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You're moving into a new studio apartment or helping out a male friend who recently moved, and you're trying to find some things to get for it. Now you need to figure out what types of furnishings and decorations are suitable for a man's studio apartment since decorating and furnishing a studio is so different from typical apartment decorating. To help you out, we found you some Studio Apartment Ideas for Guys.

1) Counters

Most apartments have a kitchen or dining room to eat in, but if you're a bachelor living alone in a studio apartment, you don't have either of those, and you might not have a table. Instead of getting a table for your studio apartment, you can try something like a counter or bar to eat at. It'll have plenty of room for one or two people, and it's a lot more convenient than a table for quick meals. If you're looking for a gift for somebody with a breakfast bar, you can get neat swivel bar stools like these.

2) Man Cave

A studio apartment is a unique place since you don't have the confined look of a regular apartment with many rooms. Since it's a single large spacious room, it feels more luxurious and open, and you can use that to turn it into a thematic bachelor pad. One thing you can do is set the whole room up as your man cave. You can hang customized man cave signs like this one from Amazon, build a bar, entertainment area, and more to create a place for you and maybe friends to hang out.

3) RGB

It's just the guys in here, so the room doesn't have to look like your grandma's house. Things like RGB strip lights can make the whole area seem like a bar or entertainment area, which is impressive and fun. You can design your entire apartment that way like the one in this Coltography video. Since it's all one room, it should be a less complicated project that takes fewer lights for the same effect. If you pick color-changing ones, you can change the mood of the entire apartment with the click of a button.

4) DIY Solid Wood

Overall, plain, solid wood creates a more masculine look than things with various shapes and smooth, curved designs do. Many old-fashioned and ornate decorations will bring you back to days when women were in charge of most decorating, and they tend to look more feminine. They also take a lot more to clean, so we'd suggest getting a simpler, solid-wood piece. You can borrow somebody's garage to make one using these woodworking plans or buy one and make sure it has clearcoat that you can clean with soap and water or a Lysol wipe.

5) Woodsy Scents

If your hamper is in the main room instead of the bathroom, or if you have a habit of leaving clothes and dishes around, your apartment probably starts to stink over time. Even if you stay reasonably neat, there might be times when you invite a date over, or your parents come to visit when you need it to smell nicer. Woodsy scents are more masculine than typical floral candles, so we'd suggest getting candles like these from Amazon. If you're the date or family member, these might make good gifts, too.

6) Gaming Chair

The neat thing about a studio apartment is that you don't need to separate rooms in the traditional way. You can pick and choose which things you want together, so if you want to watch TV from your kitchen and reach the refrigerator from your couch, you can. If you're a gamer, we'd suggest getting a chair on wheels so that you can travel between your computer and TV and even roll over to any bookshelves or game storage without getting up. Try a gaming chair like this for comfort and lumbar support.

7) Blue and Brown

Since you only have one room to decorate other than the bathroom, you'll need to pick a single color scheme for your entire apartment. Even if you're not picky, you'll want something masculine that'll create a comfortable feeling. This is even more valuable if you live alone and get your comfort from your surroundings instead of other people. One color palette that's great for a spacious and masculine room like this is blue and brown. You can mimic the space in this Architectural Digest article by painting the walls deep blue and getting brown furniture such as wood or leather.

8) Big Art

Since your apartment is one big room, you might find that it takes a lot of art pieces to keep it from feeling empty, and when you fill all the voids, it ends up looking cluttered. You'll probably need a few large art pieces like this dog with sunglasses poster instead of a lot of smaller works. With big art pieces, you'll only need a few of them to make the room seem less sterile. This sort of thing would make the perfect gift since many men don't think about wall art when decorating.


SMART apartments and houses are popular nowadays because they can make life so much easier. With a smart apartment, you don't have to get up to change the thermostat or even open the curtains. Studio apartments are already a modern and convenient setup, so turning the studio into a SMART apartment will make it seem like a thing of the future. Check out this tech setup video for inspiration to furnish your home, and if you're buying gifts, try something simple like an Echo or other assistant, but make sure it's compatible with any SMART technology he already has.

