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25 Outdoor Home Gym Ideas

You want a home gym, but you don't have a lot of space inside. Maybe you love nature and want to breathe fresh air while you work out instead of exercising in stale, confined spaces. Either way, you've been thinking about an outdoor home gym for a while, but you're trying to find the right way to do it. Try out some of these Outdoor Home Gym Ideas to make the perfect workout area for your needs!

1) DIY Daybed

Whether you do daily hardcore workouts or just an occasional session, you're probably going to get tired by the end of the workout; otherwise, you're probably not pushing yourself hard enough. This means you'll want a place to sit down and get a drink of water or relaxed, either as a break during the workout session, or afterward. Instead of sitting in an uncomfortable patio chair, build a daybed using this tutorial by Ana White. Then, relax in comfort when your workout is done or during your breaks.

2) Pool

An outdoor home gym comes with advantages that almost no other gym has. A home gym in a bonus room won't have a lot of space, and you can't get in the cardio workouts you can have in your backyard. Think about going all-out with a pool for your cardio workouts. Swimming and moving underwater burns more calories and causes less strain, making it a great activity if you have the money and space to add a pool to your home gym.

3) Privacy Fence

You might like to show off while you work out, but most likely, you'll want some privacy. Showing off comes afterward when you have a great body from all the workouts you've been doing. To keep neighbors and passerby from watching your morning or evening workout, build a privacy fence around your yard or gym area. This will also keep people from seeing and possibly stealing any expensive equipment you may have out! You can hire somebody to do it or use this video by Ian Ingram to make it yourself.

4) Outdoor Power Tower

Just because you have an outside gym doesn't mean you can't have standard indoor equipment. Get an outdoor power tower like this from Amazon so that you can do your workouts either outside on this or inside on an indoor version of this. It's designed to weather the elements, so you can put it under a canopy and use it any time of year. Try putting some space heaters out or putting it in a shed during cold months if you want to use it year-round.

5) Equipment Maintenance

It can be hard to keep gym equipment outdoors. You may be wondering if you've lost the ability to exercise on benches and use exercise machines. After all, they're not generally designed for being out in the elements. Instead of avoiding this kind of equipment altogether, use the advice in this article by David Kiesling from Two Rep Cave to learn how you can maintain different types of equipment outside without excessive wear from the elements.

6) Dumbbells

It can be hard to figure out the right equipment for an outdoor gym if you're worried about damage from the elements, particularly if you live in a region with a harsh environment. Instead of risking damage to heavy equipment, consider getting cheaper equipment that's durable and can last outside, such as dumbbells. If you get durable or metal dumbells, they won't be damaged by being stored in an outdoor container, and they won't cost very much.

7) Indoor/Outdoor Mat

Whether your home gym is on a concrete pad, deck, porch, or yard, you probably don't have a smooth and comfortable surface to exercise on. You'll need some sort of softer flooring or mat for floor exercises like curl-ups, and installing a floor is probably excessive. Try getting a floor mat like this that's designed for either indoor or outdoor use. This will cushion you while you do exercises and lower the chances of doing damage if you drop equipment on a hard concrete or brick surface.

8) Under Deck

When you plan your home gym, it'll be important to pick the best location. You'll want to be out of the elements somewhat because even if you're not exercising in the rain, you'll need to leave some of your equipment outside. Placing the gym under your deck is one way to shelter it from the weather, and you can incorporate the deck into the gym itself. Attach rings like the ones in this picture to your deck so that you can do pullups and other upper body exercises with them.

9) Outdoor Fitness Bench

A fitness bench is an essential part of a gym since it gives you the option to do any number of exercises, but you may hesitate to put one outside. Instead of taking the chance of putting indoor equipment outdoors, you can get this outdoor fitness bench from Amazon. It's meant to handle weather without getting damaged or rusted, so it should last much longer than indoor equipment would, and you can leave it outside all year if you need to.

10) Outdoor Training Rope

Training ropes are a great fitness tool, but they're often too big to put in a home gym. Since your gym is outdoors, you can use up as much space as you need, and you've probably got enough yard space for this rope. Since the cord is designed for outdoors, it won't be damaged by sun and rain as quickly as some equipment, and you can get a lot of use out of it. It comes with an anchor, though you may have to see if the materials provided work for the surface you're anchoring it to.

11) DIY Shed

Exercising outside is an amazing and healthy feeling, with abundant fresh air and sunlight, plus the ability to run, jump, and do cardio exercises in an open space. That said, some gym equipment shouldn't stay outside for long, and there will be times when you want to move indoors, such as when it's raining and you want to exercise. Use the instructions in this article by Don Vandervort from Home Tips to learn how to build a shed for your equipment and even a little sheltered exercise. You can also get shed kits or hire somebody to build a shed.

12) Portable Gym

Instead of looking for equipment that's designed for the outdoors, try getting gear that's light and portable so that you can store it and bring it out when needed. Some of your equipment will still be permanent, such as pullup bars and weight benches, but you can get a portable gym like this one from Amazon for other exercises. This gym can easily be stored in waterproof containers or in your home and brought out as needed so that you can still exercise outside.

