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35 Ohio State Man Cave Ideas

You just graduated, or you are a proud alumni of Ohio State University. Maybe you never went to Ohio State, but you are from Ohio. Whatever the case, you're an Ohio State and Buckeyes fan through and through. You need somewhere quiet to study, watch the game, or simply hang out with friends. These Ohio State Man Cave Ideas will help you show your pride for the state and college, and to create a fun or relaxing space.

1) Ohio State Charging Station

Your Ohio State man cave is your retreat and is designed to be a favorite space. You come home and retreat there. You may like to play phone games, or you may leave the phone at the door and only answer if work calls. Most people like to have their phone on them at all times, including when it is charging. This Ohio State charging station and pencil holder lets you charge your phone, and does not break your Ohio State man cave theme. Since it is wireless, you do not have the risk of the phone charger falling out.

2) Team Colors

Buckeyes are a big part of Ohio State culture. When you design your Ohio State man cave, make sure to leave some room for a stripe with the team colors. This video shows you how to paint a stripe on the wall, even if the wall is textured. You can also paint the stripe on furniture or elsewhere. The stripe will be a decoration in its own right, so make sure none of your wall decorations cover it.

3) Throw Blanket

A couch and television are likely the centerpiece of your man cave. Since couches and TVs generally do not come with the Ohio State logo, use a throw blanket to show your school and team spirit. A throw blanket will also keep you warm while you watch the games, play video games, or study. This throw blanket shows both the team logo and the school name, to show that you support both the school and the sports team.

4) Barbeque Set

If your man cave is outdoors or has access to a patio or porch, you are going to be grilling out. While a grill may seem generic, there are ways to show school spirit while you grill. This 3-piece grill set has a spatule with Ohio State cut into it. Each utensil’s handle is in the Ohio State colors, and two of the utensils have bottle openers in the back of the handle, so you can drink, eat, and have fun.

5) ​​DIY Football Stadium

If you love Ohio State, you love the Buckeyes. Even if you are not obsessed with football, you love watching your favorite team. This video shows you how to make a football stadium decoration. Like any do-it-yourself craft, it can be customized to fit your team, and all this craft needs is cardboard, construction paper, and a hot glue gun. Add Ohio State colors and the team logo to customize it. You can cut a hole in an existing table, build this into it with plywood backing underneath, and cover it with a glass pane to make a stadium-themed table.

6) ​Thematic Bar Coasters

Any college or college team man cave needs a bar for snacks and drinks. You can make your bar Ohio State themed by painting it with Ohio State colors, or adding little touches like these Ohio State coasters. These will keep your bar top and furniture nice, while showing team spirit with the Ohio State “O.” They come in a convenient storage container for when they are not in use, and the white background will make each coaster easy to find in the dark while watching a game or movie.

7) ​Flag

Flags are a big part of identity. They have long been used to declare allegiances in loud colors. This Ohio State Buckeyes flag is no different. You can display it in your backyard man cave using two grommets that can fasten to a flagpole, or pin it to a wall using the same grommets. The flag is five feet wide, so it will not go unnoticed. If you cannot repaint the room, this can replace repainting to show the Ohio State theme on a large scale.

8) ​​DIY Mason Jar Holders

Your Ohio State man cave will be a space to relax in front of the television, read a book, or work at your desk. At other times it will be a place for you and your friends to cheer on your team. You will need small containers throughout the man cave for party utensils, candies, or pencil holders. This mason jar craft shows you how to make football-themed holders, but you can use the same techniques to follow any theme. Add a little red and gray to show your team spirit.

9) ​​​​Garden Flag

If your man cave is in a backyard or shed, you will need ways to show your team spirit outdoors. You cannot paint the walls, and you may not be able to paint the furniture, but you can use this outdoor flag to show who you support. This flag supports the Buckeyes team specifically, showing the mascot and the Ohio State “O,” with the team name on both sides. The flag can mark the entrance of your man cave if your backyard man cave does not have a fence or other clear borders.

10) ​​Playing Cards

Playing cards are an essential part of any man cave. You may spend a lot of time watching sports, but you will also have many other pastimes. If you want a cheap bar or table game, playing cards are the most versatile you could ask for. These playing cards are ideal for your Ohio State man cave since each one has the Ohio State “O” on the back of it. If large renovations are out of the budget, buy these on Amazon to add a touch of school spirit to the cave.

11) ​​Light Up Stadium

While building your own stadium decoration gives you the chance to customize it, it can be easier to buy a decoration. This stadium decoration is Ohio State Buckeyes themed. Since it lights up, you can see it in a dark room while watching an Ohio State game. While it is not 3-dimensional, it has a 3-dimensional effect that looks cool from across the room. Display it at the back of a bar or similar area, so people will be far enough away to see the cool 3D effect.

