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Remember when the Patriots won the Super Bowl? Of course you do, it was pretty recent. So was the last time…and the time before that…and the time before that. Let’s face it, the Patriot’s are on fire, so to speak. If you’re old enough, you watched them lose the Super Bowl 5 times, but you were an unyielding fan through it all. Now is the perfect time to build a man cave with these New England Patriots Man Cave Ideas!

1) ​​Thematic Bluetooth Speaker

Your football man cave is basically a tailgate party in your home, at least on game day. That means you want all the entertainment you have at a tailgate. The problem is, you now have two sets of tailgating gear. One set for home, and one for on the road. This Patriots-themed Bluetooth speaker is portable, Patriots-themed, and lightweight. If your man cave speakers aren’t Bluetooth-compatible, you can use this. Leave it on a shelf as a decoration and Bluetooth speaker, then pick it up and head off to the game when you want.

2) Bar Stool Cover

You may not drink, but your man cave will probably have a bar. It could be a wet bar, snack bar, or drinks bar, but you’ll need a place to serve drinks and snacks. If you have bar stools already, you really don’t need to replace them just because you’re redecorating. Instead of replacing your old stools, use this New England Patriots bar stool cover to turn them into Patriots bar stools and change the feel of your whole bar area.

3) ​​DIY Patriots Logo Wood Sign

If you want the Patriots logo in your man cave, but you can’t find just the right way to display it, try making your own. You can paint it on the wall, but if you want a less permanent solution, try this DIY project. This video shows you how to make your own wooden Patriots logo sign from scrap wood. You can have a natural wood sign like in the video, or paint the pieces in the logo colors before you finish assembling it. Either way, it makes a great centerpiece for a wall.

4) ​​Tom Brady Jersey

Tom Brady may not be a Patriot anymore, but after 20 years, he’ll go down as one of the great Patriots. He won more Super Bowls than any other player, and he did it for your team. While you’ll want some current player jerseys, a Tom Brady jersey is essential to your personal New England Patriots wall of fame. Honor your team’s history, and the incredible player they had, by framing and displaying it in your man cave.

5) ​Patriots Street Sign

You love your team and you want people to know it. When they head towards your man cave, let them know that they’re going down Patriots Road, so to speak. What does “Patriots Road” mean? That’s up to you. What are the rules of your fan cave? Whatever that means to you, this “Patriots Road” road sign with the New England Patriots logo is a great idea for your man cave, or maybe the door or hallway just outside it.

6) ​DIY Paint Wainscoting

Your team isn’t a high school band. They don’t have two simple and easy to use colors. No, you have red, blue, and silver, which begs the question; how do you make a 3-color man cave theme. You can’t just paint the wall one color and the trim another. You can alternate wall colors and paint the trim silver, or use an accent wall, but here’s an idea you may not have thought of: wainscoting. Learn to do wainscoting on the Fix This Build That website. Then, you can paint the walls red, wainscoting blue, and trim silver.

7) ​​​Snack Helmet

If you’re sitting down to watch the game with some friends, you’ll want a few key items. Comfortable couch; check. Beer; check. Snacks…you need snacks. Instead of sending them to the kitchen for a bag of chips, set the snacks out in true football fan style with this New England Patriots snack helmet. The snack bowl is shaped like a football helmet, and it has two tiers of snack bowls. Since the lower tier has a divider, you can eat your main snack with some dip, or you can have up to three different snacks to pick from.

8) ​​​​​Craft Beer Glass Set

Whether you have a man cave bar or not, you’ll want drinks. Instead of slowly hoarding the kitchen glasses in your man cave, get a set of glasses just for the cave. This set of four craft beer glasses is perfect for a New England Patriots Man Cave, with its own storage rack, and the Patriots name and logo on each glass. If you want to sample some favorite beers, there are bottle cap holders in the bottom to label them. Otherwise, the rack is convenient if you don’t have a kitchen cabinet to store them in.

