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When you come home from a long day of work, you want your home to welcome you, and part of that's getting decor that creates a homey impression. Since your mud room is the first room you see when you come home, let's work on building its rustic charm together. Here are some Rustic Mud Room Ideas that we think you'll love!

1) Six Shooter Hooks

Six shooters were common once upon a time, and they still have a classic feel and look that modern guns can't rival. Since you want a rustic look, you can use six-shooters and old-fashioned guns in your decorations. We'd suggest getting something like these hooks from Amazon that you can hang coats and hats on. This way, your decorations will also be practical, particularly if you have a small mud room or don't want it to look cluttered.

2) DIY Pallet Storage Bench

Pallets are one of the best resources for people designing a rustic home on a budget or if you don't want to have to put in as much work making things look rustic. Typically, pallets look rough on their own, and you can decide how much to sand them down based on how coarse you want decor pieces to look. We found this tutorial on making a storage bench in a rustic style using pallets for your mud room.

3) DIY Railroad Spike Hangers

Railroad spikes are impressive when you're trying to create a rustic design since they're uncommon but distinctly rustic. They're even better if you live in a Western area or somewhere with a lot of trains since you can pick them up near railroad tracks in your local area. Then, you can use videos like this one to make furniture and decorations with spikes. We liked this video because it shows you how to make hangers for your mud room out of the railroad spikes.

4) Southwest Native Design Doormat

Native designs can be found in rustic homes throughout the country as people pay homage to their ancestors or to the people who first taught Americans to live off the land. Southwest designs are some of the most attractive and popular for Native decorations, and the rugs and cloth artwork are some of the most recognizable. We liked the idea of a Southwestern rug for a doormat, so we found you this durable and stain-resistant mat that'd look amazing in a rustic mud room.

5) Barn Door Bench

Barn doors are a popular rustic decoration because they mimic a standard door style for one of the most rustic types of buildings. If you like the look of barn doors but don't want to invest in changing your doors, you can get smaller pieces of furniture like this bench with barn doors from Amazon. This would make an excellent seat for putting on shoes and taking them off when you come inside with mud all over your boots.

6) DIY Rustic Log Coat Rack

Log furniture is a staple of rustic design, but what log furniture fits a mud room? Furniture in this style often takes up a lot of room, so you might not want to waste space in the mud room. Instead, you can make wall-hanging furnishings like this coat rack that don't take up a lot of room and create a distinct look. We found a set of directions for building the log coatrack so that you can make it yourself with just a few tools.

7) Basket Bench

Baskets are excellent for creating a rustic look, and you don't necessarily have to go look for loosely woven or hand-crafted baskets. Baskets with a natural look or dark colors can be perfect if you combine them with the right decor. This mud room bench from Amazon has baskets for storage so that you can use it to take off your shoes and hold gloves and hats in the baskets. The dark natural colors will help make it look rustic without looking rough.

8) Rustic Vinyl Floor Tiles

Mud rooms need durable flooring since they're a place where you come in with muddy boots and get the floor all scuffed up if you're not careful. Tile and vinyl are both excellent options for durable flooring, though vinyl tends to be cheaper. If you like this look, we recommend getting vinyl tiles like these from Amazon to match rustic decorations. The material should resist damage and be easy to clean with a broom or mop.

9) DIY Shelf And Coat Hanger Bar

If you don't have a closet with a closet bar, you don't have to rely on individual hooks that can only hold a small number of jackets. Instead, we suggest getting a shelf with a coat hanger bar so that you can store more coats and jackets in the same amount of space. To create a rustic design, you can use these directions to customize your shelf and coat hanger bar, just like Teresa from My Decor Diary did.

10) DIY Mail Organizer

A mail organizer can be useful for a mud room so that you can set the mail down readily in the front room while you clean or remove your shoes and coat. While a table is always an option, an organizer is nice for a home with several people in it since you can sort out the mail as soon as you get it. We found this fantastic video tutorial by ROCK N WOODWORKS that you can use to learn how to build a rustic mail organizer.

11) Live Edge Bench

Live edges make furniture seem more rustic or homemade instead of perfectly square and neat like factory products. This makes them ideal for a rustic mud room, but you might not have the time, skill, or desire to build a homemade bench, so we'd suggest getting one like this from Amazon. It has the charm of a live edge, but it's coated so that the sides look rough but shouldn't give you splinters or scrapes.

