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You're having a baby, and you're probably really excited about it! We're definitely excited to help you with part of your journey as a new parent. You've probably got a baby girl, or you like pink a lot, and you're planning a pink nursery, so we've looked for some of the best Pink Baby Room Ideas for you. Chances are you'll love them as much as we do!

1) Polka Dot Closet Organizer

Polka dots are a cute and fun decoration style for a baby room, and it gives the baby something stimulating to look at no matter what color they are. You can get all kinds of pink polka dot things for a nursery, and the pattern will keep them from looking boring or dull like a plain single-color space can. This polka dot closet organizer is an ideal choice since you'll probably have the closet open to get clothes and things out a lot of the time when you're in the room caring for your baby.

2) Mix Shades

You can definitely use a single shade of pink and get away with it, but if you're looking for something that'll catch your baby's eye to stimulate them and look nice to you, mixing shades can help a lot. You can get stuff like this bin organizer from Amazon with two different pinks so that you won't have a room filled with nothing but pastel pink. This is an excellent place to store your baby's toys, and they'll use it throughout their childhood, too!

3) Watercolor or Pastel Art

Pastels are typical in nurseries, and while you don't want to copy the most typical nursery, there's a reason they're popular. These kinds of colors are a lot more soothing than vibrant colors, which is ideal for an area where your baby sleeps. You can still use softer colors in a unique way, though, if you use pastel art or watercolors like the pink pieces in this video. The pink and green combo also creates a neat look.

4) Dinosaur Night Light

Most kids love dinosaurs, whether they think they're cool or have the name and era of every dinosaur memorized. This means that any dinosaur decorations or toys you get now will probably stay with them for a while, so you won't have to replace everything by the time they're three years old. We found this adorable pink dinosaur night light that'll help you see in the dark if you have to check on your baby at night and later help your child get up to get a drink of water at night.

5) Pink and Green

Green complements pink really well, and even more so in a baby room. You can use almost any green, as long as it's not too intense, and typically green is a soothing color that'll help your baby get to sleep. You can see in these pictures of pink and green nurseries that the green and pink combination looks lovely to an adult and interesting to a baby, but of course, you'll have to use your judgment on what green looks best with your shade of pink.

6) Pink Diaper Disposal

Diaper disposal is one of the most essential necessities of a baby's room. Since changing a diaper is one of the most frequent tasks you'll be doing here, you'll want a good diaper pail to keep dirty diapers from stinking up the room. Instead of getting a generic white one, you can get this pink one to match your baby's room. If you decide to do pink along with another color, you can also get this pail in a different color to complement the pink.

7) Mirrors

Mirrors probably don't sound like a pink baby room idea, but mirrors will be ideal for a single-color baby room and can keep a pastel pink nursery from looking ordinary. You can even get butterfly-shaped mirrors like the ones in this video! See if you can find mirrors in patterns and shapes that appeal to you, and they'll be something stimulating for your baby to look at. These are also neat because you can leave the shaped mirrors up, and your child will love them as they grow older, too!

8) Pink Butterflies

Butterflies are an adorable image to have in a baby's room, and they match pink rooms particularly well since people often think of pink or purple when they think of butterflies. You can get pink butterflies like these from Amazon and put them along the walls like little swarms to add texture. They'll also give them a taste of nature since babies don't always spend a lot of time outdoors. This way, your decor will help them become curious about nature!

9) Knotted Braided Mat

This braided mat is pretty cool; we love the amount of rich texture it adds to a room, and since it's not puffy or covered in frills, it's safe for a baby to spend time on and roll around on. The texture will also make the room look different from other pink baby rooms and add some dimension if you have a pink carpet or walls. Lying on a heavily textured mat and getting to feel the texture will be stimulating for your baby, too.

10) Aqua

Aqua goes well with pink, particularly in a nursery. You'll want to make sure you have two similar tones so that they'll look good, and the aqua will be soothing and help your baby sleep. If you like the idea, we found some neat DIY aqua and pink projects that you could use in your baby's room. You can also see how toe pink and aqua go well together if you choose the right tones.