10) Area Rugs

A gift is often something that somebody wants or needs but won't buy for themselves. Area rugs are a wonderful gift for a guy's apartment because most men won't think to get one themselves, but they make studio apartments feel more comfortable and homey. If you're moving into a new studio apartment for the first time, you can use area rugs to separate spaces. Look for one like this that has a masculine aesthetic, or find one in your favorite color.

11) Grayscale

Gray is an underrated color. It has a lot of uses, and maintaining a masculine aesthetic is one. You might be worried that gray would look dull, but you can take a look at this Apartment Therapy article to see how you can design a masculine and attractive grayscale apartment that isn't boring. The best thing about this is that your studio apartment won't feel overwhelming the way it could if you choose a brighter or very dark color scheme for the whole room.

12) Leather Look

Leather is a masculine furniture choice, and it's durable and easy to maintain compared to a lot of furniture. If you want something even easier to maintain, you can also go with vinyl that looks like leather. A couch like this one from Amazon would help create a classy and old-fashioned masculine aesthetic with a decorative leather look. Better yet, it should be long enough to stretch out on so that you can nap on the couch if you want to.

13) Tapestries

Decorating a studio apartment is completely different from decorating most apartments. Because it's one small room, you'll see the art from anywhere in the apartment, so you don't want things that are too bright for a bedroom or too unsettling to look at while you eat. You also need bigger art pieces since you need to see them from across the room, and you have a lot of space to fill. Many small art pieces would end up looking cluttered. We suggest getting a tapestry like this calming mountain scene that covers a lot of space and looks masculine.

14) Modern

If you're not trying to create a coordinated theme, you'll have more flexibility when it comes to picking your decorations. For a room without a theme, modern style is flexible and practical so that you don't have to think a lot about it once you've done your initial decorating. You can take some elements from this Bachelor On a Budget modern studio apartment to make your studio apartment look masculine and contemporary in an inexpensive and low-maintenance way.

15) Fake Plants

If you're going to have people over or like nature but don't have the time or ability to care for plants, you can buy fake plants like these and put them around the room. This adds some variety to the apartment, which is vital since it can be hard to find enough decorations to fill a single large room without creating a monotonous feeling. This type of thing is ideal if you're going to have relatives or dates over and want it to look like you're putting some effort into your decorating.

16) Man's Best Friend

Most people like dogs, and since dogs are man's best friend, it makes sense to get art pieces with dogs on them. You can get cute puppies like the ones on this poster or look for other artwork like a Dogs Playing Poker painting. Focus on getting things you like that fit your design instead of getting ordinary stuff you can find at any home decor store. If you want a poster of a dog riding a motorcycle with Betty Boop on the back, go for it!

17) Minimalist Gray

If you want a clean and sleek look that's still masculine, then you might want to go for a minimalist look. It's easy to maintain since there are no unnecessary decorations and such to clean. If you choose a neutral color like gray, it'll create a masculine look, too. You can style your apartment like the one in these Behance pictures. We like how they used different floor types for different sections of the room to make them feel like separate spaces but chose flooring that would blend together well.

18) Standing Laundry Bag

You might be tempted to just toss your clothes on the floor if you're living alone, but you'll still have to gather them up to take them to the apartment building's laundry facilities later. Instead, get a standing laundry bag like this so that you can just toss things in it without any effort, but when you go to do laundry, you'll be able to just grab it and go. This is even more important in a studio apartment because there aren't any boundaries between "rooms," and you don't want to trip over laundry while cooking dinner.

19) Platform Bed With Storage

Storage can be difficult in a studio apartment because one room blends into another, and there's no clear dividing line in many cases. This can make it hard to sort storage out, and since a lot of storage pieces, like bookshelves, are placed against the walls, you might end up with less storage than in most apartments. You can get a bed like this one from Amazon with under-bed storage so that you'll have storage space that's designated for the bedroom. We like this platform bed because the dark color and smooth design look masculine.

20) DIY Decor

You probably don't want to invest a lot of time in making decorations since male spaces are typically more practical than decorative, but you'll still need some decorations. They also make excellent gifts since a lot of men don't think about decorating. If you want a simple DIY decoration, you can do things like this architectural art piece. You can even do something like this in an apartment since it doesn't take a lot of cutting and things that you'd need a workshop for.

21) Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs are fun furniture pieces for bedrooms and living rooms, and they bring a lot of people back to their childhood. If you don't have a family, you have the unique option of turning your studio apartment into a cool man cave bachelor pad. Alternative seating options make an area feel more fun, and bean bags are one option. Since your apartment already isn't traditional, you can go a step further with these and make it a unique and non-traditional hangout.

22) Brown, Gray, and Blue

One of the best ways to make a room feel masculine is to choose a masculine color scheme. Furniture can be important, but the colors are what's going to jump out at people the most, so we recommend picking masculine ones for the furniture, walls, and art. This is even more important for a studio apartment since you'll probably want to use the same color scheme for the whole room. Try creating a brown, gray, and blue space like this one from Curbed

23) Net Lights

A studio apartment is a fantastic place to create a man cave or den since it's your own unique space and it's large enough to do whatever you want with it. If you treat it as a man cave, you'll have all the conveniences you need, like a fridge and snacks, in the same room. One way to outfit your bachelor pad man cave is to get net lights like these. These are an excellent decoration to have at night, and they'll make it so you can have most lights off to watch TV and still see where you're going.

24) Don't Be Confined

A studio apartment is an atypical apartment style, though there are quite a few out there. Since your apartment doesn't follow traditional patterns already, there's no need to feel confined to traditional styles. One way to create a unique space is to use unusually shaped furniture like the orange chair and dining table in this video. A bachelor pad like the one in this video would be incredible with its unusual and masculine style, and you can pick and choose what inspiration you take from it.

25) Basketball Hoop

If you're living alone, you can set your apartment up like a giant bedroom or man cave, and one way to do that is to have all your favorite games and toys inside. A basketball hoop sounds like an odd thing to have in an apartment, but you can get a little, door-mounted hoop like this for your front door or bathroom door and have a place to play a bit. An idle game like this can be excellent for concentration if you put it near your workstation or home office area.

26) Shiplap and Metal

If you're trying to figure out what masculine look works best for you, shiplap and metal might be the way to go, as long as you're allowed to change the interior decorating. For a semi-permanent or permanent apartment, shiplap is a beautiful choice for a somewhat rustic apartment. You can use corrugated metal and shiplap as the decorator in this Old World Garden Farms article did to create a rustic farmhouse studio apartment with an old-fashioned or masculine look.

27) Navy Blue

Navy blue is a traditional masculine color, making it a great choice for a guy's apartment, and since this apartment has only one room, you'll need to pick a single color scheme. Since it's a dark color, it won't stain as easily as a lot of colors, making it low maintenance. If you're looking for a gift, these jean throw pillows would make an excellent complement to navy blue apartment decor, and the jean look will make them look masculine.

28) Leather Recliner

Leather is almost always an excellent choice for a man's home since it's traditionally masculine and relatively easy to clean if you maintain it properly. Better yet, most men are more willing to put in the care they need to for genuine leather furniture than they are for other materials. If you don't think you or the apartment owner will care for it, then you can get leather-looking things like this recliner. The recliner would be a comfortable addition to the studio living space, too.

29) Industrial Chic

A lot of young men, in particular, don't keep up with interior decorating and cleaning, so you'll need to find things that are low-maintenance and easy to set up. You might also need to find cheap decorations if you're not interested in spending a lot of money on something that doesn't serve a practical purpose. Instead of a straight minimalist style, try for something industrial chic like the apartment described in this Designthusiasm article. This should please both a minimalist young man and any family visitors or dates.

30) Backlighting

For a lot of men, the television is going to be the centerpiece of their room. With a studio apartment, they don't need a separate television in their bedroom and living room, so they're probably going to have a huge TV that you can watch from anywhere in the apartment. If you or your friend values their TV a lot, backlighting with light strips like these might be a good choice to make the TV screen less harsh on the eyes and create a cool look for the area.

31) Home Bar

If you or the person you're buying for like to drink, then it makes a lot of sense to have a home bar in the studio apartment. Since your whole apartment is also your bedroom, it's automatically a more personal space than it'd normally be, so you'll want to do things like design a customized bar or create other spaces that fit your personality. If you like the idea, we'd suggest getting a customized home bar sign like this one from Amazon.

How're you outfitting this studio apartment? Are you buying for yourself or searching for the perfect housewarming gift? Tell us what you liked in the comments below!

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