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You’re a Seahawks fan but you have almost no memorabilia. Your prized photo signed by Marshawn Lynch is hidden in a drawer so your dog won’t destroy it.  But you’re a bigger fan than that and need to show your team spirit on every Sunday.  Use these Seattle Seahawks Man Cave Ideas to build a comfortable man cave where you can watch the game in peace and display your prized possessions.

1) ​Snack Helmet

Football games are fun to watch, but they are even better with good drinks, good snacks, and good company if you want it. This snack container is perfect for displaying a small variety of snacks, and it looks like a Seattle Seahawks football helmet. You can microwave it to heat up snacks, and when you’re done, it can go in the dishwasher with regular dishes. This makes an unbelievable centerpiece for a snack table, and serves as a decoration when not in use.

2) DIY Magnetic Bottle Opener

Football and beer go together more often than not. Beer is one of the few drinks that often comes with a pop-top, so bottle openers are important for your man cave. If you do not drink beer from a pop-top bottle, you likely have a friend who does. If you have a bar area, whether you drink or not, you will want a bottle opener. These are a throwback to the days when every restaurant had bottle openers. This video shows you how to make a magnetic opener that catches bottle caps before they fall to the ground.

3) ​​CenturyLink Field Coasters

If you live in Seattle, you have attended at least one home game at CenturyLink field. If you are a distant fan, you wish you could do so. These coasters have three-dimensional images of the Seattle Seahawks home field, CenturyLink field. They are made in three layers so you can see the depth of the stadium. This makes them good decorations, besides letting you set your drink down without damaging the bartop. They also have the official logo and colors to go with the rest of your man cave decor.

4) ​​Collapsible Chest

Your man cave will have some storage needs. While many items will be on display or in use, you will have your footballs and other game equipment stored away. This collapsible Seattle Seahawks chest is great for storing any sports equipment, throw blankets, or whatever else you do not want to leave lying around. It has the Seahawks color and logo to fit with the rest of the man cave, and you can fold and store it when you no longer need it.

5) ​​​DIY Pallet Bar

Many man cave owners want a home bar, but it can be a costly and time-consuming project if you do not know how to make one. With this video, you can learn how to build a bar using pallets and some basic tools. This will not be as sturdy as a professionally made bar, but you can get free pallets from many places, making this project nearly free to do. Once you make your bar, paint each of the wood boards a different team color for an inexpensive Seattle Seahawks-themed bar.

6) ​​​​​​Bottle Cap Sign

Bottle caps and man caves often go together. People drink beers and pop-top sodas, or they design the man cave to look like an old-fashioned bar and have bottle openers and old bottle decorations. This sign from Amazon will look good in a man cave home bar. It is shaped like a giant bottle cap, and has the Seattle Seahawks color and logo on it. This will be a great addition to your collection of bar signs.

7) ​​​Edge Lighting

When you choose lighting for your man cave, think about the room’s purposes and possible uses. If you often watch games on TV and play video games, you need dim lighting around the edges of the room. This will prevent glare on your television. If you play games or use part of the cave as an office, you need bright lighting. These lights are recessed to provide downlighting that you can put around the edges of the room. They are also dimmable, so you can have low light when using the TV and brighter light when you need it.

8) ​​​​​DIY Football Field

One decision you need to make is what floors to use in your room. While hardwood is a common favorite, it can be expensive. Vinyl is durable and easy to clean, but your football man cave is a soft space. You relax and play games here so you want the space to be comfortable. This green carpet is a do-it-yourself project is that allows your floor to look just like where your favorite Seahawks play. This video shows you how to make a football field rug that you can use for games or as decoration.

9) ​​Freezer Mug

Your man cave will have your favorite drinks, whether it is a favorite brand of beer, whiskey, or soda. If you are focused on the game, it may take you a while to finish your drink, resulting in warm beer or watered-down soda. Rather than endure this, use this Seattle Seahawks freezer mug. Put the mug in the freezer for half an hour to an hour, and it will keep your drink ice cold without any ice. A frozen mug is a traditional way to drink many drinks, and it tastes better than diluted drinks.

