s white paint or blue curtains. You’ll need some artwork, and with these color choices, you want something that matches the decor. Instead of getting any blue art to put up, take the time to find a piece that perfectly blends into your decor like this one. The colors in this painting match the theme, but the artist also placed plants in the room that match the art piece, creating a cohesive and professional look.

8) ​Two-Toned Wall

To achieve the bold effect you want, you need to find a way to balance your two colors, and one of the hardest decisions you’ll face is which color to paint the wall. While white is a safe choice, a two-toned wall will bring out your theme in a way that a white wall with navy blue accents doesn’t. Use this tutorial to make a navy blue and white wall. Think about how high you want the bottom color to go, and make sure the darker color is on the bottom.

9) ​​​​​​White With Blue Pillows

While balancing your two colors creates a bold-looking bedroom, it might be a bit more than you wanted. The great thing about a dark, intense color like navy blue is that a little goes a long way. Add some dark blue pillows to your room to create a more subtle effect like the one in this picture. The blue looks wonderful against the white, but it isn’t overwhelming. If you choose to go this route, make sure there aren’t a lot of other colors to clutter the room; navy blue and white should always be your dominant colors.

10) ​​​​​DIY Lightning Effect

If you don’t want a generic navy blue and white bedroom, you’ll need to look for some patterns and effects that use those colors. While these can be geometric art, a lot of your ideas will come from nature. Follow this instructable to learn how to paint a lightning bolt on a wall. You can paint white lightning on a navy blue wall to create the illusion of a thunderstorm. If you’re the sort of person who feels soothed by a storm overhead, this would make an amazing bedroom for you.

11) ​​​Navy and White Bedding

Pillows and furniture are great little touches to add some navy blue into a white room, but bedding is a quick and easy way to add lots of color, fast. With navy blue and white bedding like this, you can instantly turn a white bedroom into a navy blue and white room. Add other accents so that there’s still some navy blue in the room while the comforter is being washed. Try adding a vase or other table art on the other end of the room so that there’s a little blue everywhere.

12) ​​​Bohemian Style

You might know what colors you want, but the way you present them is everything. So, you want a nautical room, or a generic navy blue and white guest room? If you’re not sure what you want, try a bohemian style with this tie-dye mandala tapestry. This navy blue and white design is a fresh take on the navy blue and white bedroom, and the large art piece can be a centerpiece for your room. Hang it behind the bed, or directly across from it if you have a large headboard.

13) ​​​​​DIY Navy Blue Headboard

Your bed is the centerpiece of your room, and the headboard is the most noticeable part of the bed, particularly for those of us who aren’t perfect about making the bed every morning. The headboard is a permanent fixture, unlike bedding that gets taken out to the wash every so often. This makes it a great centerpiece for your navy blue and white room. You generally want to add dark touches to a light background, so follow these step-by-step instructions to paint your headboard navy blue. Then all you have to do is install it in a white bedroom.

14) Mix Blue Tones

Navy and white is a powerful combination, but it has the potential to be dull and flat if you don’t do it right. Avoid creating a two-dimensional space by adding small touches of different blues. This can be a single lamp, like this one, or you can create a scale of colors ranging from navy blue to white. If you choose to add a few shades of blue, try to stay on the darker side, and make sure you have more navy blue than any other shade.

Is there a navy blue and white theme we should’ve included? There’re many ways to combine navy blue and white for an incredible bedroom, and we’d love to hear your thoughts! Please let us know in the comments below.

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