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21 Hunting Man Cave Ideas

Heads up all you hunters out there! This article is for you especially if you are planning on turning a room of your house into a hunter’s man cave. Maybe you already have a man cave and are looking for helpful items and tips that will give it that “hunting lodge” look.  If hunting is your favorite hobby, then read on and learn all about our favorite Hunting man cave ideas.

1) Wood Panelling

The first consideration for your hunting man cave is how you want your walls to look.  The most traditional wall covering for a hunting room is wood, of course. You can choose to decorate every wall in your man cave with wood, or just use it as an accent for one wall. East Coast Rustic makes easy install reclaimed wood panels that will provide that classic hunting lodge look.

2) Electric Fireplace

If the space where you are planning your hunting man cave does not already have a fireplace, why not include one in your renovation?  The easiest way to do that is by purchasing an electric fireplace. They don’t throw out as much heat as traditional fireplaces, but they look great and require less maintenance. This Tangkula 40” fireplace is designed to install directly into a sheetrock wall.

3) SecureIt Gun Safe

Of course, your hunting man cave will need a place to safely store all of your hunting rifles and shotguns. If you only own five or six rifles, then a gun safe is your best bet for safe storage.  SecureIt makes a lightweight yet durable gun safe that can be easily relocated. It comes with their CradleGrid Technology that will fit any rifle up to 50” in length, and it can be purchased at Amazon.

4) SecureIt Agile Quad

If you have more than six rifles, SecureIt sells a quad bundle that consists of two of their 40” and two of their 52” inch safes. This quad bundle can be stacked on top of one another and are designed with pre-drilled holes, so they can be bolted together, or bolted to wall studs and floor joists. The SecureIt Agile Quad can also be purchased at Amazon.

5) Economy Security Cabinet

Safe storage of your rifles does not have to break your bank, however. There are several budget friendly options, of course. The Stack-On, 10-Gun Steel Security cabinet will store ten rifles up to 52” long and has a top shelf that provides additional storage for ammo and other accessories.  It’s well reviewed and can be found by following this link.

6) ​Vault Door

Maybe your hunting room renovation plans include turning an area of your man cave into a gun vault. This is ideal if you have a bigger budget and more guns to store. If you have decided to build a cinder block vault, you’ll need a vault door. Fortunately, SnapSafe makes one that can be purchased from Amazon. This thing is a beast, so installing it is not a project to be tackled alone.

7) SecureIt Gun Safe Kit

Once your hunting man cave gun vault is built and secure, you’ll need some method to organize and hang your guns on your vault walls. SecureIt has you covered here as well. They sell modular systems that are similar to pegboard. These can be mounted to your walls and once in place, can be adapted to accommodate any size gun. Their Steel Six model can be purchased here and will hold up to six rifles.

8) Wooden Rifle Rack

Perhaps you are looking for something more traditional and less modular to store your guns. If so, then you can’t go wrong with a classic wooden gun rack. Rush Creek Creations makes a just such a rack out of solid pine that will hold up to five rifles or shotguns. They make the same design in cherry as well. These racks are well reviewed and can be purchased here.

9) DIY Gun Rack

If you love woodworking, and you have access to a workshop, then it’s pretty easy to build your own wooden gun rack. Building your own rack will give your hunting room a personal touch and make a great conversation piece. Plans and how to videos can be easily found online, such as this video, which will show you how to make a gun rack for two rifles and has an area for storage.

10) Rustic Coat Rack and Shelf

Another thing you will want to include in your hunting man cave is a place to hang hunting coats, jackets, and other clothing. If your space is limited, you can simply use a wall mounted coat rack. Hang one of these racks by the door of your hunting man cave, and you’re good to go.  HBCY Creations sells a rustic wall mounted coat rack with a shelf that is available in four different designs.

11) DIY Farmhouse Coat Rack

Of course, if you are a woodworker, your options for designing and building your own coat rack will be limited only by your own imagination. Building your own will also give you the ability to custom design a coat rack to the specific needs and space that your hunting man cave has available. Here’s a video that will teach you how to make a super simple coat rack out of reclaimed wood.

