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You just had twins, or you're expecting them, and you don't want to fall into the trap of making everything for the boy blue and everything for the girl pink. Maybe you plan to have more kids later, and you want to reuse things, too. Either way, designing a twin nursery is hard, and a gender neutral one is even harder. Try some of these Nursery Ideas for Gender Neutral Twins to help build an ideal nursery.

1) White and Tan

White and tan are a standard color that might seem a little bland for a nursery, but it depends on how you use the colors. The nursery in this picture is tan and white, but instead of looking boring, it creates a soothing cream color that should promote restful sleep for the infants inside. Later on, as the children grow, you'll want to let them choose their favorite colors and design a more colorful nursery, depending on whether they spend time there when not sleeping.

2) Orange

When you started thinking about colors to use in your babies' room, you probably found a lot of pastel colors and soft, calming tones, but they're not the only option. You want your babies to be able to sleep, but they'll also need stimulation. This nursery from Project Nursery is a great example of using bold colors in a twin nursery. The nursery is gender neutral, and the bold orange and patterns make it unique. Think about ways to paint and design your nursery using orange.

3) DIY String Art Names

A bedroom, whether it's an infant's nursery or a teenager's reclusive hideout, needs to be customized for the person in it if possible. This is even more important when the room is shared by two people, and particularly for twins who'll likely struggle to be treated as unique individuals as they grow older. String art is an amazing way to customize their areas with their names in a way that doesn't reflect gender. Use a tan or white string like that used in this video tutorial to keep things neutral.

4) Twins Milestone Blanket

There are many important milestones in your babies' lives, and you don't want to miss them because you're too busy being a parent of two kids at once. You've got a lot on your plate, and it can be hard to keep track of the important moments for two children of the same ages. Get a gender neutral milestone blanket like this that's designed for twins so that you can take pictures of both babies together as they grow and look back on those memories later.

5) Dual Themes

Thematic nurseries are adorable and give your child something interesting and energetic to look at, which is great if they're spending a lot of time in the nursery. Since you have two babies, try to find two gender neutral themes so that each baby can have a unique space. Space is a good theme since it fascinates kids and has black and white contrasting patterns for infants, so think about getting space themes sheets like these for one baby and another gender neutral set for the other.

6) Animals

Since you have two babies, you can give them each a unique space and make it easy for strangers to tell them apart by giving them each different clothes and toys. Babies and small children typically love animals, so try to find animal-themed nursery decor like this soft cube from Amazon. Choose an animal for each baby, and have that animal on all their stuff. You can also get themes, like getting jungle animals for one baby and farm animals for another.

7) Crib Colors

Your twins will have to share many things as they grow up together and share the same space as infants, but cribs are one item that they'll each have a separate one of. Use this tutorial from Project Nursery to learn how you can safely paint a crib to make it unique. This way, each baby can have a different colored or patterned crib. Try painting stripes or polka dots for one and another pattern or solid color for another.

8) Letters

Twins often share almost everything, and one of the few things that belong wholly to them is their name. Place your babies' names above their cribs by spelling them out with wood letters. You can use this tutorial to paint polka dots on the letters and make them look interesting to capture your babies' attention. Then, paint them matching colors, or use different base colors and different polka dot colors for each baby's name to make them unique or make them match. Avoid using a lot of pink, purple, green, or blue since those are often associated with specific genders.

9) DIY Growth Chart

As you have more children, it can be harder to keep track of more memories. When you think of something funny that happened, can you remember which child did it? When you have two babies the same age, it can be hard to keep things straight, so having individual growth charts can be an important way to keep memories straight. You can use this tutorial to make your own growth charts for each child and decorate them in gender neutral ways.

10) DIY Circle Name Signs

Nameplates are a great way to add individualism to a child's room, whether the child is an infant or a toddler, or even a teenager. They give a sense of identity, making them more important for twins. Since their identity won't be tied to gendered things like princesses for your daughter or superheroes for your son, you'll want them to have a strong sense of self and belonging, and one way to do that is with homemade wooden signs like the ones in this video.

11) Old Fashioned

Old fashioned designs and toys are often gender neutral. There was a time when most people had homemade toys and decorations, and they weren't obsessed with the color pink. Look for wood furniture like the furniture in this picture, and paint other furniture white since wood and white are both gender neutral and create a classy, old fashioned look. You can still add fancy monograms like the one in this picture to give each baby something unique.

12) Yellow and Grey

You have two babies, so you should have two colors in your nursery theme. You don't want to use standard gendered colors like blue for a boy and pink for a girl, so you may want to avoid pinks, purples, blues, and greens altogether. Neutral colors like yellow and grey are great because they create a soft look together, so try and find items like these grey and yellow bed sheets for your babies' cribs.

13) Canopy and Nook Castle

Privacy is important, even for babies. It lets them sleep in peace when they're sharing a room with another infant and gives them a place to play as they grow older and don't always want to share space. Since you'll probably want a canopy over your baby's crib to block some light and movement while they sleep, think about getting one like this that you can turn into a small corner nook for them to read or play in when they get older. This will give them privacy, and you can get cloud castle ones like this that aren't gender-themed.

What have you done with your gender neutral nursery? We'd love to hear about it! Please let us know in the comments below.

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