37 Walkout Basement Patio Ideas

If you have a walkout basement and you have the space, then the addition of a patio to your walkout area is a tremendous landscaping idea for your backyard. A walkout patio can be a peaceful retreat or a place to gather with your family and friends.

Planning to add a patio to your basement walkout? Looking for landscaping ideas to increase the appeal of your existing patio? Continue reading to learn our 37 Walkout Basement Patio Ideas.

1) Gravel Patio

If you are building a basement walkout patio, one of the easiest and cheapest materials to use is gravel. This project can be done over a weekend even if you are a do-it-yourself beginner. All it takes is a few simple tools, some landscape fabric, a wheelbarrow, and the gravel. Here’s a great article with more details about building your own gravel patio.

2) Wood Pavers

Essentially, pavers are interlocking flooring tiles that can be placed outdoors. As with gravel and other patio flooring, they work best when the grass is removed. Wood Pavers can be purchased online or at your favorite home improvement store. These will have rubber bottoms with the wood connected to the top. They come in different patterns and types of wood for a variety of designs.

3) Polyethylene Pavers

Polyethylene pavers (or poly pavers) are similar to wood pavers except they are made of durable polyethylene. This makes them a little cheaper than their wood counterparts and are installed the same way. Essentially, made of sturdy rubber, they are lighter than stone and come in a lot of different colors and designs; including brick, stone, and slate.

4) DIY Stone or Brick Patio

A great summer project, building your own walkout patio out of stone or brick will make it durable and maintenance free. It’s an extensive job and requires a lot of steps, but can be handled by almost homeowner. It also offers a lot of freedom with design choices, both in layout and in the style of paving bricks or stones that you chose. Here’s an extensive article with detailed instructions.

5) Stone Molds

Stone molds are a great way to create a sturdy patterned floor for your walkout patio without having to carry and place stone pavers. Essentially, these are molds in the shape of paving stones or brick that you can lay in place and fill with concrete. When the concrete hardens, remove the mold and you have stepping stones. Click here to shop for your favorite design.

6) Walkout Patio Under a Deck

If the walkout entrance to your basement is under an upper floor deck, then you already have a nice shady spot to place your patio. Building a patio under a deck also requires a few more considerations then building a patio into an open backyard. Grading, drainage, and headroom are a few things you will need to think about before adding a patio. For more information, click here.

7) Build a Deck Over It

If you already have a patio outside of your walkout entrance, you can build a deck over it to give your patio some shade. You can also build a multi-level deck that will combine naturally with your walkout patio as the lowest level. For a more complex deck, you might want to hire a contractor to make sure it is done properly. However, if you love woodworking, you can always build your own.

8) Deck Safety

Building a safe deck is crucial if you want to enjoy your deck and your walkout patio for years to come. Learning the building codes and regulations in your area is a good place to start when planning a deck. If you are going with a contractor, they will be able to help you in this area. If you are building your own deck, read this article to cover your safety bases.

9) Under Deck Roofing

As I’ve mentioned, a deck over your walkout patio will help keep it shaded. If you want more protection from the elements, an under deck roof will keep your patio dry, which will allow you to enjoy your patio even when it rains. If you already have a deck over your patio, installing a roof under it is pretty easy. This article will tell you how.

10) Purchase a Fire Pit

If you want to enjoy your walkout patio when the days and evenings are cooler, then be sure to include a fire pit as part of your design. Outdoor fire pits can be purchased at your favorite home improvement store or purchased online. You can find fire pits that burn wood and some that use natural gas. There are plenty of designs and options to choose that will fit your plans and your budget.

11) DIY Fire Pit

Of course, if you are already installing your own walkout patio using paver stones or brick, then adding a fire pit to your design is a great way to have a fire pit that lasts and is easily maintained. A fire pit can also be added to an existing patio as well, and can be done by almost any homeowner. Check out this article for step by step instructions about building a paver patio with a fire pit.

12) Electric Fireplace

Like firepits, fireplaces will add a nice look to your walkout patio. Electric fireplaces will not give off as much heat a wood burning fire pit will, but they are unique in look and design. They can be installed in a retaining wall, or placed in a half wall. Electric fireplaces and firepits come in enclosed standalone units as well. Click h​​ere to get a look at some of the designs.

