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It’s time to redecorate your mudroom, and you love the clean lines of a modern room. The rest of your house is probably decorated that way already, and contemporary styles are ideal for a mud room, but none of the combinations you’ve looked at seem...right. That’s okay; we’ve got some Modern Mud Room Ideas that will help you style your mud room perfectly while creating a practical and usable space.

1) Solid Color Runner Rug

Solid colors are the hallmark of modern decorating, particularly blacks and whites. They create a clean look that’s perfect for a tasteful space like the one you’re trying to develop, but white can be a problem in a mud room since mud will stand out on white pieces. That’s why we’d suggest getting a solid black runner rug like this for the floor and only having white decorations and furnishings on the walls or in other places that won’t get as dirty.

2) Plastic Mail Holder

Just as metals and woods are ideal for a vintage or industrial theme, plastics are lovely for a modern one. Black plastic and metal are the best choices, but metal is more expensive and has to be used correctly to look stylish. We liked this black plastic mail holder because it has a shiny modern look and several key holders, so it serves two purposes at once. It also comes in white, so pick whichever is best for your aesthetic.

3) Built-In Geometric Accent

Geometric pieces and designs can make any room look more up-to-date, while organic, flowing lines and colorful patterns tend to create a vintage look. To create the look you want for your mud room, you can use geometric shapes for large areas or accent walls. You can use this tutorial from DIY Huntress to learn how to build a geometric accent wall or section anywhere in the room. Gray is a beautiful color choice for such a wall since black is too dark for a large area, and white may not stand out enough.

4) Modern Metal and Wood Storage Bench

Typically, metal and wood pieces are industrial, but there are some modern pieces out there, so if you like an up-to-date style of decorating but still love the look of wood, pieces like this storage bench may be right for you. It’s designed to be an entry room seat, but also has a small surface to set things like groceries or mail on and a little shelf that you could use as a catchall or mail holder.

5) Sleek Handles

When you’re styling a room, it’s often easy to see the big picture but forget the minor details. Ultimately, people may not notice the smaller things, but those things will come together to give people the impression of either a put-together modern room or a hodgepodge of contemporary furniture. One of our favorite ways to transform a space is to get cabinet or drawer handles like the ones in this picture and replace your existing handles with them.

6) Geometric Pattern Doormat

Geometric patterns make things look more modern since vintage pieces usually have more organic shapes like prints and flowers, and geometric designs tend to look more clean-cut. We suggest using those kinds of patterns on a couple of large pieces. For example, you can get a doormat like this or one with a bolder black and white design. You can even get a mat that’s all one color with a textured imprinted pattern, though you’ll want to choose a color that complements your style choice.

7) Hexagon Mirror

Let’s go back to geometry. It may not be your favorite subject, but it’s certainly a favorite when it comes to modern decorating. Pieces like this hexagon-shaped mirror are excellent for a mud room since the mirror will reflect light into the house to brighten it and create a shiny and sleek look for your mud room. The shape of the mirror and the frame material will only add to the modern look with clean lines and a metallic look.

8) Heavy-Duty Black Hangers

Black is one of the best colors for modern decorating, but you don’t want to use it on large areas since it absorbs light and makes rooms feel darker. Instead, use it on small pieces like these black hangers from Amazon. They’re heavy-duty so that you can use them for heavy coats, and their size also makes them perfect for hats and other bulky articles. The boxy shape will go well with modern furniture and wallpapers, too.

9) Pictures

Pictures probably don’t seem like a decorating tool so much as something you put up because you want to see those memories, but they can be both a decoration and a memory. Try getting some simple, square black frames like the ones in this IKEA Hackers mud room. The simple designs are perfect for a modern room, and you can use the photographs to add a splash of color without disrupting your theme the way vibrant paints and patterns would.

10) Smooth Black Mocha

Black is a modern color, but sometimes color isn’t enough on its own. You need to add in the right textures to complete the impression you’re trying to give, and for a room like this, you want smooth textures. We loved the smooth black mocha of these Practically Home mud room cubbies since it creates a sleek look that no other color-texture combination can quite match. Try a bold statement like this with some lighter-colored accessories on top to add contrast.

11) Slatted Side Table

We saw this side table on Amazon and knew that it’d be perfect for your mud room. The simple boxy style and slate gray color are perfect for your style choice, and the slats on the cubby door create a unique look that can’t be matched. A side table is a wonderful thing to have in a mudroom so that you can set your mail, groceries, and keys down while you take off your shoes, and one of the table’s cubbies even has a door so that small things won’t fall out.


Since modern-style rooms typically have geometric shapes and square or rectangular furniture, in particular, IKEA is probably the best place to get your furnishings. You can start with IKEA pieces and then customize them to build the perfect modern mud room, just like April describes in this House by Hoff mud room article. You can use her article to learn how to make your own IKEA hack mud room or use your DIY skills to build something great!

13) Black and Champagne Slant Hooks

We saved the best for last, because these are probably our favorite sleek, modern mud room decorations. These hooks look like tubes, but they’re angled so that nothing you put on them will fall off. The champagne and black color combination makes them look shiny and modern, like something you’d see in a high-end home or upscale office building. Because of their round shape, you also don’t have to worry about lining them up to be perfectly level. They’ll look wonderful in any configuration.

What kind of mud room are you looking for? Do you like a bold modern color scheme or a sleek, toned-down space? Please let us know in the comments below.

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