12) Wood Plank Ceiling

Wood is one of the best materials to use for rustic decorating since it fits the theme better than anything that looks manufactured. Your mud room is the first thing people see when they come into the house, so you'll want some pretty rustic wood in it, and we're partial to wood plank ceilings. They look a lot better than plain white, and even if people don't look at them a lot, they add to the overall atmosphere of the room. If you like the idea, you can use this tutorial to install them or hire somebody to do so.

13) DIY Rustic Hall Tree

If you don't have a closet but still want plenty of storage space, a hall tree is an excellent way to get plenty of mud room storage. A good hall tree will generally include coat hooks, a bench to sit on, and a shoe rack at a minimum, but you might struggle to find one that's rustic and meets your needs. Try these instructions by Katie from addicted 2 diy to learn how you can make a custom rustic hall tree that has everything you need for a corner of your mud room.

14) Natural-Looking Boot Scraper

A boot scraper will be vital if you spend a lot of time outside for work, walking the dog, or other things that get mud on your shoes. You can use the scraper to get most of the mud off your shoes before you even get all the way into the mud room, allowing your shoes to dry off quicker and reducing the amount of cleaning you'll have to do later. You can buy a simple scraper like this with a natural look to complement a rustic room.

15) Barn Doors

This mud room is probably the most elaborate we've found yet, and it's a prime example of a luxurious mud room. There are so many gorgeous features that we could talk about them all day, but our favorite feature by far is the barn doors. Combined with the natural wood walls, the wood barn doors create an upscale rustic look that you could emulate in your mud room to make a unique and comforting home entry.

16) DIY Wood Beam Entry

Wood beams are an excellent way to create a rustic appearance since most rustic furniture is made of wood, and beams are surprisingly simple to install. A wood beam makes it seem like the whole house might have a rustic side hidden beneath the layers of drywall, and you can use these video instructions to install a wood beam decoration fairly easily. It's also a relatively simple job for a contractor to do if you don't have the time or aren't sure you can install one yourself.

17) Wood Mail Container

Building a wood mail organizer is an excellent way to keep your mud room tidy while creating a rustic look, but not everybody is ready to make a customized wood piece just to decorate one room, and that's okay. If you're not in the woodworking mood at the moment, we found a wood mail container on Amazon. This way, you'll have somewhere to put your mail and hang your keys while you get your coat off and wipe your shoes, and it'll match your rustic theme.

18) DIY Rustic Non-Storage Bench

A bench is one of the most important things to have in a mud room so that you can take off your shoes if they're particularly dirty or so that you can put winter boots on your way out the door. A lot of mud room benches come with storage underneath, but if you want a truly rustic look, you'll probably want something that looks homemade and doesn't have storage. You can use these instructions to make a piece like that and still store shoes underneath; they just won't be on a shelf.

19) Cast Iron

A lot of rustic decorations are made from cast iron because it's a durable metal that used to be popular, so it gives an old-fashioned and solid impression that's ideal for a rustic look. Cast iron furniture can be heavy, but you can get smaller things like these coat hooks from Amazon that won't be as heavy and will still create a rustic impression. These hooks are nice because they're big enough for hats and have an antique finish.

20) Wood Plank Walls

Durable and easy-to-clean walls are essential in a mud room since people bring mud or dirt from outside with them when they come in, and you want to be able to keep your space clean. Wood plank is a durable option that you can keep clean with little fuss, and a dark grain will help hide dirt if necessary. Wood also creates the rustic look you're going for, so if it sounds like the right choice for you, we'd recommend installing it using these directions from Beneath My Heart or hiring somebody to install it.

21) Wood Look Vinyl Floor Planks

A rustic room should look like it's been made with organic materials like wood rather than plastics and metals, but real wood can be expensive, so you might need to look for a middle ground. Instead of getting top-dollar hardwood, you can look for wood look vinyl planks like these from Amazon. They'll still fit a rustic theme and look like wood, and they're durable and easy to clean, but they're much more affordable than other options.

Are you looking for something specific for your rustic mud room? There are a lot of options out there, and we hope you found one that's right for you. Tell us what you found in the comments below!

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