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36 Modern Patio Ideas

Your patio is overgrown and in need of repair, or perhaps it's just ugly and plain-looking. You need to revamp it, but you're not sure how to start. You want to update the yard with a modern look, and you're looking for pointers. Try some of these Modern Patios Ideas to improve your patio and create a sleek, comfortable outdoor space.

1) Modern Shapes

Organic shapes can be modern, but if you want a sleek, minimalistic modern look, you want squares and rectangles built into your patio furniture design. Rounded and oval shapes tend to look rustic, so you'll want to avoid them in favor of items like these chairs in most cases. The chairs have a boxy shape that gives a minimalist impression while still having a cushion and armrests that curve slightly for comfort. These chairs, in particular, provide a modern look without sacrificing comfort.

2) Outdoor Speakers

For a modern patio, you'll want all the comforts of the indoors. After all, comfort is a significant modern trend, as people refuse to lose out on conveniences just because they're roughing it in the woods or spending time in their outdoor living spaces. One way to bring comfort to a patio is to install a speaker system for it. A permanent speaker system can bring your patio alive when you want it to. In this article, Crutchfield describes several sound setups to help you plan the music system for any size and shape patio.

3) DIY Tension-Based Furniture

While boxy, minimalist furniture is a common "modern" style, you can choose something less industrial, if you prefer. Look for clean, organic shapes. These shapes won't resemble a typical square or circle but will flow naturally. One way to get furniture with a smooth, unique, and modern look is to buy or build tension-based furniture like the furniture Robby Cuthbert makes in this video. Make sure that any furniture you get is waterproof, and think about putting higher quality furniture under a canopy.

4) Modern Art

One of the fundamental aspects of modern design is modern art, and patios are no different. Make sure to have some items that are purely decorative rather than functional. While it can be nice to have furniture that's also artistic, or multifunction furniture, modern styles include minimalist looks and sleek decorations. Place modern art in each corner, or create statues and sculptures with clean lines and smooth, organic shapes. Black and chrome decorations will create a sleek look if you want one, but ultimately the goal is simple furniture and any modern art.

5) Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges are a fashionable and attractive furniture choice for a patio. While they're not a new invention, you can get them in a modern style like these ones from Amazon. The smooth curve, clean lines, and black and white colors of these lounge chairs will blend with modern decorations and furniture while giving you a comfortable place to sit in the sun. If your patio is poolside, you'll definitely want these for lounging near the pool.

6) Pool

If you're looking for a coordinated modern look for your home, you really want to tie your whole yard into the patio design. Consider combining your pool and patio to create a cohesive, sleek modern appearance. A coordinated design is important because you don't want the yard to look thrown-together. While a haphazard look works in a rustic yard, it's a big mistake for a modern home. A belowground pool is also a modern addition that will add to the overall effect of the space.

7) Curved Chaise With Canopy

Building canopies into furniture is a popular trend that has been done for some time. Newer canopies are smooth and futuristic, with a gentle curve that creates a unique and comfortable piece of furniture. This is an excellent choice of patio seating, letting you curl up in your own space with a book, or sit in the shade to relax. The simple curved design will match modern patio furniture, and the red and black color will fit your chosen style. You'll likely have black furniture and sculptures that will match this black and- red seat, too.

8) Bar and Table Combo

A modern hangout should have a bar, whether it's a juice bar, wet bar, or any other place to serve drinks and cold snacks. When designing your patio, you'll have to think about how much space you have and whether you want a full bar or just a convenient spot to grab a drink. If you have a big patio, go all out with a sizeable self-serve bar. If you have a small one, try a table and cooler combination like this one. It comes with modern-style chairs to match your decor and furnishings.

9) Hanging Seats

Hanging seats are a modern trend that's common indoors, and has been extended to the outdoors. Instead of stringing up a hammock, find a comfortable hanging chair like the one shown in this Hunker article. Unlike hammocks, these let you sit upright to read or chat, but they still provide the unique comfort of a hanging chair and the rocking or spinning motion that entertains and soothes us. You'll need something to hang it from, which could be a deck overhead, or most likely a trellis or canopy you build over your patio.

10) Propane Fire Pit

Fire pits have always been popular for backyard recreation and patios, but recently propane fire pits have become more and more common. These allow you the luxury of a fire pit without having to gather firewood, and the great thing is that you don't have to wait until the logs burn out. You can just turn the fire off when you're ready to head back inside. You can even get one like this from Amazon that can convert into a table when you're not using it.

11) DIY Outdoor Bar

Whether it's a wet bar, snack bar, or juice bar, a bar is a classy thing to have on your patio. Home bars have become increasingly popular, and they're a great way to impress the neighbors with the quality of your home and yard. Modern styles can sometimes be a little too industrial or uninviting, and adding a bar creates a welcoming place for people to come together. You can use the tips in this article by Heather Knapp from Scenic Landscaping LLC to design a modern outdoor bar within your budget.

