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Day after day you walk into the basement and you’re tired of looking at the disorganized cords and TV stacked on some boxes.  Or, maybe you don’t have an entertainment area at all and are starting with a clean slate.   With our list of Basement Entertainment Center Ideas, you’ll learn about all the different options you have to make your basement entertainment area a place you’ll want to show off to your friends. 

1) Minimal

While television screens are getting larger, they are also getting more slender and lighter. As a result, the days of the giant (not to mention heavy) entertainment center are gone. In fact, it is quite possible to go very minimalistic and use a simple open shelving unit as a TV stand. This model is stylish, sturdy, and easy to assemble.

2) Entertainment Center with Swivel Mount

Now that televisions are lighter, they can be mounted directly to the wall of your basement.  Alternately, you can also purchase TV stands with a mount already attached. Swivel mounts will allow you to turn the television and aim it to be best viewed from anywhere in the room.  The TAVR TV Stand Entertainment Center comes complete with a swivel mount and three shelves to store your consoles.

3) TV Wall Mount

With a TV wall mount you can mount your television directly to the wall. This will free up shelf space for any entertainment center that you own. Once mounted, you can use the top shelf to place your gaming consoles, Apple TV, or sound system. This model, the ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulated TV Wall Mount, is easy to install and has 130° swivel, so you can watch TV from anywhere in the room.

4) How to Hide Your Wires

Of course, if you mount your television on your basement wall, you will want to get rid of those unsightly wires. You know the ones, the power cord, and all the cables that run from your TV to the consoles that you have hooked up to it.  This is a simple project that can be done in a short amount of time. Watch the video that will teach you how.

5) DataComm Organizer Kit

In the video above, DIYNils mentions using a DataComm Organizer Kit to hide your TV wires.  Simply put, these organizers are installed into the drywall and allow you to run your TV cables into one point of the drywall and exit at another point. They are easy to install and require no contact with live electrical circuits, so you don’t have to be an electrician to hide those wires.

6) Retro Look

With lighter and slimmer televisions, retro TV stands are back in style.  This mid-century TV stand by VASAGLE is a sturdy, retro-inspired piece of furniture that will give you a place to store your television and room for your consoles and sound systems.  It comes in two different colors of wood grain and is rated to hold up to 110 lbs.

7) Built-In Entertainment Center

Slimmer televisions also give you more flexibility in designing and building your own entertainment center. One option is to build your entertainment center right into a wall of your entertainment room. This homeowner had an area of his home with built-in shelving that was outdated.  In the video he explains how he converted it into a modern entertainment center with storage.

8) Motorized Retractable Screen

With projector technology able to produce images larger than any high definition TV and in quality almost as clear, including a motorized retractable projection screen over your entertainment center is a sweet way to watch your favorite movies, tv shows, and sporting events.  Even better, when not in use, the screen can be rolled up and the projector stored away, leaving nothing behind but whatever wall decor is hanging behind your screen.

9) Enclosed Entertainment Center

TV stands with doors and drawers are fantastic for storing your consoles, DVD, and game cases, and remotes to keep them out of sight when not in use.  Enclosed entertainment centers will give you plenty of space to store those unsightly accessories. The Newport Park Lane TV Stand is just one of many different models of enclosed entertainment centers and is available in three different styles.

10) Build Your Own Entertainment Center

If woodworking is one of your hobbies, then building your own entertainment center is a less expensive alternative to purchasing one that already built. Even better, when your build your own you can plan every detail, from the dimension and material to the finished color. There are several places online where you can find plans and instructions to build your own. This one is very detailed with a four part video included.

11) Open Shelves

If the enclosed look is not for you, then open shelved entertainment centers can be purchased as well. Open shelving units have a simple elegant look and can be found in many colors and styles. This model, the Tribesigns TV Stand, has an industrial rustic finish that will match well with a lot of different decor. It also has ample storage space and is easy to assemble.

12) Sliding Barn Door TV Stand

Sliding barn doors are pretty popular right now and it’s easy to see why.  Not only do they have a rustic look, but the suspended rail design assures that the doors glide easily.  This allows you to have some areas of the stand open to highlight home accents and other areas closed to keep them hidden.  Pamari makes a model that comes in four different colors and can hold TVs up to 60” wide.

