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You can’t get enough rooster decor. Whether you prefer a realistically painted plate or a goofy caricature rooster, you want some roosters in your kitchen. Unfortunately, you can’t quite figure out how to find the right decorations; everything you try just looks tacky or feels out of place. Try some of these Rooster Kitchen Decorating Ideas to design a farmhouse kitchen you’ll feel at home in.

1) ​​Metal Rooster Wall Decor

You want your kitchen to have a country look, but you also need it to be functional. You don’t want to take up counter space that you could use for cooking. Wall decor like these metal roosters is a good way to decorate without taking up counter space. Each of the three roosters in this collection is in a different position, so they’ll look like a real trio of roosters pecking and clucking away in a barnyard.

2) ​​Vintage Rooster Figurines

Your rooster decorations should come in a few different forms to create variety and keep the decorating from being monotonous. This means you need some counter or tabletop decorations. You can get little figurines like these to take up as little space as possible. Put them along your windowsill, if you don’t have anything sitting there. They won’t take up much room, and you can line them up like they’re marching, scatter them like the’re in a barnyard, or arrange them any way you like.

3) ​​DIY Rooster-Shaped Cutting Board

If you can get past his singing voice, this woodworker has a great do-it-yourself idea for you. Try your hand at a little carpentry, and make the rooster-shaped cutting board from this video. It adds to your rooster decorating scheme, but since you can use it in your kitchen, it doesn’t waste any space. This can be left out on the counter as a breadboard or your primary cutting board. If you need a bigger cutting board for everyday use, you can always make a bigger one!

4) ​​Country Kitchen

Not all your decor will be roosters, roosters, and more roosters. Some of it will be your choice of colors, patterns, and other designs. Roosters are part of farmhouse decor, which is a type of country kitchen decor. You don’t want to confuse this with a rustic kitchen; if you try to make a rustic kitchen, it won’t quite look right. Use bright and warm tones rather than neutral or earth tones. Red is a good choice.

5) ​​​​Farm Fresh Eggs

Roosters don’t lay eggs. That’s fair, but no rooster should be seen without a brood of hens to keep him happy. This “Farm Fresh Eggs” sign will make it feel like you’re really in a farmhouse kitchen. It has a vintage look that fits an antique country kitchen. It would go great over wood panels or a standard white kitchen wall. Place it next to an egg basket or another type of basket to make it look like you’re really selling eggs.

6) ​​DIY Rooster Clock Decoration

There was a time when an analog clock would have been a standard part of a kitchen or any other room. Now, your oven and microwave tell you the time, and you might not have a single analog clock in the house. If you want a vintage farmhouse look, though, an analog clock is a logical touch that many people may not think of. Try making a rooster clock like this one by Pamela from Flower Patch Farmhouse. This will help tie your country decor and rooster decorations together for a vintage farmhouse kitchen.

7) ​​DIY Rooster Cabinets

You like roosters, but you don’t want to take up a lot of space with tabletop decorations. You don’t have a lot of wall space, either; that’s taken up by the fridge and the cabinets. That’s okay. You can decorate the cabinets by painting roosters on them, like the cabinets in this photo. If you don’t like the black and brown look, try painting the cabinets white and decorating them with only the rooster image. You can get stencils or decals if you’re not confident in your artistic skills.

8) ​Dish Towels, Oven Mitts, and Trivets

Your decorating should encompass a mix of permanent and temporary items. Your kitchen towels and trivets probably spend some time in the wash, or drift into the dining room when you set the table, but they’re still an important part of your kitchen decorating. You don’t want a plain black or brown towel in your rooster kitchen. This rooster dish towels, trivets, and oven mitt set from Amazon is a low-effort but effective way to brighten your kitchen with your favorite poultry.

9) ​​​​​​Rooster Cookie Jars

The kids have just finished chores and run in from the yard. They wipe their boots and charge into the kitchen to get some cookies from grandma. Nothing says “farmhouse” like an antique rooster cookie jar. Antiques add to the farmhouse feel, and the antique rooster image will help tie your kitchen together with a farmhouse feel. Unfortunately, antiques aren’t always easy to find. Use this guide to track down the antique rooster decoration your kitchen needs.

10) ​​​​Dish Drying Mat

Even if you have a dishwasher, you’ll need a dish rack for pots and pans, or to complete the farmhouse kitchen look that goes so well with your rooster decorations. Since you need a dish drying mat anyway, consider getting this drying mat with a picture of a rooster on it. While it won’t always be visible under your dishes, you’ll see it when you clean up the kitchen to have guests over, and it’ll encourage you to keep up with the dishes so that you can see your rooster dish mat as often as possible.