13) Build Your Own Fireplace

If you are an accomplished do-it-yourselfer, then building your own patio fireplace is a project that you can tackle if you’d like. Wood burning fireplaces have more components than a fire pit but will add a unique warmth and look to your walkout patio. It’s a complex project and will take some time to pull off, however. For a complete list of steps and an instructional video, click here.

14) Purchase a Grill

Of course, what backyard patio would be complete without a grill? Grills can be purchased in various sizes and designs, so no matter how big (or small) your walkout patio is, finding the right grill should be easy. Gas, charcoal, small, big, even whole grilling stations can be purchased at a home improvement store. You can purchase them from Amazon as well, if you’d like.

15) DIY Brick Barbecue

Building your own patio barbecue can be as easy as building a fire pit, or as complex as building a fireplace. It all depends on if you just want a barbeque, or if you want a whole barbecue station. A simple brick, charcoal burning barbecue is a relatively easy project that any homeowner can tackle. Here’s a video that will teach you how!

16) DIY Outdoor Kitchen

Of course, if you are comfortable with masonry, you can build your own outdoor kitchen or grill station. Depending on the materials used, this project can take a couple of weekends but can be done in steps. For this diy outdoor kitchen, you’ll need knowledge of fitting stone pavers around a wood frameㄧincluding some know-how of cutting and grinding stone.

17) Patio Bar

When entertaining guests on your walkout patio, you might want to dedicate one corner to a bar area. Amazon has several types of bars that can be used outdoors and would be perfect for a smaller patio. Since a lot of them are moveable, you can also move the bar inside or out as desired, allowing for flexible use of your patio space.

18) Build Your Own Bar

If you have more space, or want to dedicate a specific space on your walkout patio as a bar, then building your own can be easily done. Again, depending on how complex the materials you are working with, the project can be done in a weekend or over the course of several weekends.  This design is easy because it uses dry stack concrete blocks and requires no special masonry skills.

19) Build a Pergola

A pergola is a wooden framework structure that can add eye appeal to the landscaping of your walkout patio. Since a pergola typically has a slatted roof, they provide very little protection from the sun or elements. However, shade triangles and screens can be attached to a pergola. Furthermore, string lighting can also be attached for evening entertainment. Finally, climbing plants can be added to give your pergola shade and color!

20) Build a Seating Wall

If you are building a walkout patio or looking to add onto an existing one, consider building a seating wall. These walls are a fantastic way to define your patio and add appeal to any landscape. Putting them around the edges of your patio will give your family and guests plenty of room to sit when entertaining outdoors. Learn how to build a stone seating wall here.

21) Build a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are used for several different landscaping reasons from homeowners all the way to the largest construction sites. Essentially, they are made to hold dirt in place, so it does not collapse or erode. Among their many functions, retaining walls can be used to elevate yard features or create tiered gardens. They can be placed around the edges of your patio and can be incorporated into seating walls.

22) Purchase a Fountain

Another landscaping idea is to add water to your walkout patio by way of a fountain or pond.  Patio fountains can be purchased in all sizes and designs. Smaller ones can be used to highlight certain areas of your patio and are easy to move and place. Larger fountains can be placed as a centerpiece of your patio and add eye appeal to your backyard design.

23) DIY Fountain

Building your own fountain or pond for your patio or along the edge of your patio is not as hard as you might think. So, if you have space and love the thought of something longer lasting than purchasing a fountain, this design can be built with just a little woodworking know-how and the proper tools and materials.

24) Plan Your Path

Another important landscaping consideration is walking paths to and from your patio. Of course, you’ll be able to walk out on your patio from your basement, but paths can allow access to other parts of your yard and to the front yard as well. Also, they can provide a pleasing esthetic to your backyard and patio area. Here’s a great article about how to plan and build gravel paths.

25) Patio Umbrellas

We’ve talked about the importance of shade to your walkout patio. Without protection from the sun, your patio will not be as enjoyable on the warmer days. However, there are a lot of ways to shade all or part of a patioㄧthe easiest and most flexible are patio umbrellas. Easy, because they can be purchased almost anywhere. Flexible, because they can be moved and placed as needed.

