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Basement Kitchen Ideas

35 Basement Kitchen Ideas

35 Basement Kitchen IdeasBasements can be very versatile spaces.  They can be used for more than storing tools and canned food (although they are good for that too).  They can be turned into effective living spaces.   One possible great idea for a basement renovation is to turn it into a basement kitchen.   Thinking of […]

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14 basement theater ideas

14 Basement Theater Ideas

14 Basement Theater IdeasBasements are typically dark, damp spaces used only for storage, but basements can be so much more.  All it takes is a little imagination to make your basement a place where your family will love to spend time and relax. One great idea is to convert your basement to a theater; a place […]

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21 Basement Playroom Ideas for Kids

21 Basement Playroom Ideas for KidsPlaying is how children learn to interact with the world.  A dedicated playroom can give children a place to play without interfering with the rest of the house.  If you are able to dedicate a playroom for your kids, it allows you to design that space to fit their unique […]

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