11) ​​​​Entrance Rug

If you have an outside entrance, people will probably track dirt and debris into your kitchen no matter how hard they try not to. If you have everybody trained to keep their muddy boots off the floor, you may not need an entrance rug, but you’ll want this one. Put this mat at the kitchen door, whether it’s an exterior door or the door to the living room. The rug has an image of a rooster on it, so your roosted friend can greet everybody as they come into the kitchen.

12) DIY Rooster Containers

You don’t want to lose the ability to use your kitchen, so instead of buying a ton of decorations, you can turn regular kitchen items into rooster decorations like this one. You can find rooster-themed wrapping paper on Amazon or at a local ranch supply store, and glue it to containers to make rooster-themed containers, or paint the roosters on yourself. Make sure to consider the colors in your kitchen when you paint the lids. Does your kitchen have a lot of black, brown, or red? Paint the lid in that color.

13) Peel and Stick Roosters

Peel and stick is the best fallback if you don’t have the skill or desire to paint everything by hand. This set from Amazon has 42 rooster-themed stickers that you can scatter around your kitchen. Put a few in subtle places to tie the room together, or place a line or roosters across the back of your counter. They’re safe to wash, so you don’t have to worry about putting them somewhere they will get wet or dirty.

14) ​​​DIY Barn Decorations

You have plenty of rooster decorations, but those roosters need a home. Check out this article to see how you can make a barn craft to hold your rooster decorations. The article has step-by-step directions to make a barn decoration for rooster salt, pepper, and spice containers. Set these against your back counter with your commonly used spices, or use a smaller version as a salt and pepper holder at your kitchen table. Try making one that holds spices on both sides and using it as a table centerpiece.

15) ​​​​Rooster Brand Coffee

If you’ve lived on a farm, or owned roosters, you’ve woken to that familiar cock-a-doodle-doo! If not, you’ve seen it on TV. This sign pokes fun at that crowing cock, advertising rooster brand coffee that wakes you up as well as a rooster. The sign has an image of a rooster yelling, “Wake the hell up!” Hang this neat vintage-style joke advertisement behind or next to your coffee machine, or somewhere else you’ll see when you first enter the kitchen in the morning.

16) ​​​​Rooster Paper Towel Holder

Kitchens suffer more than their share of spills and messes, and paper towels are a lifesaver. Upgrade your paper towel holder with this tabletop rooster paper towel holder. The holder has a rooster and some flower pots at the bottom, with a top piece shaped like a barn to complete the outdoor farmhouse look. This will fit your vintage country or farmhouse kitchen decor, and the decoration has a practical use, so it doesn’t take up any space you would have used for preparing meals.

17) ​​​​DIY Twig Carved Rooster

While you don’t want rustic decor, homemade farmhouse decor isn’t only acceptable but downright impressive. In this video, an expert woodcarver shows you how to carve a rooster out of a twig. This is a detailed step-by-step tutorial that somebody with no experience whatsoever can follow. Once you have your decoration, you can set the rooster on a windowsill where it will be visible but not take up counter space, and maybe even give him a few friends.

18) ​​​​​​Curtains

Most kitchens have windows, and yours is probably behind the sink. Wherever your kitchen window is, it needs curtains that fit your theme. If your old curtains look plain or don’t match your rooster decor, get curtains like these from Amazon. This three-piece curtain set has a frilly edge that makes you think of an old farmhouse. It has roosters on the bottom edge to match your vintage rooster decor, and the color scheme fits best with other red and gray decorations

19) ​​DIY Improve Cheap Decorations

You can find cheap rooster decorations in a lot of places, such as dollar stores of Amazon, but they generally don’t look as nice as the more expensive ones. Instead of breaking open your pocketbook for expensive decorations, buy cheap decorations and paint them like this blogger did. You can paint them a glossy white like the one in the post, or paint them to match your decor. Start by spraying them one color, then get out the acrylic paint to brush on the details.

20) ​​​​Napkins

If you like roosters, but you can’t afford expensive rooster decorations, you don’t need to add a lot of permanent decorations. You can get something as simple as rooster-themed napkin holders and napkins like these. While these won’t be a centerpiece, they’re a cheap way to add a little rooster decor. It’s also a way to tie together other decorations if you don’t want to put something purely decorative on a center island or countertop.

