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Welcome to the jungle! If you love jungles and the animals within, a jungle nursery is perfect for your child. Babies love animals, and jungles are rife with plant life that’ll give your baby their first taste of nature. Whether you’re an Indiana Jones fan, love dinosaurs, or wish you could explore the Amazon jungle, you can share that with your baby using these Jungle Nursery Ideas and more.

1) Jungle Animal Inspiration

Inspirational messages are great for any room, and in a nursery, you’ll want to give your little one the right message, telling them to be brave, be kind, dream big, and more. If you like the idea of these messages, even if your baby can’t read them yet, you can get a set like this with inspiring jungle animals. Each panel has a different animal, encouraging your infant to be brave like a lion, curious like a monkey, playful like a hippo, and more. 

2) Straw Tiger

If you want this jungle theme to seem a little more realistic and have more aspects of nature in it, you’re probably going to want to avoid caricatures and plastic decorations. Instead, you can get things like this tiger made from straw so that you can hang jungle decorations that are made from natural materials. These will promote natural intelligence by exposing them to nature early on and helping them develop an interest and appreciation for animals and plant life.

3) DIY Dollar Tree Jungle Crib Canopy

Crib canopies are nice because they allow you to give your baby some privacy, reducing light and hiding movement from them as they try to sleep. You can add decorations to the canopy to give them something interesting to look at besides the mobile, too. We found this tutorial to help you create a jungle-themed canopy for your baby’s crib. The tutorial can serve as a guide if you want to add or take away anything to make it fit your vision.

4) Mural Decal

Murals are neat and high-end decorations for nurseries, but they cost a lot and you have to paint over them later if you’re not using the room as a nursery anymore. If you want a mural but don’t want the permanency or cost, you can get decals like this set that’s more realistic and looks more like a mural. They stick on easily and relatively quickly, and when you’re done with them because your baby grew out of them, you can just peel them off.

5) Jungle Animal Playmat

Playmats are important because they give babies a soft place for tummy time or to play without as much chance of injury. They’re better than carpets because they’re not soft enough that your little one could suffocate, but they’re still cushioned enough to ensure safety. For a jungle nursery, you can get any jungle animal playmat, such as this giraffe or an elephant from the same collection. These mats are cotton so that they’re comfortable and skin-friendly.

6) Illuminated Rain Cloud

One of the primary differences between a jungle and a forest is that it rains a lot in the jungle, so you might want to add something to your nursery that reflects how much it rains. We found this amazing tutorial that’d help you add an unusual and dramatic touch to a jungle nursery in particular. You can use these directions to create an illuminated rain cloud mobile for your little one. This way, it’ll look like there’s a lightning storm in the jungle and your baby will have a night light mobile to entertain them and promote sleep.

7) Animal Outlines

Animals are essential in a jungle nursery since the jungle is full of them and little kids and infants typically love animals. There are many creative ways to add jungle animals to a nursery, and you’ll want to use a variety of them. Try adding some animal outlines like these ones from Amazon that don’t have a complete picture and leave a little to the imagination. This will stimulate their mind as they make the connections between these pieces and the other animal imagery around the room.

8) Cartoon Jungle Scene

Little kids love cartoons and parents love to include them in nurseries, so how can you add some cartoony things to the jungle nursery? If you’re a Wild Thornberrys’ fan, you might include some decorations from your favorite jungle-themed cartoon, but otherwise, you probably won’t find many cartoons set in the jungle. You can get cartoon-like images instead. For example, this sticker set from Amazon has monkeys and giraffes and everything you need to create a cartoon jungle scene on the wall.

9) Foliage Pattern Walls

The jungle is basically a wet, overgrown forest, so you might want to include the plant life as well as the animals. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as with faux or real houseplants, window stickers, decals, and more. You can even design it so that all the walls look like they’re covered in foliage, making it seem like the entire room is situated in an actual jungle. You can even paint designs like the green stripes on the doors.

10) Jungle Name Decal

Name signs, letters, and decals are standard in nurseries because people love to put their babies’ names on the walls to show whose nursery it is. These types of things add a feeling of ownership and give a sense of identity for your baby. This is even more important if your little one hasn’t been born yet since they won’t have a personality yet. For a jungle-themed name sign, you can get jungle decals like these that you can customize with your child’s name.

11) Faux Leafy Garland

Since jungles are a leafy environment, you might want to add leaves to the room. If you want to do so in a realistic way, you can get hanging decorations that mimic the way the leaves would grow in the jungle. For instance, a garland could look similar to a leafy vine, and when added to some faux plants, tree decals, or houseplants, it’ll add a more dense, jungle-like look to the room. You can use these directions to make a leafy garland that can hang along the wall, over the crib, from the ceiling, or elsewhere.

12) Dinosaurs

If you love dinosaurs, they’re the perfect thing to add to your jungle theme. After all, there’s no reason this has to be a modern jungle. You can put up dinosaur decals, use dollar store dinosaur toys as decorations until your baby’s old enough to play with them, or put up dinosaur-shapes signs. We found some dinosaur outlines from Amazon that you can mix in with other prehistoric creatures or display alone. These would be good for a more nature-themed jungle nursery since they have a more natural and less cartoonish look.

