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Do you own an RV? Do you love using it to drive all over the country and camp in our lovely state parks? Are you also at a loss at how to get the most out of the limited storage provided by your RV’s basement?  We can help! These RV Basement Storage Ideas will give you lots of helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your storage bays.

1) Measure It

To get the most out of the storage space in your RV basement, the most important thing is to know how much storage you have. Using a tape measure to measure the height, width, and depth of your passthroughs or storage bays will help you determine the correct size storage bins you will want to purchase, how many you will want to purchase, and whether you have the space to include a cargo slide tray.

2) Cargo Slide Tray

If your RV basement is deep, a cargo slide tray will add ease to your storage plans.  Once in place, they slide out, allowing you to access items stored in the back. The downside is that the slide tray will take up some of your storage space since it has to be raised off the floor of the basement to be able to slide properly. Here’s a 36-inch tray that is only 5 inches high.

3) Bamboo Floor Mats

If you decide to go with a sliding cargo tray, you can line the bottoms of the tray with bamboo floor mats. Any bins that are are stored on the mats will slide easily out of the tray making it easier to access bins in the back. The bamboo liners will also protect the surface of the tray from scuffing and scratching. Nispora makes a large bamboo floor mat that can be purchased here.

4) Clear Storage Bins

The best way to store smaller items in your RV basement is by placing them in clear storage bins with lids. These bins can be stacked on top of each other if you have the space, and will help you keep things organized. Purchasing clear bins will allow you to see what is stored inside of the bins which will make finding things a lot easier. Amazon sells several types of bins, including this 6-Pack.

5) Plastic Dish Tubs

Plastic dish tubs, or busboy tubs, can be used along with clear storage bins. These tubs make great places to store cleaning products. Without a lid, your cleaning supplies can be upright in the tubs and won’t slide all over the RV basement while driving. An added benefit is that if one of your cleaning products starts to leak, the liquid will remain in the tub and not get all over your basement.

6) ​​Zip Lock Baggies

Particularly useful for storing many small items, zip lock baggies are also helpful in keeping things dry. Loose items like batteries, extra boxes of allergy or cold medication, and bandages are just some of the items that can be stored in these baggies. Once bagged, they can then be dropped in a bin of your choice. They can be purchased in bulk from Amazon, of course!

7) Make Lists

Making a list for every clear tub that you have takes a little work but will pay off in the long run. Taping the list on the inside of the tub will make it easy to read. This is great for items that you may not use often, since it will help you remember exactly where they are stored instead of having to look through every bin.

8) Master List

Making digital copies of your lists is helpful as well. First, printed lists are easier to read, you can add and delete items from the list as needed, and you can easily print up new lists as items in each bin are removed or added. More importantly, the digital lists are searchable. So, if you need an item, you can search your digital copy and know exactly in which bin it’s located.

9) Make Use of Pegboard

If your RV is smaller, you might not have a larger passthrough or storage bays. These smaller storage bays can also be organized to help make finding things faster. In this video, from You, Me & the RV, the host explains how to install and best make use of pegboard in your RV storage bays.

10) Buying Pegboard

Pegboard can be purchased at quite a few places. It’s important to get the right type of pegboard, of course. Pegboard made out of steel, aluminum, and hard plastics are not ideal because, chances are, you will need to cut the pegboard in order to fit them in your storage bays. For this purpose, sticking with classic tempered wood is best.

11) Pegboard Hooks

Once installed, you will need to purchase hooks for your pegboard. The hooks will enable you to hang things in an orderly fashion. Once hung, this will make items such as tools and flashlights easier to find. A word of warning, however, the hooks by themselves won’t be ideal as the RV is moving. There’s a great fix for this which I’ll discuss below. Pegboard hooks can be purchased in packs of 20, here.

12) Other Pegboard Accessories

There are many other items that will work well to hang things on your RV basement pegboard. Rubber coated wire can be purchased by the spool and then cut to any necessary length. Those can them be tied through the holes in loops to hang items and ensure they stay in place. You can also purchase rubber twist ties which can be wrapped around the end of pegboard hooks to secure items hanging from them.

13) Foldable Organizers

Foldable, stackable organizers are a great way to store extra clothing in your RV Basement. Sorbus makes these containers that collapse flat when not in use for easy storage. These organizers have a zipper front for easy access. They also have secure carry handle for easy lifting and the front window makes it easy to see what is inside of them.

14) Fitted Tool Case

The fitted tool case is a fantastic way to carry a lot of tools without taking up a lot of room. Filled with all the tools that you might need for minor repairs in and around the RV, the fitted case means that every tool fits in a specific place neatly and snugly. There are tons of options, but this 170 piece set is well reviewed and sold at Amazon.

15) D-rings

Installing d-rings along the sides of your RV basement wall will give you a convenient, secure place to hook bungee cords and hang other items. Some RV owners are not comfortable drilling or driving screws into the walls of their RVs, but others have no problem installing a few of these d-rings into the walls of their basements, so the key is to be careful. Follow this link to purchase d-rings in bulk.

16) Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are a necessity when storing things in your RV basement. They can be used to secure large items against a wall to keep them from shifting while the RV in motion. Fold out picnic table and lawn chairs can be secured this way, as well as large jugs of water. Almost anything that will not fit in smaller bins can be secured this way. Click here to purchase bungee cords in bulk.

17) Command Hooks

Peel and stick command hooks are another nifty way to hang items from the walls or ceiling of your RV basement. Since they can be installed without drilling or driving screws, they are an ideal solution if you do not feel comfortable doing that. The downside is that they are limited in how much weight they can hold. However, it is an ideal way to hang lighter items, such as biking helmets.

18) Fishing Rod Ceiling Mount

If your passion is to fish while on vacation in your RV, figuring out the best way to store your rods in your RV basement is a struggle. The best method is to install a ceiling fishing rod mount.  This is easy if you can access the steel support beams that run along your basement ceiling. The Rapala Lock’n’Hold Rod Rack holds rods vertically, horizontally, or from the ceiling, making it perfect for the job.

19) Wireless LED Lights

Looking through your RV basement in the dark can be aggravating. Fortunately, battery-powered stick on LED lights are the perfect solution. These can be purchased in packages of six and Brilliant Evolution sells theirs with a wireless remote that can be setup with an auto timer to automatically shut the lights off if you accidentally leave them on.

20) Hitch Mount

So, you’ve completely organized your RV basement, and still find you need more room? There is no shame in admitting that there is not enough room to store everything you need. One way to add more space is to mount a heavy duty cargo basket to your trailer hitch. King Bird makes a well reviewed hitch mount that can hold up to 550lbs and comes with accessories to secure the cargo that’s placed in it.

21) Cargo Carrier Bag

If you are using a hitch mount to give you more storage, then the addition of a cargo carrier bag will ensure that anything stored on your mitch mount is secure and protected from the elements.  These large bags can be purchased in many sizes and will fold up neatly when not in use. Rola sells a rainproof cargo bag that is 59 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 24 inches tall.

That’s a wrap on our 21 RV Basement Storage ideas. If you follow some (or all) of these ideas, then storing and finding items in your RV basement will be a lot less of a hassle. Whether it’s just adding a few bungee cords to secure a child’s bicycle, or using lists to give your storage an efficient overhaul, these ideas will save you time and aggravation.

What are your thoughts? Got an idea we forgot to mention? Leave a comment and let us know!

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