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Congratulations! You’re having not one, but three little ones! Hopefully, you’re excited about it, but you’re probably also a bit overwhelmed. That’s okay! We have a few ideas that should help you design a nursery for all three of your little ones, even if you thought you’d only need space for one. These Triplet Nursery Ideas should help you design a space-saving room that three babies can share comfortably.

1) Personalized Triple Milestone Blanket

Milestone blankets are a fun way to track your child’s progress, and they’re more detailed than a simple growth chart. You can take pictures of your babies on a milestone blanket every month and see how they’ve changed in so many ways, from height to size and shape. This milestone blanket is incredible because it’s designed to hold three babies at once so that you can track all of your triplets’ progress in the same set of photos.

2) Against The Wall

In a nursery where three babies are all trying to sleep together, crib location will be vital for a few different reasons. You’ll need them to be conveniently located so that you can care for all three babies. Plus, you’ll need to make sure they fit in the space you have available. Placing them against the wall like the ones in this nursery is one option to create the most usable space. You can see how the cribs in this tiny nursery would be easy to access so that you can care for all three babies at once.

3) Gender-Neutral

If you’re having three babies and they’re not all the same gender, the easier way to design a nursery for them all is to create a gender-neutral one. A woodland theme like this would be a wonderful way to connect to nature and promote natural intelligence while also keeping a gender-neutral theme that doesn’t favor one child over the other. The textures on the walls will be stimulating for all three infants and the custom nameplates are an important way to give each of the babies their own space.

4) Rich and Soothing

It’s important to create a soothing environment with plenty of rich colors to help soothe and stimulate your babies at the same time. You’ll need to focus a lot on sleep since three babies in the same room may wake each other up if they wake up in the middle of the night. That means you’ll want a calming environment, and a nursery with deep blues like this one is ideal. Blue is a soothing color and the rich textures and patterns will give them an entertaining space.

5) Crib With Changer

If you’re having trouble creating a flow pattern that works with the room shape you have, you might need to create separate stations to care for each baby. This doesn’t need to take up a lot of space, though, since space is likely one of your major concerns. You can get cribs like this one from Amazon with a changer built in so that you can change each baby right next to their crib. This way, you don’t have to move around to a shared changing table and you can have the right clothes stored at each one.

6) Remove Doors

Closet doors, even sliding ones, can take up a lot of space in a room because you need room for them to either swing or slide open, which means that you can’t use that wall or floor space. Since you’re trying to fit three babies in a space that you probably expected to have just one, you’ll need to adapt the area to have more room available. You can use this tutorial to remove closet doors, then paint over the area if needed and hang a curtain if you want some sort of cover for the closet.

7) DIY Crib Drawer

One of the major challenges of coming up with a triplet nursery idea is the amount of space you’ll need for three cribs. This can cut down a lot on your storage space, but storage is essential for the clothes, diapers, toys, and so many more things that you’ll want close at hand to make caring for your babies easier. You’ll want to do anything you can to make this easier, so you can try building a crib drawer like this into one or all of the cribs to give yourself extra storage space that’s close by.

8) Vertical Dressers

Saving space will be essential in this room since you’re already trying to put three cribs in here, and cribs take up quite a bit of space. That said, you’ll need to find a way to get convenient storage space since you don’t want to have to juggle an infant with two more crying in the same room while trying to get into an inconvenient storage space. To make life easier, you can do simple things like getting vertical dressers that take up less storage space the way this family did. 

9) DIY Changing Table Dresser

One way to save space in your triplets’ nursery is to combine two pieces of furniture into one. You can’t combine
the cribs, but almost every other furniture piece can be combined with another. One classic example is the changing table dresser. You can use this tutorial to turn a dresser into a changing table with convenient drawers so that you’re never struggling to find what you need while you have a squirming infant on the table.

10) Playpen

It’s hard enough to keep track of one baby, let alone three. One way to help reduce the chance of infant injury when you’re preoccupied with one infant is to get a playpen like this one from Amazon. This way, you can be sure that your babies don’t have access to anything dangerous while you’re focused on changing one child or trying to put them down for a nap. This may be even more important as they reach the terrible twos.

11) Temporarily Convert Larger Space

If you were anticipating having one baby and are now adjusting to having three, you might have to adjust more than you thought. The one thing you cannot compromise on is that you’ll need three cribs, so if the room you picked isn’t big enough for all three, you might have to temporarily convert a larger room. As Jennifer Blair says in this article, you don’t have to do so permanently, but you might turn a living room or larger bedroom into a nursery until the children are old enough for bunk beds. Then, you can move them back.

12) Decorate in Threes

You’ll want to create a stimulating environment that your babies can still sleep in, but other than that, most of the decorating in this nursery will be for your entertainment. Your babies don’t care how pretty things look, but they do care if it’s interesting and has a calming effect. You’re about to enter an exhausting period of your life, and it may be easier to decorate in threes by getting three identical versions of everything. For example, you can give each infant the same bedding and mobile like this family did.

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13) Side-By-Side

There are many different ways to arrange cribs, but you’ll need to choose the most convenient one for you. You’ll need the three cribs to be arranged for easy access while also being spaced so that your babies don’t wake each other up constantly. One way to set the room up is with the cribs side-by-side, each with the head against the wall like the ones in this nursery. This way, you can check on two babies at once and you won’t use up as much wall space as you would with each crib’s side against the wall.

14) Triple Chalkboards

Chalkboards are a convenient nursery decoration idea because they carry over into childhood. Little kids and even teenagers would love to have a bedroom with a chalkboard, so you can design the nursery with one chalkboard per baby like this one. For now, you can decorate the boards in a colorful and fun way and write your little ones’ names on them. Later, if they’re still in this room, they can draw on them for fun!

15) Crib With Drawer

When you go to buy cribs for your triplets’ nursery, you’ll need to make sure you choose something that optimizes your space. One of the best ways to do this is to get cribs with storage built in like this one from Amazon. The under-crib drawer is a convenient way to store that baby’s belongings if they have different clothing sizes or if you want each baby to have their own clothes and set of toys. This is essential in a triplets’ nursery because cribs will use up a lot of space and you may need extra storage space.

16) Wall Letters

Triplets and twins often lose a sense of individualism and identity if they’re identical or look similar since people often give them similar names or get them confused as they get older. At this age, they probably look alike even if they’re not identical. Wall letters are a good way to label an area for each of them so they each have their own area, most likely above their crib. You can set up each crib with a wall letter or name decal with their name or the first letter of their name as this family did. 

17) Modern Neutral

If you’re struggling to find a way to fit everything you need and still have the nursery look nice, a modern neutral style might help. A modern neutral style looks good but doesn’t take up a lot of space the way some decorations do, so you’ll be able to have a pretty nursery without wasting space. You can take some inspiration from this modern neutral nursery, using plenty of stimulating and clean patterns alongside a clean and calming look.

Have you found any life-saving ideas for your triplet nursery? What would you have added to our list? Please tell us about it in the comments below!

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