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You’ve finished setting up the furniture in your home office, but it doesn’t look quite finished. You need to put up some sort of wall decorations, but you’re not sure what to choose. Try some of these Home Office Wall Decor Ideas to fill out your office and make a space where you can be happy, creative, and productive, as needed.

1) ​​​DIY Acrylic Wall Calendar

DIY Acrylic Wall Calendar

You want your home office to be a combination of stylish, practical, and comfortable. While you might think of signs, posters, and decorations when you’re looking to design your office, your office decor should reflect the fact that it’s an office. One way to do this is to combine the stylish and practical with a unique wall calendar. You can copy this design for an acrylic wall calendar or design your own. This is neat because you can customize it to look the way you want, and turn it into a practical decoration.

2) ​​​Hexagon Corkboard

A bulletin board or corkboard is always a neat thing to have. It can be useful for To-Do lists, reminders, calendars, and pinning decorations and photographs. That said, it isn’t typically a decoration on its own. Get a corkboard like this one with a smooth, hexagonal shape. These look neat, and there are eight pieces you can build a design from or scatter around the room. You can use them to separate your To-Do lists from your family photographs or treat them like decorations by pinning attractive images to them.

3) ​​​DIY Budget Crafts

If you don’t have a lot of money for your home office, but still want attractive and functional decor, try making one of the crafts in this video by toDIYfor. They’re shelf decorations, but you can easily turn them into wall decor. The dollar store is always a great place to find materials, and they suggest keeping track of coupons from Michael’s, too. Then, make your own decor using videos with instructions like these. Spray paint is also a great way to transform cheap dollar store items into attractive decorations.

4) ​​​Posters

When you set up your office, you may want tasteful and attractive decor, but ultimately the office is for your use, and it’s unlikely that a lot of people will be coming into your home office. Focus on decorations you’ll enjoy, like posters of your favorite shows, bands, quotes, etc. If you want to display them attractively, though, you can make your own poster holder. Try making a magnetic poster holder using these instructions by Hannah Bruneman from Better Homes and Gardens. This will be a beautiful display without punching ugly holes in your posters.

5) ​Movability

One of the most versatile and powerful tools for hanging office decor is double-sided tape like this. Any time you have a flat office decor item such as a mirror, poster, or decorative frame, you can use the tape to hang it. This makes it so you can rearrange your decor as often as you like without damaging the wall by moving nails and pins around. This double-sided tape from Amazon won’t leave a residue or peel paint, so it’s perfect for an ever-changing office.

6) ​​​DIY Office Sign

Your office is at home, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a real office. As such, it should have an office sign to make it feel official. Instead of paying $25 or more for a sign from an expensive novelty store, try getting a cheap sign and redecorating it to make an office sign like the one in this article. Since you’re making it instead of buying it, you can design it to look however you like, and match your walls, furniture, and other decorations.

7) ​​​DIY Board and Batten

Board and batten walls aren’t what you’d typically think about for decor, but if you want a simple home office design, you might not want to clutter the walls with signs, posters, and wall hangings. Instead of hanging things, make the wall into wall decor. Add texture, as Kelsey LaPlante did in this video, to make your walls into office decor. This particular design is geometric and fits an office. If you use the office for more creative things, you might want more rounded, organic shapes for your decorative wall.

8) ​​Chalkboard

Chalkboards are a cool decor item, but they’re also practical. You can use them for To-Do lists, jotting down ideas, or drawing decorations to customize your office. This chalkboard from Walmart comes with hooks and a shelf, so you can display nic nacs or store office supplies on it. You can also use the hooks to hang homemade decor from or use them for keys or for organizing anything by merely attaching a string to the item you want to add.

9) ​​​​​​​Inspirational Words

Inspirational words are a common office decor item for a reason. They remind you to work hard, let you know that you’ve been doing a good job, and overall tell you that what you’re doing is worth it. Since you’re working at home, you probably aren’t as worried about an annoying coworker or boss, but you might struggle to get things done quickly in a home environment with lots of potential distractions. Choose the right words for you, whether they’re “work hard” and “keep smiling,” like these ones from Amazon, or something else that inspires you.