21) ​​Puns

Sometimes you just gotta say “cluck it,” and walk away. At least, that’s what this sign says. If you enjoy a good pun, you can hang this sign from Amazon in your kitchen. If you spend a lot of time experimenting with recipes, you’ve probably had your share of failures and frustrations. This sign can be a simple rooster-themed joke, but it also reminds you that it’s okay to walk away and maybe try again later if you struggle with a recipe.

22) ​​​​​​DIY Paint Roosters

Your kitchen probably has a limited amount of space. If you have a lot of counter space, you still don’t want to use a lot of it up with decorations if you don’t have to. With this tutorial, you can learn to paint roosters anywhere. Try painting your own cabinets, or paint kitchen containers. If you have a breadbox, you can also paint a rooster there. You can choose colors that fit your theme, or copy the colors from the tutorial.

23) ​​​​​​Rooster Baskets

Baskets are a good decoration for a kitchen because they bring you back to times when people went out and collected eggs, vegetables, and fruits in baskets. While they probably didn’t use decorative baskets like the ones in this picture, rooster-shaped baskets still have a country kitchen look. They’ll fit with country kitchen decor, and they’re a more subtle way of including roosters. Find some baskets like this and put other decorations in them, or fill them with fruits to snack on.

24) ​​​​​​Rooster Holding Salt and Pepper Shakers

Your roosters don’t have to just sit around looking pretty. While looking pretty is a fine activity, they can do so much more for your kitchen. This rooster holds up some salt and pepper shakers for you and your guests. Put this on your kitchen counter to use when cooking, or make this rooster a centerpiece for your kitchen table. It’s almost eight inches tall, so it will be a large decoration or centerpiece wherever you put it.

25) ​​Shelf Decoration

Storage and counter space are often at a premium in a kitchen, but some things are worth using up that space. This rooster decoration is designed to sit on the edge of a shelf. Its head tips down like it’s looking at something below the shelf. You can get a matching hen to complete the couple, or just place the rooster at the edge of a shelf to peer down at you and your guests.

26) ​​​​Rooster Spoon Holders

Some things in your kitchen are just for you. Your guests will see the larger decorations, curtains, and wallpaper, but your kitchen isn’t just something you show off to guests. A cute rooster spoon holder like the one in this picture will fit your theme, and while a guest may not see it, you’ll get to enjoy it any time you cook something you need a spoon for. You can paint a rooster on an existing spoon holder, or go antiquing to find a rooster spoon holder that’s perfect for you.

27) ​​Wall Clock

You probably have a clock on your oven, on your microwave, and maybe on your cell phone. You might even be able to see the clock on your cable box from the kitchen. Those clocks don’t replace the charm of an old-fashioned analog clock, though. This analog clock from Amazon has a vintage brown look with a rooster in the center. It’ll fit with vintage rooster decor or with some country or farmhouse kitchen decor.

28) ​​​​DIY Painted Can

A painted can probably doesn’t sound like a glamorous decoration, but isn’t that part of the point? If you spend time in a farmhouse, you’ll likely find several tin cans around. There was a time when it was common to reuse cans instead of throwing them away, and you can upcycle your tin cans just like people did in olden days. Try painting a can like the one in this picture, or find rooster wallpaper, peel and stick paper, wrapping paper, or stencils. You can then store your spoons and other kitchen utensils in your new rooster-themed can.

29) ​​​​Rooster-Shaped Cutting Board

A rooster-shaped cutting board is a subtle decoration, and it can fit with any other decorations. Since this one is made of wood, it won’t clash with other decorations, whether you chose a white, brown, red, or another colored theme. You can make one yourself, but if you don’t want to do woodworking to complete your kitchen, this maple cutting board will be a practical and thematic decoration. You can leave it out on your counter or stand it up against the back counter as a decoration when not in use.

30) ​​​​DIY Red Cabinets

A lot of country decor is red or checkered. These colors evoke images of barns and country picnics, so we naturally include them in farmhouse or country kitchens. Your rooster kitchen is no exception. Paint your cabinets red to match your rooster decorations using this tutorial. While checkered tablecloths are often bright red, you’ll want a deeper red for a large area like a kitchen cabinet. That way, it’s not overwhelming. You can also paint red accents rather than painting the whole cabinet.

31) ​​​Rooster Bowls and Ceramics

You probably have a few bowls and other ceramic decorations around. They’re good decorations because they belong in a kitchen, and they don’t take a lot of maintenance. Line your cabinet tops with rooster-decorated bowls like the ones in this picture. You can find antique or vintage bowls, or paint them yourself. If you want a modern country theme instead, you can paint them a bright red with a bold image of a rooster on each one.

What kind of rooster kitchen do you have? Did we miss any ideas of themes? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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