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Using windows as decorations is a popular trend nowadays, particularly when it comes to farmhouse decor. You can add things to existing window sills or even build a faux window as a decoration. You've decided to get in on this trend, or your window is just looking too bare, but you're looking for a creative way to decorate. See if some of these Farmhouse Window Decor Ideas inspire you!

1) DIY White Farmhouse Trim

If you're trying to make an existing window look better while sticking with your farmhouse theme, you don't have to focus on adding things to the window sill. In fact, the window sill could be your problem. If you have minimalist-style trim, it's not going to look right in a farmhouse theme, but you can change your trim reasonably quickly using a tutorial like this or by hiring a contractor. As a general rule, you'll want to go with white since it's a good background for most decorations and a traditional farmhouse color.

2) Arched

If you don't have enough windows or they're not the farmhouse-style windows you'd prefer, you can always add more without any expensive cutting. That is to say, you can add the illusion of more windows. We found this arched faux window decoration from Amazon that you can hang to immediately change the look of the room. The arched design makes it an excellent centerpiece if you add a few other faux windows or any wall decorations around it.

3) DIY Chicken Wire Windows

You can create something truly unique if you have a little time and you're willing to do a bit of work yourself. We fell in love with the neat farmhouse windows that OurGregoryHome shows you how to make in this video tutorial. In the video, she makes a window frame with a chicken wire screen that makes it look like something you'd find out in the barnyard or something a farmer would use for a quick fix when his windows broke. This is a beautiful farmhouse window decoration, and OurGregoryHome made one for only $12!

4) Buffalo Check Curtains

Buffalo check is a popular part of farmhouse and country decorating, so if you have a window that you're trying to decorate in a farmhouse theme, buffalo check curtains like these are an excellent choice. These are full-length black buffalo check ones, so they'd be ideal for a tall window. Try finding some cute or unique tiebacks, such as ones made from rope or twine, to make these stand out from other buffalo check decor.

5) DIY Dollar Tree Decor

Gorgeous farmhouse decor doesn't have to cost a lot. You can take things from the dollar store and turn them into beautiful farmhouse-themed window decorations like one in this article with some pretty simple steps. The window in the article will be a pretty farmhouse decoration and make it look like you have more windows than you do. You can add mirrors to reflect light and brighten the room the way a window would, though you still can't replace the view.

6) Farmhouse Bead Tiebacks

Farmhouse beads are such a popular trend in decorating that there must be a way to include them in your windows decor, right? We've found these fantastic farmhouse bead tiebacks from Amazon. They might not be as noticeable as a prominent decoration like a curtain, but if you use them, even the more minor details on your window match your theme, which can make a surprisingly significant difference. These ones will look more authentic and natural since they don't have any paint or coatings.


Home is one of the most significant themes in farmhouse style because the style is all about making your home feel like something you want to come back to. It's happy, homey, and cozy, so having decorations that say "home" on them is an excellent way to reflect that. We liked these galvanized candle holders that say "home" on them because galvanized metal is also a farmhouse decor staple. With these, you can combine multiple farmhouse decor elements in one decoration set.

8) DIY Torched

This idea is a unique one that we felt we had to share as soon as we saw it. There are a lot of ways to make window trim or faux window decorations look like they're weather-worn and old-fashioned, with the most popular probably being a whitewash, but we've found a less typical way of creating that look. You can take a look at this DIY Inspired tutorial to see how you can torch wood to give it an old look that'd be beautiful in a farmhouse-themed room.

9) Chicken Wire Decorations

Repurposed items are typical decorations on farms, from bathtub planters to milk can seats, so it only makes sense to take something as common as chicken wire and make it into a decoration. In this case, you don't have to make things yourself if you don't want to worry about getting cut by sharp wires. Amazon has these neat chicken wire tealight holders with glass jars that you can use to decorate and light up your window sills.

10) DIY Paint on Glass

You might think that the window glass is only suitable for letting in light or giving you a view, but you can decorate the glass itself. This is probably a better idea for a faux window than for a real one, though you can do it on either one. Here's a video from The Daily DIYer to show you how to decorate a faux window pane in farmhouse style. You can do a monogram and date like the one in the video or choose any message you feel reflects your home.

11) Vintage Tea Light Lamp

Tealights are beautiful farm-themed window decorations because they're just about the only old-fashioned decorations you can see at night. Candles used to be typical window decorations because they didn't have LED lights like those we use nowadays. You can keep with that tradition by getting a vintage tea light lamp like this one from Amazon for your window sill. If this one's too big, you might need to look for a smaller one or just get a single candle.

12) Modern

"Modern" and "farmhouse" might seem like they don't go together, but modern farmhouse is a popular style that you can apply to your window decor, whether you're looking for faux windows or looking to decorate an existing window. We found this beautiful faux window with a pattern in it that looks like houses, and we think it would look perfect in a modern farmhouse-themed home. You can also look for modern farmhouse window sill decorations.

13) DIY Paint Stir Stick Window

This DIY project idea is a pretty amazing and resourceful way to make a faux window decoration. The DIYers from Just That Perfect Place created a neat faux window using paint stirrers and chicken wire. The chicken wire and DIY ingenuity mean that this decoration would fit a farmhouse theme perfectly, and you could make one for the price of a roll of chicken wire instead of spending a lot of money on fake windows from hobby stores.

14) Hanging Barn Window Mirror

Barn doors are a serious decorating trend nowadays, and you can extend that to include barn-door-style faux windows like this one from Amazon. It sits on a track as a barn door would, and the trim is weathered to match a farmhouse theme. You can even create a weathered look for your real windows to match the faux one. This is great for a vintage style since it has a worn look, and the mirrors should make it look almost like an actual window.

15) Arches Mirrored Panel

Arches are a beautiful and dramatic shape for faux windows, and they fit a farmhouse style, particularly if you find one in a weathered design like this. This piece from Amazon has mirrors where the window panes would be so that you can use it to reflect light and make it feel like you actually have more windows. You can try to imitate the worn vintage look on your real windows' trim so that they'll all look more like a matched set.

What're you looking for in your farmhouse decorating? Did you find an idea to bring more light into your home or make your windows look better? Please let us know in the comments below.

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