12) Sectional Sofa

Modern patios aren't restricted by the same rules as rustic or other styles of patios. Once upon a time, people avoided putting cushions and indoor furniture styles outside. Now, with everything and anything available in weatherproof versions, you can have a comfortable, cushioned sectional sofa like this one from Amazon, but without worrying about damaging the cloth coverings or wicker. A sectional like this will make the patio look like a modern outdoor living room.

13) Large Pavers

When designing your patio, one of the big questions you'll need to ask yourself is when the pavers should look like. You can create a beautiful modern patio, but if the pavers are wrong, it'll still be like building a classy, modern living room over a ragged burlap carpet. Currently, large pavers are trending, so you'll want to get bigger patios pavers and lay them out in a modern design. You can use this article by Outdoor Living By Belgard to choose the pattern that best fits your needs.

14) Black With Brights

Black and bright colors combine for a bold color scheme. They've gone in and out of style many times over the years, and they're back in style now! If you want a modern two-color look, try to find furniture like this furniture set from Amazon that has a black base and bright colored cushions. If possible, you could even look for black or white cushions so you can easily alternate between the bolder choice, and other, starker modern color schemes.

15) Outdoor Home Bar

Home bars were once a luxury, but they've become more and more popular in recent years. Outdoor home bars now make appearances in almost every modern patio or porch design, and yours should be no exception. Unfortunately, it can take a lot of time, money, or know-how to build a patio bar. Instead of spending a lot of energy, time, and money, get a premade home bar like this from Amazon. You can get a bar that's as simple or complex as you like, but most premade wicker bars fit a modern decorating scheme.

16) Define Borders or Not?

In most cases, a modern style home will have few defined borders. The windows won't have trim, leading to a smoothly flowing design. That said, newer decorating also rejects the cluttered look of many other styles. When designing an outdoor space, one way to keep it looking clean and uncluttered is to create defined edges using pavers. If you have a cluttered yard, or the patio is near bushes, try building a border like the one maxpatch67 makes in this video. If the area is open, don't add borders, since the pavers will already act as a border.

17) Geometric Patterns

The modern style is difficult to pin down because it essentially means whatever is currently in fashion. One of the few common factors in this design scheme is the rejection of clutter and attempts to make clean, smooth lines. One way to do this is with geometric shapes and patterns. These chairs from Amazon use those patterns to create a sleek black chair that fits the modern style, but they're unique in that they also remind you a little bit of nature with backs that look like tree branches.

18) Black and White

When designing your patio, the style of furniture will be important, but ultimately there's only so many styles of weatherproof and comfortable patio furniture. If you're buying furniture rather than building it, you'll likely have to choose between curved shapes and boxy shapes. Then, get black and white furniture like this in that style. Black and white is an ideal modern design because it's easy to find sculptures and other modern art in those colors. You can also switch out cushions to alternate between modern color schemes like black and white, black and bright colors, or black on black.

19) Umbrella Lights

While you'll want to enjoy your patio during the day, it's a good idea to set it up for use at night. If you have a patio umbrella to provide shade, you'll find it's only useful during the day, and just acts as extra clutter at night. Part of modern design is avoiding clutter, so finding a way to make use of the umbrella at night will cut down on this. Try getting something like this umbrella from Amazon that has lights underneath to illuminate nighttime activities and make the area more usable.

20) DIY Outdoor Sunbed

Outdoor sunbeds or daybeds have been prevalent recently, and they're a great way to make a comfortable and usable patio. Follow this tutorial by Lisa with Garrison Street Design Studio to learn how you can build your own sunbed for your patio. These are best for large areas, since they take up a lot of room, but they make the area much more comfortable if you prefer to use your patio for relaxing and reading alone, rather than for large get-togethers.

21) Black

Black is another typical modern color scheme, and one of the most versatile. Everything goes with black, or almost everything. Get a black or black and grey sofa set like this to instantly create a modern look without the stress and struggle of picking smaller, individual pieces. If you find matching cushions, you can even replicate other modern color schemes when you feel like making a change. Just get white cushions for a black and white look, or get cushions in a bright color for a black-and-bright look.

22) Use Wood Carefully

While most modern decor and furniture is metal, there's a place for wood on a modern patio, if you want it. You'll want to be careful to avoid a rustic appearance, so get something smooth and finished. Try getting chairs with a tapered pattern like this one from Amazon, or wood furniture with geometric shapes. Choose things with a stain color that's different from natural wood, and try to find wood with a less noticeable grain.

23) Trellis

Trellises can be old fashioned, but it depends on the trellis' design. Country farmhouse trellises are more likely to be boxy, and painted white, while a modern framework will be curved and black, or have a unique design that looks like modern art. One popular trend nowadays is building a roof into a piece of furniture, so try finding a trellis built into patio furniture like this one. Also, look for ones made of metal and painted black.

24) LED-Lit Fountain

Fountains are a popular sculpture choice. Water is often incorporated into modern art, and waterfalls of various sorts are included in high-end backyard remodels. If you have budget constraints, you can get a small fountain like this for the patio edges or as a central feature. This is neat because the tumbled rocks create the organic lines of a modern art piece, and they also bring in natural elements. Patios, even modern patios, are a way to experience nature in comfort, so including nature is often a good idea.