12) Garden Gnome Fan

If you have a backyard or other outdoor man cave, make sure the man cave has an Ohio State fan in it all the time. This garden gnome is a big fan of Ohio State, holding up a wooden sign that says “Ohio.” He wears the Ohio State colors, and his shirt says the college name across it. With this gnome in your man cave, you will always have a companion rooting for the same team. Realistically, it adds a bit of neat, thematic decor.

13) DIY Ohio State Sign

Your love of Ohio State University extends to the Buckeyes, but it also extends to the state itself. As a state college, Ohio State University represents the entire state of Ohio. This video shows you how to make a sign shaped like a state with some basic woodworking tools. Make a sign shaped like Ohio and paint it in team colors. You can also add the team logo or the words “Ohio State” to show your school and team spirit. 

14) ​Buckopoly

Monopoly variations are common nowadays. You see them every time you enter a department store. If you are trying to decide which one to get, try this Ohio State Buckeyes themed game, Buckopoly. The game is a fun twist on the classic game, and can entertain you and friends in your man cave for hours. This makes good pre- or post-game entertainment, and lets college alumni walk through their favorite locations in the University again.

15) ​​Football

As an Ohio State alumni or fan, you likely root for the Buckeyes. They will feature prominently in your man cave. Since they are a football team, an Ohio State football is an appropriate way to display your support. This football is the same size as a game ball, and it has the Ohio State “O” and the words “Ohio State” on it. Besides those words, it looks like a normal football, making it a more subtle display piece. Since it is not an autographed piece, you can also play football with it.

16) ​​DIY Football Toss

Football is a big part of Ohio State culture, so having the means to play football in your man cave is essential. This project shows you how to build a football toss game. It is great for an outdoor man cave, or a garage man cave that has access to outside. If you have an indoor man cave, build a smaller version or use a paper football to play. You can paint it with Ohio State colors and the logo, and you can use it for football, baseball, or any other sport where you need to practice your aim.

17) ​​Tiki Bar

If you want a bar in your backyard Ohio State man cave, a tiki bar is a fun idea. You can decorate it with tiki decorations and Ohio State colors. Add this tiki totem to bring luck, and fill out the theme. The totem features several pieces of Ohio State imagery, including the Buckeyes mascot, the college name, an angry-looking football, and an angry-looking Buckeye football player. This can be added to a tiki bar, or placed elsewhere to bring luck to the team.

18) ​​​​Achievement Wall

Whether you like football, or just like the college and their team, you will want to display the team’s accomplishments. This display has miniature replicas of the National Championship banners from the years that Ohio State won. Each banner represents a major accomplishment for Ohio State and all its students and supporters. This should have some lighting focused on it to show off the accomplishments. Include other trophies or awards from Ohio State, including personal achievements, if you are an alumni.

19) ​​Logo Sign

If you are devoted to the Ohio State Buckeyes, you will spend a lot of time watching their games. You will want a nice TV setup that you can use for movies and shows when you are not watching a game. This means that the man cave lights will often be dimmed for better television viewing. Light-up signs and decors allow you to see decorations while the rest of the lights are off. This sign is a light-up bluetooth standing sign with the Ohio State logo. You can change the color to the team red.

20) ​​DIY Football Goal

As an Ohio State fan, you watch Buckeyes games when you can get them on TV. If you manage to get some friends together for a game, it is a party. This do-it-yourself project is a simple football goal craft. This football goal is planted in a flower pot, but you can fill the pot with rocks to hold the goal in place while you play mini football games. With a PVC pipe goal, you can turn this project into a fair-sized game.

21) Buckeyes Mural

If you have not painted your man cave in Ohio State colors, you will want some Buckeye or Ohio State imagery instead. This mural shows a football field with Ohio State written across it in the team colors. It is large-sized, so can make up a large part of your decor. Put it on its own wall and add smaller pieces of decor around it. This could include favorite players or school spirit posters and prints.

22) ​​​​3D Illusion Lamp

This lamp creates the illusion of a 3-dimensional football helmet in honor of Ohio State’s most popular sports team, the Buckeyes. The helmet has the Ohio State logo, and you can choose between a variety of colors, including University colors. This should be placed somewhere near the edge of the room, so it does not get knocked over if you are watching games and get too excited. It has an energy-efficient design, and gives off warm colors that will add to a comfortable atmosphere in your man cave.

23) ​​​​Ohio State Helmet

Old football helmets can be easy to come by, if you know where to get them. You can also buy football helmets in the store, and they make good decorations for a man cave dedicated to a University with a famous football team. This video teaches you how to paint helmets. While they are no longer usable on the field after painting, they will make good decorations. You can simply paint team colors for a simple project, or get a sticker pack and add the team logo and name.