12) Scent Crusher Hunters Closet

As a hunter, you know that it’s important for your hunting clothes to be as free of odors as possible. Sweat, soaps, food, and scented laundry detergents will linger on clothing and has the potential to frighten away game. The solution? A Scent Crusher Hunter’s Closet. One of these flexible closets is perfect for your hunting man cave and will destroy odors on clothes in thirty minutes.

13) DIY Scent Free Ozone Cabinet

One surefire way to save money is to build your own scent free ozone cabinet to store your hunting clothes. Building a cabinet is actually quite easy and even a novice woodworker can build a nice one. Once built, it’s just a matter of purchasing an ozone generator to work it’s magic on the clothes hanging in your cabinet. For a video showing how to build your own cabinet, complete with plans, click here.

14) Ozone Generator

Once your cabinet is built, you will want to purchase an ozone generator for the cabinet. These little generators remove odors by pumping ozone (O3) into an enclosed space. When ozone meets pollutants, oxidation occurs which destroys both the O3 and the pollutants, meaning that the ozone reverts back to oxygen. Airthereal makes a well reviewed ozone generator which can be purchased here.

15) Hunting Bow Rack

Perhaps you prefer hunting with a bow. If so, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. As with rifles and shotguns, you will want a place to store and display your compound bows in your hunting man cave. Rush Creek Creations has a solid pine rustic storage rack that holds two compound bows and twelve arrows. If you are looking for a rack for your hunting bows, follow this link.

16) How to Mount Deer Antlers

Now that you are stocked and ready, what are you going to do with the antlers from all those deer that you succeed in bagging? Use them to decorate your hunting man cave, of course. If your buck has antlers that are good enough to mount but is a little too small for the taxidermist,  learning how to mount those antlers can be an easy DIY project. Here’s an article that will teach you how.

17) Antler Mount Kit

The most traditional mount for your antlers are wooden mounts shaped like a shield or a crest. Walnut Hollow Country makes and sells wooden mounts that can be purchased in pine, oak, walnut, or cherry. It comes complete with mounting instructions and a flexible antler cover with a velvet finish. To shop for your favorite, follow this link.

18) The Iron Buck Antler Mount

Looking for something a little more modern on which to mount your antlers? Do-All Outdoors Iron Buck Antler Mount is designed out of steel and molded to look like the skull of a buck.  These mounts are easy to use. Your antlers are placed between two iron plates which are then tightened with screws to hold the antlers in place. It’s reusable design allows you to switch out antlers whenever you please.

19) Skull Hooker

If some of your hunting trophies are full animal skulls and you are wondering how to mount those on the wall of your hunting man cave, then the Skull Hooker is just what you need.  Designed in two sizes for smaller and larger skulls, the mounting hooks are made to hold your trophy without having to drive screws into the skull. They are durable and rotate and tilt for the perfect presentation of your skull.

20) Coaster Bar Unit

Now that you have your hunting man cave decorated, you will want to have a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the spoils of your hard work and play. A sturdy, well built bar unit is a perfect place to do just that. Bar units can be purchased at almost any furniture store, but Coaster Home Furniture, makes this rustic unit that will fit perfectly among your wood panelled walls and all your hunting trophies.

21) Bar Stools

No bar is complete without barstools, and the coaster bar above is no exception. Ashley furniture manufactures a Challiman Bar Stool that is pub height and matches well with the Coaster Bar above. Made with sculpted metal legs and a rustic wood seat, these stools have a cool industrial look. These stools can be purchased at Amazon in sets of two.

So, whether you are looking to turn a whole room of your house into the perfect place to show-off-your-hunting trophies, or simply looking for an inexpensive way to remove odors from your hunting outfits, we hope that these hints are helpful. With these 21 Hunting Man Cave Ideas, you’ll have what you need to make the perfect hunter’s retreat.

What are your thoughts?  Do you have any ideas you’d like to see included?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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