25) Outdoor Dining Room

Since the recent patio trend is to create an indoor space in an outdoor setting, many modern patios will have cushioned sections, outdoor bars, and comfy chairs. Rather than focusing on living room features, create an outdoor dining room. After all, a patio is a great place to gather with friends or visitors to eat, or a beautiful spot to have your dinner some days. An outdoor dining set like this, with the modern style and fade- and rust-resistant black and white design, will make your modern patio look like an outdoor dining room.

26) DIY Infinity Cube Table

An infinity cube is a fantastic example of modern art, and it's one of the few types of modern art that you can use as practical furniture without taking away from its effect. An infinity cube is a cube that's formed from one continuous line, making it a fascinating piece of engineering that can provide a bit of entertainment while guests sit on your patio. In this video, Jonathan Katz-Moses shows you how to build an infinity cube as a table. Make sure to use waterproofing for outdoor use.

27) Paint

Most patios have red pavers, but pale red isn't a typical modern design color. Instead of settling for pale red or gray because it's the easiest color to find, use patio paint like this to choose your own bold, modern colors. You can choose a color you like, and the paint is anti-slip so that you don't have to worry about making the patio slick. Bright colors and black are frequently used in modern decorating, so you can use this paint to include them in the patio itself.

28) Unique Shapes

Some modern designs are boxy and minimalistic or industrial, but organic shapes with smooth, clean lines are also popular nowadays. Look for unique designs that stand out, like these round wicker chairs. While a circular shape might not seem creative, the way the circle was incorporated into the chair design is different from a standard chair shep. Find other furniture with unusual shapes to create a modern artistic look, rather than an industrial or minimalist one.

29) Patio Swing With Supports

If your patio has a solid trellis or canopy overhead, you may already plan to hang furniture and decorations from above. Most patios don't have a strong enough support for furniture, but if you have such a patio, try looking for furniture like this swing from The Home Depot. The swing has a support pole that sits on your patio, and the swing hangs from it so that you don't need a canopy or trellis. Combining a chair with overhead support is a classic part of modern design, and this chair's shape will match other modern furniture.

30) Arrangement

While certain types of furniture fit a modern design more than others, you don't want to look only at the individual pieces. Think about how you can arrange furniture to give it a clean look with simple lines and no clutter. For example, in this image, you can see that the carpet was centered carefully, making the chair a centerpiece. There are only a few pieces of furniture, but each one contributes to the look of the space it's in. You can do something similar on your patio.

31) DIY Concrete Furniture

While people often use concrete for industrial and minimalist decor, it can also be part of a modern scheme. In recent years, concrete do-it-yourself projects have been widespread, leading to a new take on the modern theme and an abundance of cement furniture and art tutorials. For example, you can use these instructions from Houseful of Handmade to build a concrete umbrella stand and table. Since concrete is heavy, make sure to craft your concrete furnishings near where you plan to put them.

32) Hide Furniture Supports

Modern furniture, decoration, and design are all about smooth lines, meaning that you'll want to hide any extra support structures and things that can clutter up the patio or furnishings' appearance. Try finding or building furniture like the large table in this picture. While such a table may be oversized for your patio, many similar tables and chairs have invisible support, leaving a clean and concise look. Try to get white furniture if your patio is in the sun, or black furniture if it's in the shade because black furniture absorbs heat, but white furniture may stain.

33) DIY Inexpensive Water Wall

Backyard water features have become more and more complex and grand as technologies have improved and made them available to people with lower budgets. That said, a water feature may still be too expensive for you. Use this tutorial to create a modern water wall to section off part of your patio, or create a backdrop for a patio bar. The water wall gives a modern look, and if you do it yourself using the tutorial, it should only cost around $300!

34) DIY Budget Outdoor Daybed

Adding interior decoration and furniture to exterior spaces is a major modern trend, but how you do so will depend on your needs. Day beds and sunbeds are great ways to design a cozy outdoor space with a bright and cheerful atmosphere, but you might not have the budget for it. You can use this article from Shanty 2 Chic to learn how to make an outdoor daybed for under $200. While the daybed they make has a more rustic design, you can paint it to match your modern theme and save a lot of money.

35) Outdoor RGB Lights

RGB LED lights and string lights are one of the biggest recent DIY trends. String lights are great for making your own outdoor decor, and RGB lights can add color to anything at night. Hang lights like these around your patio for a unique light source. You can use the remote to switch between normal white light and bright, vibrant colors, depending on what you're using the patio for. This way, they work as either everyday lighting, decoration, or both.

36) DIY Concrete Fire Bowl

Concrete decorations and furniture are popular do-it-yourself projects in recent years, and an outdoor firepit is a great way to create a warm, cozy space to relax. This article from Contemporist has instructions for making a simple, concrete fire bowl for a low cost. The fire bowl comes out with an unbelievably smooth exterior, which is perfect for a modern style. When you finish your bowl, try adding fire glass, a popular item that creates amazing colors in a fire pit.

Did you like any of these ideas? What else might you put on your patio? Let us know in the comments below!

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