24) ​​​​Billiard and Bar Area Lights

If you have a pool table, you will need billiard lights. If not, they are a great addition to a bar. Billiard lights help accent a theme without being gaudy. Try using these Ohio State billiard lights above your bar, and using red or grey barstools to create an Ohio State color pattern. Use them above a red- or gray-felted pool table to add to the effect. Having these same lights in two man cave areas will create a cohesive theme reminiscent of a real bar.

25) ​Office and Gaming Chair

If you play video games, or if your man cave doubles as an office, you will need a comfortable chair. This chair is comfortable, with an ergonomic design, padding, and armrests. The Ohio State logo and colors are prominent in this chair and form a strip down the middle of it, making it perfect for any Ohio State fan or alumni. The logo is on both the back and front, so it will be visible whether you are sitting in the chair or not.

26) ​​DIY Field Goal Decoration

If you want a sturdy football game to play in your man cave, PVC pipe is a good option. It will not work for making a small game, but you can use it to build 12-inch or larger goal posts with little effort. You can use these as table decorations, weight them to use as bookends, or turn them into a game. Change the size of the PVC pipe to make a bigger or smaller goal post, and make sure to weigh down the bottom so the post remains sturdy.

27) ​Themed Furniture

If you are buying new furniture, you can choose a red and gray color scheme. It is fairly easy to find red stools or gray sectionals, but if you want a truly Ohio State-themed man cave, use these bar stools. They are comfortable for watching Buckeyes games from the edges of the room, or hanging out with friends at your home bar. Rather than using a coordinated color scheme and buying many new furniture pieces, you can get these and have the colors and logo on a single piece of furniture.

28) ​​University Wastebasket

It is easy to forget one of the most essential parts of any room – a wastebasket. It is also easy to grab any random container and have a black generic wastebasket in the room. To stay with the Ohio State theme, get this Ohio State wastebasket. This solid trash can can be placed by your desk for any paper you throw away. You can also use it at a bar or near a snack bar, but it does not have a lid, so it will need to be taken out more often if food is put in it.

29) ​​Wall Colors

In an ideal Ohio State man cave, your walls will be Ohio State colors. You can do this with stripes, but dark and bright color patterns can be hard to paint over. This paintable wallpaper makes it easier to create color patterns. First, apply the wallpaper as described here. Then, paint over the parts as you desire. Start with a lighter color, such as gray, then paint over it with a darker color for the best effect.

30) ​​Ohio State Checkers

Checkers is a common game that almost anybody can play. All you need is one other person and you can enjoy it for hours. This game board adds a new twist to checks with a football field as a checkerboard. The green and red Buckeyes checkerboard makes it feel like you are playing as your favorite team, trying to get your players back and forth across the field to win. The king pieces are Buckeyes helmets, too.

31) ​DIY University Colors

While it is common to think of painting walls and adding throw pillows when creating a sports team or University color scheme, it is also possible to create this with table decorations. Rather than painting the bar or table, get some natural fiber cloth and cut it to the shape you need. Then use this tutorial to dye it with the Ohio State red. If the bar is already concrete, gray marble, or another gray color, you will have an Ohio State color scheme. Otherwise, cover the whole bar and paint any edge trim gray, or get gray barstools.

32) ​​​DIY Use the Logo

While University Colors are a good way to show team spirit, nothing shows support for the University and its popular team more than using the Buckeyes logo. This tutorial shows you how to draw the logo, so you can add it to any surface in any size you want. Once you have drawn it, paint it in with the right color paint to put it on a tabletop, bar top, chair seat, or wall. Unlike a stencil, this can be drawn at any size.

33) DIY Ohio State Stencil

When creating Ohio State decor, the state’s shape is a unique touch to add to the theme. Some states are recognized all over the country, while others are recognized only by their residents. This stencil lets you draw the state of Ohio anywhere you want. Once you have drawn it and painted it gray, or maybe red, you can add other touches. Put University images or the University name in the image. You can also frame a personal picture and center it inside the outline of the state.

34) ​Banners

Banners are a traditional way of showing team spirit, and Ohio State University is a team. Show support for the university by displaying this National Championship Pennant. It shows the dates of the National Championships that the Buckeyes won, and it is large enough to be a centerpiece. It can also be displayed around large items, behind a bar, on an achievement wall, or elsewhere. The bright red color makes it noticeable no matter where you put it.

35) ​Football Field Runner

Runners are a great way to keep your floor clean and prevent floor damage. They also help designate walk areas if you have an open floor plan, as a large man cave often does. Use this Ohio State runner to designate walkways while showing school spirit. This runner is Buckeyes themed, with a football field pattern and Ohio State written on it. It could also be used to play football floor games, since it is designed with football field markings.

How do you show support for Ohio State? Please let us know in the comments below!

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