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You sit up with a big yawn, ready to start your day…well, not quite ready. You head into the kitchen to grab some coffee and nearly knock over an expensive bottle of Pinot. You sleepily try to catch it, but it falls to the ground anyway. You wince at the thud it makes, picking it up from the floor. You need a better place to store your wine and these kitchen wine rack ideas will help you keep your wine collection neat and organized.

1) ​DIY Fridge Side Wine Rack

You need a place to store wine; that’s why you looked up kitchen wine rack ideas. Unfortunately, you don’t have room for it. That’s okay. You can fit a wine rack almost anywhere, like the creator of this wine rack did. This wine rack fits into a small space between your refrigerator and the wall, making it convenient if you need to chill wine in the fridge. It also keeps it from using up valuable counter or floor space.

2) ​DIY Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

If you’re looking for a small wine rack to hold a prized bottle, or to hold the next one you plan to drink, you can make a simple wine bottle holder for a single bottle. This amazing do-it-yourself project goes a step further. Use this tutorial to make a balancing wine bottle holder. The holder looks like a simple piece of wood, but it balances diagonally without any support to keep it from falling. It makes a neat conversation piece, and it’ll look cool while holding your wine.

3) ​On to lighting, it’s never easy but it can look cool

If you like a rustic look and don’t want to lose it, try a less traditional wine rack. This railroad spike wine rack is a relatively simple do-it-yourself project if you have the right tools, and if you need to buy tools, they won’t cost much. It’s rustic and will give your guests something to ask about. In the video, Sean Rubino even explains the correct angles to place the spikes at for proper wine storage.

4) ​Shaped Wood

If you aren’t going for a traditional wine rack, but a rustic one isn’t right for you, you’ll need to get creative. This acacia wood wine rack from Amazon has a unique curved shape that hugs each of your wine bottles on a counter or tabletop. Since it’s tall and narrow, it won’t take up a lot of room, and the beautiful design makes it a work of art as well as a practical wine rack for up to four bottles.

5) ​​DIY Wine Rack Board

This next wine rack idea is terrific because you can design it for your needs. All you need are two pieces of lauan or several wood boards. Drill some holes and add a hinge between the two boards to make a freestanding wine rack. You can stain it if you make it from planks, like the one in the picture, or paint it with grape and wine-related designs. Since you’re making it yourself, you can make it smaller to fit on a kitchen island, bay window, or counter.

6) ​​Guitar

If you’re a music lover, this next wine rack is for you. It’s shaped like a guitar but resembles a typical wire wine rack. Four wine glasses can hang from the guitar head, while the wine bottles are stored underneath in a wire rack. You can use it as a small kitchen wine bar, and it takes up little space, despite its unusual shape. It’s nearly four feet tall, so it should stand on the floor, but the flat back means you can put it up against any wall and be able to reach the wine inside.

7) ​​​​​​​​​Hexagonal Prism Wire Rack

This wine rack is simple and neat. The hexagonal prism is the perfect shape to cradle a wine bottle, while the wire makes the wine bottles their own decoration. You can see the labels clearly through the wire, and the seven compartments stack neatly because of the hexagonal shape. This is a small wine rack that fits almost anywhere, so you can put it on your counter, bay window, or even on a low shelf.

8) ​​DIY Tabletop Rack

When you choose a wine rack, you need to think about the space you have available. If you have a bay window or extra counter space, you’ll want a shorter wine rack that’s designed to fit on a table. In this youtube video, April Wilkerson shows you how to make a simple wine rack that should fit on your counter under your cabinets, or on any table-like surface. The rack is a common and easy-to-make design that’ll fit in any kitchen.

9) ​​Wine Glass-Shaped Rack

If you have some unused floor space, a freestanding wine rack is your best bet. This wine rack can double as a wine bar since it has a small tabletop for pouring drinks. It holds eleven bottles in the base, and the wire base makes it easy to read the labels on each bottle without having to take them out. It’s only 15 inches wide, so you can put it almost anywhere, and the wine glass shape makes it its own decoration.

10) ​DIY Storage Cube

Just a wine rack. A simple box-shaped wine rack may not seem extraordinary, but if you need to fit a lot of bottles in a small place, this’ll help you get your wine collection stored away. The bottles will still be visible, but won’t take up as much room as some wine racks. Even though the cube isn’t fancy, it’s ideal for cramped kitchens, and you can make it any size you want. Decide whether you want a countertop wine rack or a freestanding one, then follow the instructions in the video to make it.

11) ​​Tabletop Wine and Glasses Rack

A countertop or tabletop wine rack is probably the most convenient for a small kitchen. If counter space is precious, check back on some of our freestanding wine rack ideas. A countertop wine rack like this one can go against the back wall of a counter, so it doesn’t take up space you’ll need to cook or prepare meals. This rack from Amazon looks elegant and holds up to four wine bottles and four wine glasses. Since it holds wine glasses, you can put it anywhere without having to get glasses from a cabinet across the room.

Did any of these ideas inspire you? Every kitchen is unique, and we’d love to hear what kind of wine rack you put in your kitchen. Let us know in the comments below!

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