13) Colorful Trees

Tree decals are an excellent way to make a nursery feel more jungle-like. Jungles are full of trees, and they add a sense of fun and energy to a room as you can almost always find them with monkeys and jungle animals climbing around. For instance, these decals have a monkey hanging from a swing and other fun animals lounging or climbing around. You don’t have to get realistic ones, either. These decals are colorful and will make your nursery brighter and more exciting.

14) Real and Faux Plants

Jungles are characterized by an abundance of plant and animal life, so you’ll want to make sure you include both. One way to include plant life is to get real or realistic plants. Babies are more likely to notice three-dimensional things, and real or realistic plants will be more stimulating and better for promoting natural intelligence. You can have curtains decorated with plants, potted plants on shelves and the floor, and even hanging plants and wreaths like the ones in this nursery.

15) One-Word Animal Inspiration

Inspiring quotes and messages are wonderful for nurseries because they remind you of the values that you’re striving to instill in your child. They’re inspirational for you and become inspiring as your baby gets older and begins to understand them. If you want them to be more child-friendly, you can get inspiring messages and animals with just single-word inspiration. For example, the zebra in this set just says “happy” while the lion says “brave.” These are simple but can still embody what you want for your child.

16) Lion Night Light

Night lights are valuable tools since they help babies get to sleep while also allowing you to see them at night. This way, you can check in on them without turning on any lights, making it easier for them to stay asleep and for you to get back to sleep. This lion night light from Amazon would make an excellent addition to a jungle nursery, though you could also look for other jungle animals. This one is three-dimensional and done in a cute style.

17) Monkey Curtain Holder

Monkeys climb everywhere, and they’re a common feature of the jungle. They make cute decorations and fun companions for babies and children, and there are many unique ways that you can add them to a nursery. Instead of just getting decals, stickers, or wall hangings, you can get creative things like clinging monkeys or make a monkey curtain holder like this one. The neat thing about monkeys is that they look natural hugging your curtains or other places that you hang them from.

18) Foliage Storage Bin

Jungle foliage is one of the trademark aspects of a jungle. Jungles are rife with vegetation, so you’ll want to imitate that in a jungle nursery. You can give the impression of more foliage by getting many furnishings and decorations with foliage patterns. This type of cloth bin, for example, is perfect for a nursery or child’s bedroom. It has a foliage pattern for a jungle nursery, and the shape is ideal for a clothing or toy storage bin. You can even use it as a drawer if you put it on a shelf.

19) DIY Felt Mobile

Mobiles are important in nurseries because they entertain and stimulate a baby at times and help them get to sleep at others. They’re a standard tool in a parent’s belt, and you’ll want a jungle-themed one. You can use this pattern to make a felt mobile with jungle animals. That way, the mobile fits your theme and it’s soft so that it’ll add to the overall impression of a soft, cozy room. You can even wrap the top with green pipe cleaners or faux vines. 

20) DIY Mural

Murals are one of the most amazing things you can do in a nursery. They cost some money or time, but the final result is incredible when you have a theme you want to go by. For a jungle nursery, you can use this video as a guide to make the mural painting process a bit simpler. This family used a jungle animal theme, so you can use the same method as them to trace and paint jungle animals on one or all four walls.

21) Monkeys Swinging From Vines

Monkeys are one of the most popular jungle animals to depict in nurseries because they’re fun and cute, and people tend to identify with them since they’re more similar to humans than most animals. If you want to create an active and playful space, you can get things like these decals that show monkeys swinging from vines playfully and energetically. You can even try to make a three-dimensional version with a faux vine and monkey toy.

22) Custom Name Sign

Name signs and decals are popular in nurseries as a way to express your baby’s identity when they’re unborn or too young to express their likes and dislikes to others. This sign from Amazon is a little bit of a unique name sign since it can go on either a wall or doorknob. Your child will probably want to keep it as they get older to label this space as their room, making it a longer-lasting decoration than a typical nursery name sign. 

23) White With Jungle Touches

If you don’t want the entire room to look like a safari, you might not be sure how you can create a theme that isn’t excessive. One way to design a more subtle jungle nursery is to start with a white room like this one and add touches of foliage or plants. Then add in a couple of jungle animals like the large giraffe toy in this room. This makes it clear that there’s a jungle theme, but the room looks tasteful and calming. 

24) Milestone Blanket

Adding a milestone blanket to any nursery is a way to chart your baby’s growth when they’re too young to stand against a growth chart. It also shows things that a simple height chart can’t, as you take pictures of your baby on the blanket every month and see subtle changes such as how alert they are and what their hair looks like. This allows you to hold onto wonderful memories, and you can choose a blanket that fits your theme like this jungle one. 

25) Adapted Party Decor

A jungle theme is cool for a nursery, but not necessarily popular for a little kid’s room. That means that you’ll probably want to change your decorations after a couple of years no matter what, so you don’t need decorations that’ll last forever. One trick is to get or make inexpensive party decorations because they tend to be exciting and it’s easy to find thematic ones. They’re not durable, but they don’t have to be.

What would you have put in a jungle nursery? Did we miss a cool idea that you’d like to share? Please tell us about it in the comments below!

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