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You're setting up your office at home or decorating your work office, and you need it to feel more like home. You love farmhouse decor, and you're thinking about a farmhouse theme, but you're not sure how to make an office and farmhouse mesh together. See if any of these Farmhouse Office Decor Ideas will help you create the homey and comfortable office space you need.

1) Whitewashed Desktop Organizer

Whitewash almost always gives things a farmhouse look, and it doesn't stand out and look strange in an office setting, making it an excellent choice for either a work office or a home office. You can get a whitewashed desktop organizer like this to have space for books and more, which is excellent if you have a small work office that doesn't have room for shelves. The shape of this specific organizer is unique and functional, so it has more character than a lot of organizers.

2) Windmill Desk Clock

Windmills are an excellent piece of farm decor since a lot of old farms had them, or even still have them, but a lot of people don't think to include them in farmhouse decor. You can take advantage of this to add cool items like this windmill desk clock that other people might not have thought of. This will make your office stand out even amongst other farmhouse offices, and it has a creative design with the letters on each windmill blade and the telltale galvanized metal that's so popular in farmhouse themes and on farms.

3) DIY Farmhouse Computer Desk

This next idea is neat because it's relatively inexpensive but also fits the farmhouse theme. Since you'll be building an entire desk, it might work best in home offices or if you have your own office at work. You can follow this video to learn how to make a white farmhouse desk for less than a hundred dollars, though prices might be different where you live. The desk is a beautiful corner desk, and if you make it yourself using the video instructions from Build It Better, you can change the dimensions to fit your space.

4) Mason Jar Wall Organizer

Mason jars are a must for a country theme, but how do you include them in an office? Try getting something like this wall organizer from Amazon for pens, pencils, highlighters, and more. This is great if you like to have all your utensils separate, and the glass jars mean that you'll be able to see everything in it, saving you from having to pick up every pencil to find one with an eraser or picking out a pencil only to find that you forgot to sharpen it.

5) Wood and Galvy Chalkboard and Organizer

Chalkboards are fun. Yes, they're practical, but most of us remember wanting to be the student who was allowed to write something up on the chalkboard or whiteboard, and that interest carries over into adulthood. You can get a chalkboard like this that's part of an organizer with galvanized metal, also known as galvy, tubs. Think about an inspirational saying, label, or another important message you can put on the chalkboard. While it's designed as a magazine rack, you can use it to organize files and books for a few favored or critical projects.

6) DIY Wood-Framed Signs

If you like to have inspirational sayings in your office but can't find the right one in the right style, you might have to make one yourself. Don't worry; we found this tutorial from Joyful Derivatives for you if you're not sure how to do it. DIY projects can be intimidating, but this is worthwhile because you can get a sign that says anything that inspires you, or even add an inside joke or highly personal message and still use a farmhouse style.

7) Pig Chalkboard Wall Sign

Chalkboards are both fun and practical office supplies to have since you can use them for to-do lists or use a small one to decorate or highlight your most important task of the day. How can they fit a farmhouse theme, though? Chalkboards are more old-fashioned than whiteboards, making them more appropriate for a farmhouse office, and you can get them in farm-themed shapes like this pig-shaped chalkboard sign from Amazon. You can also get shapes like a cow or chicken from Amazon.

8) Farmhouse-Style Inspirational Sign

"Live, Laugh, Love," is a popular saying because it's an essential part of the way we live our lives, and sometimes an office is a place you need that reminder most. That's why we recommend this "Live, Laugh, Love" sign from Amazon. They're made from wood and are painted in a farmhouse style. This particular sign set is probably best for a home office where you'll have space, but if you have space at work, they're a good reminder to have there.

9) DIY Farmhouse Door and Window Trim

If you're designing a home office and want a complete farmhouse look, you can change the look of the whole room by making minor changes like changing the trim using this simple tutorial. This video by Perspective Design Co. has instructions so that you can install the trim yourself and create a farmhouse atmosphere. This is valuable for an office because farms are quieter places, and having trim that makes the office feel like an old-fashioned farm office can have a calming effect.

10) Rustic Brown Torched Wood Office Organizer

If you have a small office or cubicle that you're decorating, a lot of what you're looking for will be desktop organizers, and we found one that's excellent for somebody who has a lot of miscellaneous things that they'd like put away or organized. This small organizer from Amazon is perfect for sticky notes, paper clips, and other small items that don't stay organized in big drawers. The dark brown burnt wood look fits a farmhouse theme, and since the top is flat, you can set stuff on top of it so that you don't really lose any surface space.

