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You get home from a long day of work, ready to settle in with a glass of wine and get dinner ready. You grab a mason jar, and pull a cold bottle of wine from the fridge…there’s something wrong with this picture….let’s try again. You get home from a long day of work, select a bottle of wine from your wine rack, and sip it from a proper wine glass. If the second scenario is more along the lines of what you’re looking for, these Kitchen wine bar ideas will help you make that vision into a reality.

1) ​​Globe Bar

When you take a sip of wine, it’s like being transported to another country. Do you like to drink from the vineyards of Italy, or do you prefer Spain or France? Add this globe-shaped wine bar to your kitchen to show the many places your wines come from. If you or your guests have an interest in geography, this is a neat place to store wine. It’s small enough to sit next to a kitchen island, and the wheeled cart means you can move it from your kitchen to your living room when serving guests.

2) DIY Wine Cork Cheese Spreaders

Cheese and wine belong together. You can’t have a wine bar without a cheese board and knife, but there’s no reason to stick to a generic cheese knife and small cutting board. This do-it-yourselfer explains how they took some old and ugly cheese knives and made them wine-themed by making wine cork handles. You probably have some old cork lying around, and if you don’t, you can save some from your next bottle of wine for this easy DIY project.

3) ​​​DIY Boat Wine Bar

Have you ever been to the ocean, or do you imagine yourself drifting through the streets of Venice when you sip your favorite wine? Bring a little bit of the sea into your kitchen with this boat-shaped wine rack. You can watch this video to learn how to build a boat-shaped bar for storing bottles and glasses. Extend one of the shelves to form a counter, or use the taller shelves as a recessed counter to pour wine. The top shelves provide space for snacks and cheese storage, and you can build a larger version for a more effective bar.

4) ​​​Bar Cabinet

If kitchen space is at a premium, you can’t afford fancy-shaped bars that take up a lot of room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a big wine bar. This wine bar cabinet holds sixteen bottles of wine and has plenty of storage for snacks, wine glasses, and any other utensils you need. The doors have storage, so when you open the cabinet, the bar is twice as wide as the closed cabinet. With this, you can entertain guests and pour drinks comfortably, then close up the bar to take up little kitchen space.

5) ​​​​DIY Mini Wine Bottles

Your wine bar will need some decoration. While you want it to be practical, you probably don’t want a bland wine bar.  With this video, you can learn to make adorable mini wine bottles. The amazing thing about these bottles is that they aren’t just decorations; you can drink out of them! While you won’t get more than a few drops of wine, they’re a neat little decoration to have in your wine bar, and one worth showing off to your guests.

6) ​DIY Wall Wine Rack

Your wine bar may be an isolated cart or cabinet, but you can also choose an area of the kitchen to convert. You’ll need to pick some counter space, then add a wine rack, cheese board, and wine glass rack. Try putting a wall-mounted wine rack like this one up. The rack only stores two bottles, but it’s convenient for a couple of favorite wines, and you can hang it anywhere you want to put your wine bar.

7) ​​Dual Zone Cooler

Wine is the most important thing in your bar; that’s why it’s called a wine bar. That doesn’t mean you and your guests only want wine, though. You can make the wine bar a little beverage bar with a dual-zone cooler. The cooler has a section just for wine bottles, but the top part can store cans of juice or soda. While you can always grab drinks from your regular refrigerator, this keeps all your drinks in one place and lets your non-wine drinker friends have the wine bar experience.

8) ​​​​​​DIY Bar Food

Every bar should have bar food. While a wine bar will have plenty of cheese, of course, you may want some other snacks, and you’ll need a good place to store them. Instead of going out and buying containers, save a few empty wine bottles. Make sure you rinse them really well, and use this instructable to add chalkboard labels. This’ll give the impression of a chalkboard menu, and you can erase it when you change what you store in each bottle.

9) ​​​​​Oak Barrel Dispenser

If you want to age your own wine, or simply store your wine in something other than wine bottles, try this oak barrel dispenser. The barrel holds 3 liters of wine, so you can use it if you make your own wine, or just to age wine you already have. You can pour a glass of wine directly from it, and the oak barrel looks like something you’d see in a vineyard. Add this to your wine bar by putting it on the counter, or build the entire bar around it.

10) ​​​​Small Stand

If you’re looking for a simple wine bar that doesn’t take up a lot of space, this small wine rack from Amazon will work. It can store 20 wine bottles and 8-10 glasses, and you can use the top to pour your drinks. This can be the whole wine bar, or you can use it to store wine and wine glasses and add a cabinet next to it for storing snacks, corkscrews, and anything else. The cabinet top can function as a bar, just like the top of this wine rack could.

11) ​​WINE

Your wine bar needs a countertop and lots of storage. If you don’t have a lot of room, you’ll need a small bar with a clear purpose. You want somebody to walk into your kitchen and immediately recognize that it’s a wine bar. You can hang wine glasses from this wine rack, and store corks in it when you open a bottle. The best thing about this bar addition is that it has the word WINE on it, making it a great centerpiece for a wine bar.

12) ​​Bar Cart

Your kitchen wine bar is convenient for you when you’re cooking, doing chores, or hanging out in the kitchen, but you also want it to be available to guests. Instead of inviting a line of guests to traipse through your kitchen, get a portable wine bar. This bar cart from Amazon has built-in wine and wine glass racks, and two of the shelves have raised edges to keep things from falling off when you wheel your cart from the kitchen to the living or dining area.

13) ​​​​DIY Wine Barrel Mini Bar

Let’s get creative! Your wine bar may be a tiny addition crammed into an existing kitchen, but a lack of space doesn’t mean you need to have smaller things. Instead, create or accent a wine theme with real wine barrels like the one in this image. You can cut a door into the barrel and use it for storage, then put the barrel anywhere as a stand-alone wine bar. If you have a lack of space, use one or two barrels as a kitchen island by adding a countertop to them.

14) DIY Wine Bottle Cheese Board

This next do-it-yourself project is professional-looking, and will truly amaze anybody who finds out you made it yourself. In this three-part tutorial, Margot gives detailed instructions for turning an old wine bottle into a cheeseboard. You’ve probably got plenty of empty wine bottles around, but if you’re not able to make this cheese board, you can always cut some wood pieces to make a wooden wine bottle-shaped cheese board. While it’s not as impressive, it’s still amazing to add homemade touches to your wine bar.

What kinds of things do you want in your wine bar? Did we miss any ideas? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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