10) ​​​​​Educational Posters

Your office is a space to work hard, but you’ll need a break every so often. When you need a mental break, you’ll look at your decor, but you can choose decor that’s relevant to you. If you’re interested in astronomy, for example, it can be refreshing to look up from your computer and read through a diagram of moon cycles. Choose your favorite topic and find an educational poster to put up. This can be something you want to learn more about, something you find soothing, or anything that interests you.

11) ​​​​​DIY Wall Letters

One fun way to decorate your office and get customized decor without a lot of effort is to get or make wall letters. You can write any saying or quote on the wall, write your name, or spell out anything else you can think of. Try making letters using the directions in this article by The Love Nerds, or buy some wall lettering from Amazon. Words and letters are more than appropriate for an office, but, this way, you can use them creatively.

12) Grid Display

A grid display is another item that doesn’t really look like decor but actually works very well for decorating an office. You can spray-paint the display to match your other office decor, then hang decorations on it. Add fun pictures or inspirational quotes, holiday cards, and anything else you want. You can get holders and for office supplies or use this exclusively for hanging decorations. Try making some customized decorations or hanging string lights around it, and rearrange your decorations any time you want without damaging walls.

13) DIY Pallet Wood Letter

One way to customize your home office decor is to add lettering. If you have a rustic home, you might not want to settle for black vinyl lettering for wall letters and lettered signs. Instead, make pallet wood letters like the ones in this video part of your decor, or add in a few symbols using the same method. While you probably don’t want to write entire statements with them, you can use them to label areas, or for the first letter of an inspirational quote. You can use the directions in the video to make letters for your office.

14) ​​​​Dreamcatcher or Medicine Shield

A medicine shield is like an inspirational quote, but stronger. Each part of the shield symbolizes something important, and the shield helps you to be healthy and enhances abilities. While medicine shields are hard to find online, dreamcatchers are similar, as they catch bad dreams and thoughts before they reach you. Whether you’re napping in your office or trying to focus for work, a medicine shield or dreamcatcher like this one will help you keep your mind clear and promote good mental health. They also make attractive decorations, if you don’t believe in the spiritual aspects of them.

15) ​​​​​Mini Shelves

There are times when desk space is at a premium, and you might want to use all your desk space for office supplies. If you’re looking for wall decor because you don’t want to take up table space, consider getting some table decor and putting it on small shelves like these. These corner shelves are decorative in their own right, with an attractive and smooth modern design, and you can put either office supplies or decorations on them.

16) ​​​​​Personal Posters

Your office is a personal space, so you want to have personalized wall decorations. These can be photographs and postcards, but you might not need photographs of your spouse and children when they live right down the hall. Pick some of your favorite things to hang up, and display them over your desk like this, whether they’re posters, postcards, or even just a pretty picture you ripped out of last year’s calendar. No matter what your office theme is, personal touches are essential in your immediate workspace.

17) ​​​​​Customized Picture Frames

Hanging pictures on the wall is a great way to include the things you love in your home office without using up desk space. This is particularly important if you have a small office or if you have a lot of photographs. If you’re hanging photographs, don’t just pin them to the wall. Keep them nice by hanging them in picture frames. You can get a cheap frame for little money and customize it using these instructions by Heather from Daily DIY Life.

18) ​​​​​​​Quotes

Some quotes become popular because they speak to us and have personal meaning for many people. Find a compilation of quotes that has meaning for you, and hang it on your wall so they can encourage you, entertain you, inspire you, or do whatever you need them to do. Try getting a set like this one from Amazon with some valuable things to keep in mind while you work. If these quotes don’t work for you, check for individual posters with the quotes you like, or paint your own.

19) ​​​DIY Use Tools of the Trade

What do you love most, and what influence does it have on your work and your home office? If you’re a musician or writer, you’ll definitely want your inspiration to be hung in your office. Take something you love, or something from your career field, then turn it into art to encourage you or give you a break from tedious work. If you work with records or love music, try using this video by Bridg Louise Art to make vinyl record art to hang.