13) DIY Barn Door Cabinet

Building your own entertainment cabinet with sliding barn doors can be a fun project if you love being handy and have the tools. Designing and crafting the sliding barn door from scratch might seem hard, but it is actually pretty simple. To find plans for building your own, along with a detailed video, follow this link.

14) Tempered Glass

Tempered glass entertainment centers have a sleek modern look that is also elegant and simple, especially when paired with aluminum or steel. Black tempered glass paired with aluminum polished aluminum is classy and will match with almost any decor. TAVR furniture has this model for sale at Amazon. It has three shelves and can easily be assembled by one person.

15) Corner Entertainment Center

If you want to set up your TV in a corner of a basement room, then the corner entertainment center is what you’ll need. The shelving units are designed with angled sides that allow them to fit in the corner of any room.  Most models are narrow making them ideal for a smaller room. Sauder sells this model that is perfect for TVs up to 37”.

16) DIY Corner Entertainment Center

With the right tools and the right plan, you can build your own corner entertainment center. If you love woodworking, this is a great way to save money and add your own creation to your entertainment room. This design will take you about one week to build and requires mostly plywood, 1X4s, 1x6s, and a couple of pieces of ¼” glass.

17) LED Lit Entertainment Center

MEBLE is a company that specializes in building entertainment centers with LED lighting already installed. Colored LED lights are super cool and modern looking. They will illuminate the shelves of your entertainment center when the overhead lights are turned off without interfering with your viewing screen MEBLE has a lot of designs to choose from which can be found here.

18) Fireplace TV Stand

Along with LED lights, you can find entertainment centers that come complete with built in electric fireplaces.  The Lumina Fireplace Stand includes a 23” fireplace and can accomodate a 70” screen.  The fireplace has color changing flames that are controlled by a remote which is included with your purchase.  The LED lights in the shelves on either side are a nice touch as well.

19) Wall Mounted Entertainment Center

If your television is mounted to the wall, why not mount your entertainment center on the wall as well?  A wall mounted media center gives you all the storage while keeping the floor space beneath it clear. Keep in mind, these floating shelves will not carry the weight of a TV, so only install one if you are mounting your TV separately.  South Shore makes a model that you can purchase here.

20) DIY Wall Mounted

As with some of the other items on this list, building and installing your own wall mounted media center is something that you can do if you are handy, have the tools, and have the time. DIY Creators have a video showing how you can design and built a floating entertainment center.  With the pull out hideaway shelves and charging station, it’s a pretty nifty unit.

21) Charging Station

While we’re on the subject, why not include a charging station? Put one of these devices on your entertainment center and you will have a handy, accessible place to charge all of your portable electronics. This highly rated model, made by NEXGADGET, has six charging ports and detachable baffles that will hold your smaller electronics upright while charging.

22) Floating Wall TV Panel

Another clean and modern design choice for entertainment centers is the floating wall TV panel.  Similar to the floating media center, these units attach to your wall and leave the floor under them clear. The difference is that once the panel is mounted, you then mount your TV in the upper part of the panel. This creates a uniform look for the whole section of the wall occupied by the wall panel.

23) Game Storage Stand

If you are a video gamer, or you are buying an entertainment center as a gift for someone who is, why not buy an Atlantic Centipede Game Storage Stand? This stand, constructed out of heavy steel rod, can support a 37” TV, three gaming consoles, and four controllers.  It also has dedicated space for game cases and headphones. It’s ideal for small spaces, so putting one of these in your kids basement playroom is perfect!

24) Rolling Entertainment Stand

Want the option to be able to move your TV to different parts of your basement?  With this rolling entertainment stand you can do just that!  It has a swivel mount that can hold a 32” – 65” flat screen and four storage shelves.  Even better, the stand has casters that will allow you to roll the whole unit anywhere you want.

25) Remote Organizer

Now that you have the flat screen and the entertainment center set up, what else do you need?  That’s right, you need an organizer for all the console remotes that run your entertainment center. This remote control holder has five pockets and it swivels.  Simply set one of these on your entertainment center or coffee table and you have a convenient place to store all of your remotes.

That wraps it up for our 25 Basement Entertainment Center Ideas. Hopefully, this article has given you a lot of ideas about the best entertainment centers for your needs.  Whether you decide to purchase one, or build one for yourself, the information we’ve covered will give you a leg-up. So get out there and find the perfect entertainment center to showcase your new TV!

Have an idea you’d like to add?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

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