10) ​​​Stadium Art

While your man cave is a comfortable place to watch games alone or with friends, it does not always match the feel of a football stadium, with thousands of fans cheering on the home team. Bring the stadium into your man cave with this 5-piece canvas print set. The set shows the stadium with the Seahawks name across the field, and the prints get smaller as the image moves away from the field to show the stands filled with fans.

11) DIY Silver Furniture

You will want to include your team’s colors in your man cave. Unfortunately, silver can be a hard color to work with. If you want to include accents of silver, use the technique in this article to paint pieces of furniture and add silver accents throughout the room. This will be less overwhelming than silver walls, though you could paint a single silver accent wall to hang prints and autographed memorabilia. Try painting shelves with this or using it for bar stools.

12) ​​​Sectional With Cup Holders

A big sofa is essential to any sports man cave. You do not want to sit down to watch a game in a hard-backed wooden chair. Instead, invest in a large sectional like this one. This couch is perfect for inviting friends over to watch the game, and it comes with a cupholder section. This gives you a place to put drinks so your friends will not knock them over when they get up to get a drink, or put their feet up on your coffee table.

13) ​​​Pillows

While throw pillows are not the first thing most people think of when furnishing a man cave, they are an important decorative touch. This is particularly important in a thematic man cave like yours. These throw pillows are shaped vaguely like footballs and made in Seattle Seahawks colors, The front of each pillow has the Seahawks mascot, so putting one in each corner of your couch will show your support for the team and provide support for your head while you watch the game.

14) DIY Shadowbox

If you have a collection of jerseys, or even just one jersey, you will need a way to display them in your man cave. This article shows you how to frame a sports jersey. It also shows a few ways to include other memorabilia with it. While it is best to get something professionally framed, this method will work in a pinch.

15) Backlighting

Football is an active sport and it can be fun to play in a backyard or man cave. Unless you live in a very warm climate, though, you will be watching the games inside during football season. Watching television a lot can cause eye strain, and sometimes walking around during a commercial break is not enough. Backlighting like this can reduce eye strain and even improve the image on the screen. This backlighting, or bias lighting, is great for enhancing sports images, and you can set it to be green or blue like your team.

16) Invention Art

Patent or invention art is a fun way to connect the modern with the history behind it. Luckily, your team colors are common colors for pool felt. This means you can get a billiard table in your team colors, or similar colors, and hang this patent art with it. These vibrant blue images show how pool tables, pool balls, and pool cues work. They have an attractive blue chalkboard pattern behind them and make fitting art for your Seattle Seahawks billiard area.

17) ​​​DIY Recycle Old Equipment

If you like to play football as much as you like to watch it, you probably have some old equipment around. Instead of throwing it away, use it for decorative and practical projects in the man cave. With this simple do-it-yourself project, you can turn an old football into a decorative case for any container of roughly the right size. You can make it a centerpiece, or use it for a candy bowl at your bar.

18) ​Tiki Totem

Totems are a fun decoration and a good way to bring luck to your team. Like a traditional tiki totem, this totem has the player in the most important position, holding up the logo, football, and mascot. The mascot sits at the top in the most ostentatious position. This totem is the right size for a bartop or desk, but it can also represent your favorite team in an outdoor man cave or outside a shed man cave door.

19) ​​​Throw Blanket

If your man cave is in a basement or garage, it probably gets cold without proper climate control. Even with climate control, you will want a throw blanket or two around. This Seattle Seahawks throw blanket is both warm and thematic. It also serves as a decoration if you do not want to buy new furniture and repaint the whole room. SInce this blanket has the logo, colors, and establishment date of the Seahawks, you can hang it as a wall mural, use it to stay warm, or hang it over the couch as a decoration.

Are we missing any ideas? As a Seahawk fan, what would you put in your man cave that we forgot? Please let us know in the comments below!

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