11) DIY Farmhouse Desk

If you're designing a home office, you might be debating between a computer desk and a regular desk, particularly if you use a laptop as your computer. If you have a desktop, they take up a lot of room, and we highly recommend a second desk for your writing, paperwork, or crafts. You can use the directions in this article by Ryan from Chisel & Fork to make a farmhouse desk with a large desk area that'll work for almost any purpose since there's space for arts and crafts or to slide a laptop out of the way while doing paperwork.

12) Mantel Desktop Clock

It's highly unlikely that you have a fireplace in your office, but they're a fixture in farmhouses, so we looked for a way that you could incorporate one into your office and found this neat desktop clock. When you look at it, it's vaguely reminiscent of a whitewashed fireplace, and since it's a fairly analog desk clock with a distressed white wood finish, it'll create an old-fashioned farmhouse look in anything from a home office to a cubicle.

13) Farmhouse Wallpaper

If you have a home office, you can go all-out creating the farmhouse look, and that includes changing the walls. If you can create a farmhouse atmosphere, you'll make a calming and quieter effect for yourself since farmhouse offices are much simpler than busy city ones, and the farmhouse look brings people back to simpler times. Find a wallpaper that has a farmhouse wood look, lightly floral design, or something else that suits your tastes in a farmhouse style, and use this tutorial from American Farmhouse Style or hire somebody to install it.

14) Farmhouse Letter Board

This idea works for both home and work, and it's particularly useful if you have a work office where you can only have subtle or small decorations. This letter board has a distressed shabby chic frame to match a farmhouse style, and you can arrange the letters to say something inspirational, homey, or practical. A letter board is a useful and potentially fun thing for an office, and it's a subtle way of adding farmhouse vibes to your office. This one from Amazon comes with 374 letters, so you'll be able to say almost anything.

15) DIY Office Door

If you're looking for a light DIY project, this might be slightly more involved, but if you have some basic carpentry equipment, this DIY office door is very doable. You can follow the directions in this video by Jan Lau to create a home office door that'll match a farmhouse style, though you'll have to decide if you want it to differ from your other doors. If the office has a connecting door with another room, that's the perfect place to make the entrance unique and create an immersive farmhouse atmosphere that'll help you relax and focus.

16) Galvanized Desktop Organizer

Galvanized metal is a standard part of farmhouse decor, but how can you include it in a home office? While it might be hard to find the best do-it-yourself craft for it, you can get premade organizers like this galvanized metal desk organizer from Amazon. It's small enough to be excellent in anything from a cubicle to a home office desktop, and the galvanized and rustic wood look will make it feel like you're on a farm.

17) Printables

If you have a printer, you have the option of making your own art without pulling out a paintbrush and watching a million tutorials. We found this collection of free farmhouse-themed printables by Amy from The Savvy Sparrow. She even gives tips for how to use them, but the simplest way is to print them on matte paper or cardstock and pin them or tape them to the wall with heavy-duty double-sided tape. Try using a textured paper for a more farmhouse-like look.

18) Rustic Farmhouse Picture Frames

If you're looking for a way to frame something, whether it's a motivational saying, favorite poem, or a picture of your kids, you'll want a farmhouse-style picture frame. This trifold one from Amazon is perfect for three 4x6 photos, and it has a distressed paint style that's perfect for your theme. The hinges add to the farmhouse style and make it more interesting since the three photographs are in a zigzag pattern instead of being lined up side-by-side.

19) DIY Barn Door

We've talked a bit about doors in a previous article, but what if those doors don't match your home? This new door idea will create a unique look for your farmhouse home office portal without clashing with your other doors. Since they're not a standard hinged door, they'll look more like a decoration, and you aren't obliged to match them to the other doors in the house. You can even make them yourself using these directions by Traci from Beneath My Heart.

20) Distressed White Calendar Blocks

Distressed white is a good color choice for most farmhouse things, so it's a key thing to look for in desktop decor. Calendar blocks are a great way to make your office look chic and professional and make your coworkers jealous, and these distressed white ones from Amazon will match a farmhouse style. These are great for a work office to show today's date as a reminder when you're filling out paperwork, and they don't take up much room.

21) DIY Wood Toolbox Remodel

Have you ever seen or used one of those old wooden toolboxes? A lot of farms still have them, but if you have one lying around or see one at a tag sale, grab it up. They make excellent craft bases, particularly for office decor. For ideas on how to spruce it up and make it into an office organizer, check out this tutorial from Homeroad. We recommend whitewashing it and just using these instructions to create compartments, but if you like the way they painted it, go ahead and copy that part, too!

Did you find that piece of office decor you've been missing, or figure out how you're going to decorate the office? If any of these ideas helped, or if you have suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

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