9) ​DIY Team Colors

The Patriots have some of the more recognizable team colors. Red, blue, and silver are easier to copy than some very specific shade of green. Even so, if you’re designing your own logo and team color art and want to get the colors right, this resource is great. Colors look different on digital screens, so you can use these color codes to make your designs the right color. Even if they look not-quite-right on your screen, they’ll come out the perfect color once you print them and hang them.

10) ​​​New England Patriots Playing Cards

Do you play cards? Do your friends? Playing cards is a way to pass the time before a game, or during commercials. It’s also a fun activity in and of itself, but it isn’t inherently football-related. You can change that by decorating the card table, sure, but if you want a simpler solution, get these New England Patriots playing cards. The card set has the logo on it, so it becomes part of the décor.

11) DIY Stencil

Do you have the perfect spot to put a piece of artwork, but no idea what to put there? Maybe you want to put your team’s logo somewhere, but hanging a sign just looks out of place. These stencil downloads let you print and trace the New England Patriots logo or Patriot Pat anywhere you want. You can trace this on the wall and fill it in with paint, or you can use it to paint Patriots chairs, bar stools, and more.

12) ​​​Grilling Set

If you want the fan cave to feel like a real tailgate, you need to take it outside. For your backyard or patio man cave, get yourself a grill, and use these Patriots-themed grilling utensils for a tailgate cookout. The spatula has the Patriots logo on it, and the backs of the handles have bottle openers to crack open some beers before the game. If you have an indoor man cave, they may be decorative only, or…you can get an indoor electric grill. You don’t let the environment stop you from grilling on your tailgate, so don’t do so now!

13) ​​​DIY Patriots Sign

If you want some customized Patriots themes signs, but you don’t have the DIY know-how to carve them yourself, take a page from this DIYer. In this video, she shows you an idea for painting a dollar store wood sign with New England Patriots colors. While she chose a sign that says “Love,” you can choose any sign you can find, and paint it to make your own Patriots-themed sign of choice. Premade signs with inspirational words aren’t hard to find, or you can look for designs and images to paint. You can even spell “Patriots” with painted letters.

14) Throw Pillow

Since you’re likely spending a lot of time watching football or playing Madden, you’ll want a comfortable place to sit. While a big, comfortable couch is an obvious choice, there are other touches that can affect your comfort as much or more. These throw pillows from Walmart will help you make yourself comfortable for the game, and they have the Patriots name and logo on them. They’ll help make that plain brown couch look like a part of the man cave without the cost of a new $2,000 couch.

15) Table Games

Your man cave isn’t just about the game you watch on TV. You may play touch football in the backyard fan cave, or play pool or cards in your indoor man cave. Whatever the case, you want some fun games that fit with your fan cave theme. This “Spot it!” game is a Patriots-themed matching game. It’s good for an idle game between commercials, or to keep the kids entertained if they’re allowed in the cave during games.

16) ​Super Bowl Champions

The Patriots have an interesting relationship with the Super Bowl. They have the most wins…and most losses. Because of, or in spite of this, your team’s recent Super Bowl track record is something to celebrate. Proudly display this banner collection to show off your team’s victories…and rub them in the face of any Giants or Jets fans who dare enter. This banner deserved a prominent place where it cannot be missed, and since it’s only 15 inches wide, your best bet is a bar area or another place where people will spend a lot of time.

17) ​​​DIY Team Color Pennant Flag

Sometimes the décor in the man cave comes down to little touches. In this case, the decor is little pennant flags. If you don’t have space for a big banner or flag, these can be a way to show team support. Because of the bright Patriots colors, they stand out in your man cave. This is great if you have smaller splashes of color, rather than painting entire walls in bright red and navy blue. The tutorial shows you how to make your own small flags with simple craft materials, so you don’t need to be an expert do-it-yourselfer, either.

What will your New England Patriots Man Cave look like? Did we miss any ideas? Please let us know in the comments below.

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