20) ​​​​​Mirrors

Mirrors are an important decoration if you’re worried about your makeup, but while working from home, they may not seem as important. Mirrors are good for more than just checking your reflection, though; they reflect light throughout the room and make it feel more cheerful. Natural lighting reflected through a window is the healthiest type of light and improves concentration. This mirror from Walmart also matches a modern or minimalist decorating style, so the frame itself will be attractive.

21) ​​​Variety

When you design your office walls, you don’t want them to feel monotonous. This doesn’t just mean that you avoid making every art piece the same color; the shape of the art matters, too. If you have a couple large prints, mix them with some smaller ones. Mix round and rectangular prints, and find some that hang vertically and some that hang horizontally. As you can see in this picture, displaying things like this adds visual variety that makes the display more interesting.

22) ​​​​​​​DIY Contact Paper Chalkboard

Chalkboards are neat things to have in an office because you can use decorative ones as decorations or draw decorations on them using chalk. Since you can draw decorations, it doesn’t matter how ornate the chalkboard itself is. With chalkboard contact paper like this, you can turn any section of wall or wall decoration into a chalkboard. For example, you can find an item you like that has a flat space on it and add this contact paper to make it into a decorative office To DO list.

23) ​​​​​​​Bold and Inspiring

If you’re in a creative profession, you’ll want your art to be bold and inspire you to do better work. It should make you think and feel something. If you’re in a more tame profession, you may want something like the artwork in this picture to energize you and to give you something to look at when you take breaks. You’ll have to decide whether something bold and bright is best for you, or whether you need something less distracting.

24) ​​​​​​​Faith

If you’re a spiritual person, you’ll want aspects of your faith to appear in your office. No matter what your religion is, this sign from Walmart will remind you to have faith and that you’re blessed. Find or make decor like this that inspires you and reminds you of your faith, or even something that reminds you why you do what you do. This will help you keep a clear mind and feel comfortable while you work.

25) ​​​Interlocking Cube Shelves

If your wall looks blank and empty, you might want to add shelves before you start looking for wall hangings. Shelves are a great way to add variety to your decor by displaying decorations in more than one way and giving the area a more three-dimensional appearance. Try getting interlocking shelves like these that have a unique design. The different-sized squares and interlocking pattern makes the unit look interesting and provides places to display nic nacs of different sizes.

26) ​​​​​Match Walls

If your walls have a rustic pattern, don’t add bright retro patterned decorations to them. Instead, try to match your wall when you buy decor. For example, in this photograph, the wall has a rustic patterned look, so they displayed a clock in the same colors as the wall, but without a design on it that could conflict with the wall pattern. If your walls are single-color, patterned decor is great, but if they have a bold pattern, you want simpler decor.

27) ​​Wall Clock

​Every office should have a clock to help tell time, but you can make the clock part of your decorating scheme. For example, suppose you have a minimalist or modern design. In that case, you can get a frameless sticker like this one, and stick the numbers directly on the wall. You can also use this to make your own clock on a surface you choose, such as a vinyl record, pallet wood piece, or anything that fits your theme.

28) ​DIY Paint Your Own

If you’re a creative person, you can always create your own wall art. While painting your own art may sound intimidating, Kristin Corpuz gives many tips in this article to help you get started making your paintings. If you want an easier project, these can be abstract, but you’ll find that no matter what you make, it adds a personal touch to your office. Since a personal feeling is one reason you may have chosen to work from home, this personal touch is great, and if the art isn’t great, you’re the only one who’ll see it!

29) ​​​​​Black and White

If you find bright colors distracting, you can still have bold art that you can look at to get a mental break from your work. Try getting bold black and white pictures like these and hanging them somewhere you can look at easily from your desk. While these pictures are set in a living room, you can see the effect they have on the space. When you pick your art, choose images that are interesting to look at, but without distracting color to pull you away from your work.

30) ​​​​​DIY Team Sign

If you’re a sports fan, or even a fan of a particular organization or group, you’ll want some support for your team in your office. Granted, you won’t need to show off for coworkers, but you still want to have some evidence of your team in the home office. Try making a sign for your favorite team using this online sign generator. Then print it out and frame it or use modge podge to make it into a sign.

What kind of office decor are you looking for? Did any of these decorative but practical ideas speak to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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