13) DIY Weightlifting Platform

Your backyard or outdoor home gym is a great place for cardio exercises and bodyweight exercises since it offers a lot of free space, but it might not be best for weightlifting and other strength training. You don't want to lift weights in the dirt and get your equipment dirty and cause rust or damage, so think about building a weightlifting platform. You can hire somebody to make one or use this video by Gavin Peacock to create one.

14) Outdoor Foam Mat

If you want your outdoor home gym to rival any indoor one, you'll need gym mats to cover the deck, patio, or porch you're using for bodyweight exercise and cardio. These will help cushion you during exercises, particularly if you're using a concrete patio. Try getting foam mats like these ones from The Home Depot that’re designed for indoor or outdoor use. They can also lock into place in any shape or size you want so that you can customize the mats to cover your whole space or to only cover the area you need them in the most.

15) DIY Outdoor Storage Bench

If you have any equipment that's not bolted down, you'll probably want a place to store it, either because of rain and snow or only for convenient storage. Instead of packing everything up and carrying it inside every time you use it or leaving it scattered around, build a waterproof outdoor storage box. You can make a storage bench using these instructions. While it won't be completely waterproof, it'll keep things reasonably dry and give you a place to sit when you need a break from your workout.

16) Outdoor Shower

Workouts are sweaty, and if you do a lot of floor exercises, you'll probably be covered in dirt and sweat when you're done. Instead of tracking everything into the house, think about building an outdoor shower or hiring somebody to make one. This can be anything from a spot to rinse off the mud from a run or chlorine after a swim to a fully enclosed shower that you can shower and change in. If this seems like too much of a luxury, think about setting up a garden hose for days when you don't want to track mud in.

17) Interlocking Plastic Tile

If you have your equipment set up on a patio, you may run into the issue of water pooling up in places it shouldn't. Think about setting up interlocking floor tiles like these ones from The Home Depot to keep your equipment from sitting in pools of water. These tiles will keep you and your gym equipment up off the ground and allow water to drain so that you can use the home gym soon after it rains, too. You'll want some mats over it to make it more comfortable.

18) Hanging Obstacle Course

One of the awesome things about an outdoor home gym is that there are few limits to what you can set up. You don't have to worry much about space, so you can set up neat exercise equipment and courses like this hanging obstacle course. This is a fun and unique way to exercise, and you can involve your children if you have any. The system has equipment of varying levels of difficulty, so don't feel like it'll be too challenging if you're only working out casually!

19) Locking Storage

You'll need places to store your equipment, and outdoor storage containers will be the most convenient choice. Gym equipment can be expensive, though, so consider getting storage containers like this one from Walmart that can lock. This will keep your equipment fairly dry and prevent any possible thefts so that you can have a convenient and secure home gym in your yard. Most outdoor storage isn't 100% waterproof, so only store things that can handle some temperature fluctuation and dampness.

20) DIY Outdoor Mirror Wall

Mirrors are typical fixtures in gyms and home gyms, because they let you look at your posture and the exercises you're doing to make sure you're doing everything correctly. That said, how do you set up mirrors outside? Check out this article by DIYer and blogger Kezzabeth to learn how she set up a mirror wall outside. While her mirrors were for a garden, you can use a similar method to make a gym mirror wall in your outdoor home gym.

21) Storage Shed Kit

If some of your equipment needs to be stored inside in the rain, or can't stay outside all winter, you don't want to have to store gym equipment in your house. You can build a shed to store equipment and maybe give yourself a little space for doing exercises indoors when it rains. If you don't have enough experience to build a shed yourself, don't worry; you can buy a kit like this from Amazon to make your shed from. If you're still unsure, you can hire somebody to build a shed from the kit.

22) DIY Climbing Wall

A climbing wall is a fun and unique addition to a home gym since most home gyms won't have one. Few professional gyms even have a climbing wall. Since you're already outdoors, you'll have plenty of room to design and make a wall, and if you aren't sure how to go about it, you can use this video by Jenn Sends with instructions on how to create it. You can customize the size and shape of it to some extent to fit your yard and your needs.

23) Wifi Lighting

If there's a chance that you'll want to exercise after dark, you can still do so in an outdoor gym as long as you have decent lighting. Regardless, you'll want lights you can turn on if you need to go out to the gym at night. Consider getting Alexa-compatible wifi plugs like this from Amazon so that you can turn on lights remotely or set a timer to turn on lights and deter potential thieves.

24) DIY Outdoor Pull-up Bar

Pull-up bars are one of the best pieces of home gym equipment for people who worry about upper body strength, but they usually attach to a ceiling, so how can you have one outside? Read this article from Fitstream to learn how to build a pull-up bar for an outdoor gym. It's freestanding, but the supports will sink deep enough that you can safely use it outside without worrying that it'll tip over or get damaged. It's also designed to be weatherproof so that you don't need to worry about rust and weather damage.

25) Gazebo

If you want to exercise outside all year round or on rainy days, you'll need some sort of shelter to exercise under and to keep your equipment clear and dry. Try building or buying a gazebo like this one from Amazon. It'll keep everything protected, and it'll stop them from sitting in a pile of snow or pool of water that could damage even weatherproof equipment over time. You'll also be able to use your equipment right after it rains, even if you don't exercise during the rainstorm.

Why do you want an outdoor home gym? Were any of these ideas helpful to you? Tell us your home gym ideas in the comments below!

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