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You step into your kitchen to check on dinner or grab something to eat. You sip from a glass of wine, taking a moment to savor it. If you had your way, wine would be one of the major food groups. As it is, you’re probably already working on a fancy wine bar for your kitchen, but you’ll need some decorations to show your tastes. These Wine Kitchen Decorating Ideas will help you create an amazing kitchen with beautiful wine decorations.

1) ​​​​Wine Not

When you step into your kitchen to make dinner or wash dishes, and that bottle of wine starts calling to you…ask yourself, “Why not?” This decoration is both a pun and a functional wine rack, with slots for four wine glasses and five wine bottles. You can use it as part of a wine bar, or decorate some empty wine bottles to put in it. The simple wood design fits with most kitchen décor, and it adds a slightly rustic look reminiscent of wine barrels.

2) ​​Wine Bottle Shaped Cork Holder

When you open your next bottle of wine, don’t throw away the cork. Instead, save the corks for crafts and decorations. They can even be decorations while you’re saving them up. This wire cork holder is shaped like a wine bottle, so it’s a decoration on its own, and the corks add to your wine themes as they slowly fill the holder. The holder is designed to sit on a countertop or bar top, and it’s even sealed with a cork, like a real wine bottle.

3) ​DIY Wine Barrels and Grapes

Wine bottles have a unique look. Even those who don’t drink wine consider the shape and color beautiful. This makes them ideal for decorations, and the great thing is, you don’t have to buy them! As a wine drinker, you’ll have plenty of them around. Just save the next bottle you drink. In this video, you’ll see how you can turn an old and spent wine bottle into a beautiful decoration. By the time you’re finished, the container will look like a wine barrel with grapes that a professional artist could’ve made.

4) ​​Red Wine and Roses

Some of your wine kitchen decorating will be creative do-it-yourself projects, but you’ll want some wall art, as well. This wall art shows red wine and roses together, but the image is all grayscale except for the red wine and roses. This leads to a striking image, highlighting the wine and flowers. Red is the first color the eyes see, so anybody entering your kitchen will be drawn to the image. Add some real roses, and people’s eyes will be drawn between them and the painting. This will cause them to notice your decorations, even if they’re subtle.

5) ​​​​​​​DIY Wine Bottle Candle

When you open a bottle of wine, you’re left with an empty wine bottle and cork. Well, the empty wine bottle comes a bit later, but when you finish off that bottle, you’ll have two great craft materials for decorations. With this tutorial, you can turn old, empty wine bottles into candles. This does involve cutting glass, but the tutorial includes instructions for doing so safely, and you end up with beautiful candles. They’re subtle wine decorations that make the kitchen look attractive.

6) ​​​​​​​​​DIY Cork Cabinet Knobs

If you have a kitchen wine bar, you probably have somewhere you’ve accumulated corks. If not, now might be the time to start. Collecting corks gives you many options for crafts to decorate your kitchen with, and of course, the corks are free! This blogger tells you how to replace your cabinet knobs with corks to make a wine-themed kitchen. The corks are the right shape for cabinet knobs, so you won’t sacrifice usefulness for decoration.

7) ​​​​​String Light Wine Bottle Decorations

If you’re looking for something to do with old wine bottles, but don’t feel comfortable cutting them up, don’t worry. Try this simple do-it-yourself idea instead. Leave the wine bottle whole and wash it out well. You can hold onto the cork, and rinse that, also. Then, add string lights to the bottle. You can use this to light your kitchen slightly, in case you wake up and want a midnight snack. It’s also another wine bottle decoration that will look nice in your kitchen during the day. These string lights from Amazon are the perfect length for this project.

8) ​​​​​​​DIY Mini Wine Barrels

When you think of wine, a few things should come to mind, besides the taste. With wine comes wine bottles, wine cork, wine barrels, and grapes, among other things. This video shows you how to make miniature wine barrels to use as decorations. With these little barrels, you can make your kitchen feel like a little vineyard. Add a few of these around your wine bar, or put them up around the kitchen. You can even hang them up by building the barrel without the stand and attaching them to a string.

9) ​DIY Wine Bottle Wall Vase

You just finished a beautiful bottle of wine. The shape of the bottle and the decorative label are almost as lovely as the taste of the wine…almost. Instead of throwing those away, turn them into vases. This wine-loving mom tells you how to turn wine bottles into wall vases. Unlike most vases, they won’t take up precious counter space, and you can use the flowers to accent your wine décor. Add some prints with red wine and roses, like the one mentioned earlier in this article, and put some red flowers in these vases to tie the room together nicely.

10) ​​​​​Kitchen Curtains

When you decorate your kitchen, you want it to feel like an old vineyard. This means some traditional prints, but a lot of your wall space is taken up by your refrigerator, cabinets, and other appliances. Your kitchen curtains, on the other hand, are likely a central part of the room. You spend time gazing out the kitchen window as you do dishes, but the curtains can be memorable. These wine-themed curtains will tie together your wine decorations, and attract the eye.