26) Patio Shades

Another way to provide shade for your patio is by purchasing patio shades. Available in all shapes and sizes, they will not only provide shade but eye appeal as well. You can attach square and triangle shades to your house, an upper deck, or a pergola. Retractable awnings can be purchased as well to allow you to draw the shade back as night approaches.

27) Shade Trees

The ultimate way to shade your walkout patio is by planting trees along the borders. Trees are also a wonderful addition to any landscape. There are many options of trees that will grow fast and provide great cover to your patio. Flowering trees can be used to add color and define the landscape of your patio area. For a list of great shade trees that won’t dominate your yard, click here.

28) Patio Planters

Once you have your patio built, you can provide a wide variety of plants on and around it. The easiest way is to put plants in planting pots. Patio planters can be purchased in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Include small planters for plants that you might like to move around, hang, or place on furniture. Larger planters can be used for small trees and flower beds.

29) Garden Beds

Greenery around the edges of your patio is a great way to set it apart from the rest of the yard and add visual appeal. Garden beds can be designed in any shape that you want to fit with your needs and can be made as large or as small as necessary for your space. Furthermore, digging out your own garden beds is an easy and fun DIY project.

30) Raised Planting Bed

Raised planting beds provide another way to add greenery and levels to your walkout patio.  They are also easy to build and can be placed along the edges of your patio or placed anywhere on your patio. Depending on your design, raised planting beds can be built with seating providing a nice place for your guests to perch. To learn how to build a raised planting bed, check out this article.

31) English Garden

Building an English garden off of your patio will turn your backyard into a peaceful retreat. Raised flower beds, fountains, and pathways provide landscaping variety. The square design gives English gardens a fine symmetry. Designs vary, but you can learn how to build your own by watching this video.

32) Choose Your Plants

You will be spending a lot of time on your patio, so you will want plants that provide color and texture to your setting.  Also, since they will be viewed closeup by you and your guests, you have the ability to choose detailed, intricate plants that might get overlooked when viewed from farther away.  For an article to help you plan your patio garden landscaping, click here.

33) Bird Baths and Feeders

Bird baths and feeders are a great addition to include in your walkout patio plans. Small baths and feeders can be hung from the side of your house or an overhead deck. Feeders and baths that sit on the ground can be placed around your patio or in a corner. Bird baths and feeders come in as many designs and shapes as you can imagine and can be purchased here.

34) Lighting

If you are planning on using your walkout patio at night, all sorts of lighting options are available to you. You can purchase string lights and hang them from an upper deck or a pergola. You can find lighting options that will sit on your patio tables, or motion sensored lights to install on the side of your house. Whichever way you choose to illuminate your patio, you can shop for those choices here.

35) DIY String Light Post

If you don’t have an upper deck over your patio, and you don’t want to build a pergola, then a lighting post will provide a place to hang string lights around your patio and brighten it up at night. String light posts are easy to build and give you design flexibility because they can be placed wherever you want and moved as needed.

36) Furnish It

Once you have planned, built, and landscaped your walkout patio, you’ll want to furnish it to provide places to sit, eat, and hang out. Outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements and not fade in the sunlight. Tables, chairs, benches, loungers, and barstools are widely available. So choose whatever favorites fit your budget and furnish your patio! Take a look at some options here to get you started.

37) Decorate It

After furnishing your patio, the only thing left to do is to decorate. We’ve already discussed some decorating ideas with bird feeders, lighting, plants, and shade, but there are other types of decorations that can be included. Hanging signs, bamboo fencing, hideaway trash cans, and swinging chairs are just a few ways to add visual flair to your walkout. Click here to get started shopping for patio decor.

That wraps it up for our 37 Walkout Basement patio ideas. Hopefully, you are able to use the information here to make your walkout patio a pleasant place to rest and relax, either by yourself or with friends and family. Whether building your patio from the ground up, or adding flair to your existing patio, the information we’ve covered here will surely give you a jumping off point.

What are your thoughts?  Have any ideas you’d like to share?  Leave a comment below!

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