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17 Man Cave Lighting Ideas

You get home from a hard day's work and all you want to do is go relax in your man cave.  You open the door, flick on the lights, and stare at the little lamp in the corner and have made a decision right there and there that you need to upgrade the lighting.  And for good reason, lighting is important to the feel of a room, and these Man Cave Lighting Ideas will help you set the tone for your space.

1) Warm or Cool Light

Some man caves are comfortable, with big chairs. They are cluttered with antiques or favored possessions. Warm lighting helps give these spaces a comfortable, relaxing feel. Other man caves double as an office, and need cool, bright light. Your man cave will likely have a mix. The lights over your card table or bar will likely be warm. If you have an office space, you will need to see what you are doing, and will want a businesslike feel. For man caves that are designed for reading or writing, use cool lighting, like this LED flush mount light.

2) DIY Pendant Lights

Light fixtures are not just a way to get light into a room. They are an expression of ourselves. This DIY video shows four ways to take everyday objects and make them into light fixtures. While they use a mason jar, wastebasket, bowl, and wire rack, you can use this technique on many other items. For example, if you are a sports fan, you could cut an old basketball or soccer ball in half to turn it into a light fixture.

3) Billiard Lights

No man cave is complete without some form of tabletop recreation. While this could be a reading table, it is often a bar, pool table, or card table. Billiard lights are an excellent way to light any of these tables or surfaces. They add a game room or bar feel to an area, even if there is no bar or gaming tables. This billiard light set has pool balls along the top edge to enhance that feeling, and make the area look like a professional barroom.

4) Semi-Flush Mount Antler Fixture

Some man caves are sleek and modern, or done in a classic style. Many others are set up like a hunter’s paradise. This semi-flush mount antler fixture hangs just below the ceiling, filling an area with warm and comfortable light. The light can be dimmed to just the right amount, and the antler-like decorations complement a rustic theme. 

Semi-flush mount fixtures hang somewhat from the ceiling, but still leave enough clearance for walking space. Using the instructions that come with the fixture, you can hang this as a centerpiece in any area that needs some extra light.

5) String Lights With Remote

Man caves can be located anywhere, such as in garages, sheds, basements, or the main floor of your house. String lights are a good resource, because they can be plugged in anywhere with electricity. They also make the perfect do-it-yourself material.

These waterproof string lights are good for outdoor or indoor use. They come with a remote, so you do not need to hardwire a switch. The “string” is made with a soft wire that can be bent into any shape you need. You could hang these anywhere, or wrap them around any object to hang like a chandelier.

6) ​​​Clear Hooks

Clear hooks are one of the more valuable DIY lighting tools. These hooks stick on most surfaces and create a strong bond that can be removed easily without harming the surface. This makes them ideal for hanging string lights. You can use these nearly invisible hooks to wrap lights around a ceiling or décor item, or to create a pattern with your lights.

If you like do-it-yourself projects, try using these to string lights in the shape of a word or object, such as your name or favorite sports team.

7) Adjustable Track Light

In addition to ambient light, you will need a way to show off your prized possessions. These could be sports jerseys, collectible signs, awards, or anything else valuable to you. Adjustable track lights hang from the ceiling, and can be aimed at something you want to show off, or at a project you are working on. These lights are adjustable and dimmable, so you can have as much or as little light as you need.

8) Customized Man Cave Lit Sign

One time-honored tradition of bars and similar spaces is a lit sign. Bars or bar décor are common features of a man cave. If they are featured in yours, hanging a bar sign is essential. This man cave lit sign can be customized to include your name and the date the man cave was established. This gives a feeling of accomplishment when you label your man cave officially “open,” but also adds to the effect of being in a bar or billiard room.

9) Table With Attached Lamp

When you are not playing billiard games or hanging out in your bar or hunting cabin, you will likely need some entertainment. This could be reading, working or writing on a laptop, or any number of things. Rather than using harsh or excessive overhead lights, you may want a table lamp. Table lamps are great for reading, but usually the lamp itself takes up table space. This lamp table has the lamp attached by a thin back piece. As a result, it lights the end table perfectly without taking up space on it.

10) Wall Sconce

Overhead lighting can be harsh. Any space designed for comfort should have some lamps or smaller lights throughout. This mimics natural lighting and increases productivity, while creating a calming atmosphere. Wall sconces are a good way to achieve this effect. This wall sconce is sturdy, and comes with a hardware mounting kit for easy installation.

The bronze finish and curled pattern of the fixture can give a rustic look if that fits your decor. For man caves with a fantasy theme, the fixture resembles something from the middle ages or Middle Earth. This can be purchased at Amazon.

11) Battery Powered Light Bar

This man cave is a place for comfort, but also to show off accomplishments. Since man caves are often in odd locations with imperfect access to electricity, battery-powered lights can help pick up the slack. Beyond that, they do not need to be wired in. If you have a prized collection, or simply a cabinet that needs better lighting, this 14.5-inch battery light bar will help.

The light bar can be stuck anywhere, and each of the four lights can aim in any direction to show off or light every object in a container.

12) Wall Sconce Rustic Lantern

A man cave is an old tradition, though it has gone by a few names. As such, it often has traditional and old-fashioned elements. This wall sconce and lantern brings to mind old Europe. It is fitting for a fantasy setting or an old-fashioned collection. Beyond this thematic aspect, it has a functional purpose. This lantern and battery-powered electric candle can be removed, and will not go out during a power outage.

This sconce is wall-mounted, and you can easily install it yourself.

13) DIY Vanity Light

Storage spaces can be beneficial and harmful at the same time. Wall cabinets are great for getting stuff up and off the floor, but they also block light and are often poorly lit inside. A battery-powered LED solves the first issue, but a light outside a cabinet should have a better look to it. To showcase wall art or light up a space in need, try this do-it-yourself wall mounted light. It has a rustic look that could fit your man cave, and you can change the design of it to fit your space.

14) Selenite Tower Lamp

It is well established that a man cave is where you go to relax. A selenite tower lamp can help with either of those things. Selenite is a crystal that is known to have a calming effect, but you do not have to believe that crystals have unique powers to feel the calming effect of this light. It gives off soft light that can help you relax.

The design of this selenite tower lamp also resembles a crystal tower one might see in a fantasy video game or movie, making it perfect for a fantasy lover to enjoy.

15) Metal Floor Lamp

Sometimes a light is just about getting light into the space you need. Any area can benefit from a floor lamp. You can plug the cord in anywhere and place the lamp anywhere within reach of an outlet. This lamp has an area light, along with extra light that can be angled in whatever direction you need. Each light can be turned on and off separately, also. These features make it ideal for a reading area or library section of a man cave.

16) RGB Strip Lights

Do-it-yourself projects are always the more creative, but often time consuming. If you want some color in your man cave, these RGB strip lights are the solution. These lights stick to many surfaces, and can be set to any color you like, including color-changing, sports team colors, or your favorite color. Just stick them on a surface and use the remote control to tell them what to do!

You can use these to add magic to a fantasy world, or give a cool nightclub look to the fancy bar you set up in your basement.

17) Flush Mount Smart Light

Your man cave is an extension of you, and you should have the option to control every bit of it. Smart lighting helps you do that. Lighting warmth is important, and this flush mount Smart light lets you control the type of light it gives off. With the push of a button, you can change your comfy chair and library into a businesslike office, then into a dim and relaxing TV room.

To install this, you can replace a normal overhead fixture with the light, and you will have to get the Phillips Hue bridge to control the light.

How is your man cave lit? Are we missing any lighting types? Comment below to tell us about it!

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