11) ​​​​​Letter Cork Holder

The cork comes off, and you stick it in a drawer or toss it on your wine bar. Maybe you throw it away. Those corks don’t have to be garbage, though; they can become part of your decorating plan. This wine cork holder from Amazon is shaped like the letter “M,” but you can get it in any letter, and a few patterns, such as a heart. Get one that’s shaped like the first letter of your last name, to show off the family wine bar.

12) ​​​​​​​DIY Upcycled Wine Bottles

There are many ways to reuse wine bottles. You can fill them with things, cut them or melt them to make other decorations, or display them without changing their appearance at all. With this video, you can learn to make hanging candle holders from old wine bottles. These are an excellent way to light a bay window, kitchen island, or another decorative area in your kitchen. You’ll need to cut the wine bottle, but the video includes a simple way to do so.

13) ​​​​​Wine Me Up and Watch Me Go

It’s time for some wine jokes. You’ve got a tasteful and beautiful wine themed kitchen in the works, but you need at least one wine joke to make you smile. Okay, maybe you don’t need it, but we think you’ll want it. This sign has a picture of wine and grapes, with the phrase “Wine me up and watch me go.” This joke, replacing the word “wind” with “wine,” is a clever way of showing appreciation for wine, and the purple color and picture of wine and grapes will help it blend with any other wine decorations.

14) ​​​​​DIY Wine Cork Candles

You can make candles out of old wine bottles, but the bottles aren’t the only thing you can turn into a kitchen candle. If you like having candles around, you can make a simple and easy candle with these instructions. The small candles are classy and subtle, like wine itself, but when your guests look closer, they’ll see the wine corks. This project is also a creative way to use up wine corks you would’ve thrown away otherwise.

15) ​Wine Barrel Light

Your decorating should encompass the whole kitchen. You can add a few wine decorations here and there, but incorporating the wine theme throughout the kitchen will make it look wonderful and classy. These wine barrel lights would go great above a breakfast bar, or you can use them to highlight the wine bar area. Since they’re directed lights, you’ll want to use them to light a specific area, not as general lighting for the whole kitchen.

16) ​​​​​​DIY Wine Bottle Pendant Lights

You should incorporate your lighting into your decorating, but how you do so is up to you. You can buy wine barrel lights, but you can also make wine bottles into lights. Since you probably have a few around, they’re a cheap way to light your kitchen. Use this lighting kit from Amazon to turn the wine bottle into lights. If you use colored bottles, you can even have tinted light, though tinted light is best used as an accent instead of everyday lighting.

17) ​​​​​Grapes

Wine is made from grapes. This makes them an essential part of the wine making, wine drinking, and wine decorating process. A bottle of wine is a pretty and elegant decoration, but when you sit it next to some grapes, you create a visual tie to the original grapes that wine came from. When you see those grapes, you feel like you’re at a vineyard in Italy or France without even realizing it. Add grapes to your décor, whether you use them as a backdrop like the grapes in this picture, paint them on bottles, or buy little fake grapes.

18) ​​​​​​​DIY Wine Bottle Words

While pictures, sculptures, and other imagery are powerful, sometimes you want to say what you mean. Watch this video to learn how to turn your old wine bottles into words. The wine bottles in the video spell out “home,” but you can say anything you like by painting different letters on your bottles. If you have enough bottles, spell out your last name, or the word “wine.” You can even spell out the name of your favorite vineyard, wine brand, or wine-producing country.

19) ​​Basket Wine Bottle

Have you ever had wine from a basket? While an elegant glass bottle has its charm, nothing looks more traditional and authentic than wine in a basket. As a decoration, it’ll transport you and your guests to a different time and place. While you can still get wine in a basket, it’s always an experience to remember. Instead of getting rid of these gorgeous bottles, save them as decorations. You can reuse them to store other things while keeping the charm of the original wine bottle and basket.

20) ​​​​​​​​DIY Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Many wine bottle crafts only use the bottle of the wine bottle. With this craft, you can use the entire bottle. Make a candle, jar, or other decoration from the bottom half of the bottle, but save the top for this. Cut the top part of the bottle off to make candle holders like those in the picture, and create a more elegant candle. These long, thin candlesticks are more traditional and decorative, and they’re sure to be noticed no matter where you put them. Try making them a centerpiece on a bay window or kitchen island.

21) ​​​​​DIY Cork Grapes

Grapes are the essential ingredient in wine production, and they’ll be an essential ingredient in your wine décor. You can include images of grapes along with images of vineyards and wine bottles, but you can also add 3D grapes to the décor. Instead of buying fake grapes, or keeping the kitchen stocked with real grapes, try carving some wine corks to make grape sculptures like the ones in this picture. This adds another element to the wine imagery you’re making, and you probably have plenty of corks around to practice.

What kind of wine decorations do you like? Did any of our ideas stand out? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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