11) Peach Coral

One of the things you'll have to decide when you're outfitting your baby's room is what pinks you want to use since there are so many different pinks available. Pastels are common, but if you want the room to look beautiful and be stimulating to your baby, you've got plenty of other options. We liked the combination of coral and peach in this crib dust ruffle since it creates a multi-tiered and interesting look that you don't often see in babies' rooms.

12) Pink Light-Up Letters

Light-up letters are a fun way to customize your baby's room since you can put their name up on the wall, even if they can't read it yet. A lot of people like to put their baby's name on the wall, and pink light-up letters like these are a unique way to do so. They'll also act as a night light if you want so that you can check on your baby easily, and the tinted light should be gentler than some other lights would be.

13) Vintage

A vintage look can be amazing for a feminine nursery, and it's a wonderful way to make a pink nursery look unique. We found this Project Nursery video about a vintage pink baby room so you can see some ways that you can make your nursery look vintage. Luckily, you don't have to buy a lot of vintage stuff; you can look for retro reproductions or just paint and decorate things in a semi-vintage style. Don't be afraid to mix in modern conveniences like diaper disposal to keep the room from stinking.

14) Pink Baby Care Items

Your decorations, walls, and furniture might be pink, but have you thought about your baby care items like nail trimmers? If you have clear drawers or caddies to store commonly used items, you might want to get a set like this that's pink so that the visible care items will match your other decor. Think about other accessories that you'll need, and if they'll be visible a lot, check to find out if you can get them in pink.

15) Soft Throw Rugs

It's important to make your baby's room a soft space since they'll be sleeping there and need the area to be restful. One way to create a soft space is to literally add soft items like throw rugs in. This pink throw rug from Amazon should be an excellent addition since it's not overly fluffy, but it should be comfortable enough for your baby. The texture will also make the room look more interesting than it would with a flatter piece.

16) DIY Pink Diaper Caddy

Diapers are probably the thing you'll use the most of in your baby's room, and you'll need not only a diaper disposal bin but also a place to store clean diapers. Since you're going to need them while wrestling with a squirmy infant, we'd suggest having diapers readily available in a diaper caddy like this one. You can make this unusual pink diaper caddy using the tutorial here or try to find a generic pink one.

17) Clouds

Clouds will create a light and airy feel for the room, which will be great for making it feel restful, and if you have a lot of pink, you can use white clouds to break up the pink. This is even better if you have a slightly darker pink overall since you don't want large expanses of a dark color. You can get a soft pink baby blanket like this with clouds on it and paint clouds on the walls to make the room look lovely and give your baby something interesting to look at.

18) Pink and Gold

You might be surprised to find out that pink and gold go pretty well together, even in a baby's bedroom. You can watch this video by Lindsay Ann to see her pink and gold nursery and see how well the two colors go together. The gold and cream colors complement the pink and make the room both soothing and interesting to look at so that your baby can get restful sleep and still have something to entertain them while they're awake.

19) Textured Peony Blanket

Adding texture is ideal for any baby's room because it's something the baby can see and feel to learn more about their environment, and it makes the area look better and more creative to adults, too. For a pink room, we liked this textured peony blanket from Amazon since it's a light pink that shouldn't be too bright for a baby's room and since the texture is visible. This same blanket even comes in a couple different pinks.

20) Mix In Mint

Mint is a great color to mix into a pink baby room so that the whole room isn't overwhelmingly pink. Generally, you don't want any room to be exclusively one color, so this is a lovely alternative to adding white. In this article by Gemma from The Sweetest Digs, you can see how painting a few shelves in mint in a pink room changes the area dramatically and makes it unique and more stimulating for the baby.

21) Pink Ribbon

A pink ribbon is an excellent way to customize any pink baby's room since it'll add texture and color to almost anything. You can add it to any decorations that are out of the baby's reach but make sure to keep it where your baby can't get to it since it can be a choking hazard. We loved the idea of getting a roll of pink ribbon like this from Amazon and using it to add a little texture and make other non-pink items match your pink room.

Did any of these ideas help you figure out your pink baby room? What ideas are you thinking about using or modifying for your baby's room? We'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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