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You love spending time on your backyard patio...or you'd like to love it, but you can't stand all the mosquitos and wet cushions when you sit down. So, you've decided to enclose the patio, or maybe it's already enclosed, but you're not sure how to create the best enclosed backyard patio for you. We have a few Backyard Enclosed Patio Ideas that we think will get you started.

1) Bluetooth Lighting

Now that your patio's enclosed, you have many options that didn't exist for you before. Many people only use patios during the day when mosquitos aren't out and during sunny weather so that they don't get rained on. Now, you can enjoy a pleasant evening without being eaten alive by bugs and sit out to watch the rain. This also means that you'll need lighting, and we loved the idea of getting Bluetooth lighting like this from Amazon so that you can turn them on before you venture out into the dark.

2) Gazebo With Netting

If you've decided to enclose the patio but aren't sure how to do it, remember that this is a backyard. It doesn't have to look impressive to passing motorists, so you can focus solely on what features you need. For example, if most of what you need is protection from bugs, a simple gazebo with netting like this would be more than enough. The mesh will keep bugs out, but you'll still be able to enjoy the fresh air and feel a cool breeze pass through.

3) DIY Pallet Sofa

Pallet wood is terrific for a backyard because it has a rustic and natural look that other woods don't have. You can get Barnwood, but it's often expensive, whereas pallet wood is free or cheap if you're willing to put in the work. We found this fantastic tutorial for a pallet wood couch that you can put in the corner of your patio. Its design is perfect for a cushioned sofa, and since it'll be covered and protected from rain, you can get outdoor cushions for it without worrying about having a wet seat.

4) Hanging Chair

Your enclosed patio might not have strong supports to hang heavy things from. In that case, you probably dismissed the idea of hanging furniture if you've even thought of it. We found a way for you to have swinging furniture without getting a bulky freestanding hanging bench. You can get a small hanging basket chair like this that stands on its own so that you don't need a roof with strong supports. This gives you the comfort of a porch swing without any installation, too!

5) Fire Table

A fire table is an incredible idea that not many people have taken advantage of. Fire tables are beautiful alternatives to an ugly propane heater, and most screened or enclosed patios will have enough ventilation safely use one. Since your patio is already closed off and will be warm enough to use in early autumn, you can add a heat source like this to make it comfortable throughout the fall and into the winter. We found these instructions for making your own fire table, though you can also buy one.

6) Cooler Table

A cooler can be a nice thing to have on a patio so that you don't have to constantly run back to the house for drinks. They don't need electricity, and one bag of ice should keep drinks cool for the duration of any get-together. We liked the idea of building a cooler into your patio design by getting a table like this that's both table and cooler. Since the top pulls up instead of tilting up, you can keep using the table whether the cooler is open or closed.

7) Hula Hoop

If you want your backyard enclosed patio to have a Hawaiian lanai vibe, you can add some tropical decor to create that atmosphere. We found a tutorial for creating a Hula Hoop decoration that would look amazing in a lanai. Remember that you don't have to worry about getting or making waterproof decorations since your patio is enclosed. Most decorations can handle a little moisture if some drifts in through screen windows, doors, or walls.

8) Get a Local Estimate

Enclosing your backyard patio is no easy task, and your best option is to have professional help any time you enclosed a patio. That said, you probably haven't budgeted as much as you would for a gazebo in full view for neighbors and passersby to see. Before you begin your project, you can get an estimate from a local contractor using this search tool. That way, you'll be prepared, and you can look for alternatives if hiring a contractor would be too expensive.

9) Outdoor Recliner

Recliners are some of the most comfortable chairs, but you've probably avoided putting them outside in the past since the fabric or upholstery can grow mold in outdoor environments and be difficult to clean. If your patio is enclosed by screens or if you tend to open the windows a lot, you'll still want to avoid soft upholstery that can grow mold. We liked the idea of getting an outdoor recliner like this that's designed to handle the weather but still has waterproof cushions for comfort.

10) Mini Fire Pit

A fire pit is something you can only do outside or on a patio, and you may be wondering if you can still have one once you've enclosed the patio. If the area is surrounded by screens or has a lot of ventilation, as many enclosed patios do, you might decide you want a fire pit, but do you want to go to all the work of digging one just to find out it wasn't right for your patio? You can make a fire pit that's portable and better suited to an enclosed space using these instructions.

11) Light Up Whiskey Barrel

While the original maker planned this project for a porch, this design works for any outdoor space, preferably one that's at least covered. Since your area is enclosed, these decorations would be the perfect way to create a rustic look on your patio. Watch this video to learn how to create a light-up whiskey barrel that you can use as a patio table. You can even get more whiskey barrels to make chairs from and create a complete set.

12) Sofa Cover

Since the patio is enclosed, you don't have to have outdoor furniture only, and since it's not highly visible in the backyard, you don't need to buy brand new furniture to make it look good. Instead, you can design a comfortable space for yourself by putting an old couch out on the patio and covering it with a sofa cover. Since the area is covered, you don't have to use any outdoor furniture, but you'll probably want a cover like this one in case people are wet or muddy when they sit on it.

13) DIY Screen Door Hack

If you've decided that paying for a contractor is outside your budget or not worth it for the backyard, then you'll need some sort of patio hack or design idea for enclosing the patio. We found this neat screen door hack with which you can enclose the patio using screen doors. This will create a screened-in patio, so you might need to modify it if you want solid walls and glass windows instead of screens.

14) Furniture Battery

If your patio is fully enclosed by walls and solid windows to keep rain and the elements out, then you can use indoor furniture if you want. If you don't have enough electrical outlets out there, though, you'll still be restricted and unable to use massage chairs or automatic recliners. We saw this neat tool on Amazon that should help you get massages or plugin furniture, even if you don't have any electricity on the patio. You just charge this battery and plug the chair into it instead of an outlet.

15) Umbrella With Netting

If you're just looking for a way to get away from insects, there's no reason to spend thousands of dollars building a high-end patio enclosure for a backyard. Instead, you can get something cheap, simple, and effective, like this umbrella with netting from Amazon. The netting-umbrella combination keeps sun and bug life away from you while you enjoy yourself, but it costs less than $50! This is probably the cheapest way to screen in your patio.

Do you have an enclosed patio, or are you still working on it? Which ideas seem best for your space? Every yard is different, and we'd love to hear what you're planning in the comments below.

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