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Congratulations! You’ve finally got the time, money, and energy together to design your home gym. Maybe you know what equipment you want, and it’s on its way in an Amazon box, or perhaps you’re still figuring it out, but before you start carting it all inside, you need to paint your space and create a good workout atmosphere. See if any of these Home Gym Paint Ideas inspire you.

1) Stripes

Gym decor is usually pretty boring and plain, so you probably don’t want to just pick any old color with it. Add a little pizzazz to your workout by adding stripes using this tutorial. This way, you’ll have something interesting to look at amidst all that plain black and silver gym equipment. This is a particularly good idea if you don’t have a TV or don’t have the hookups to put in a TV so that you’re not just staring at a wall while you work out.

2) Metallic Spray Paint

If your furniture matches your gym equipment, you probably have a boring black and white gym. You can add a unique touch to the gym by spray painting some of your furniture with metallic spray paint like this so that it’ll still have that classic metallic gym shine, but it’ll look a little more unusual with a different color, such as copper or bronze. If you want to paint equipment, too, just make sure to avoid handles or moving parts that could be messed up by the paint.

3) Wood, MDF, Drywall

Your home gym probably doesn’t have a lot of wall art, and you might be using the space for gym equipment and storage, so the wall will have to be the art. You can add textures like wood or the MDF the Rogue Engineer uses in this video to make an attractive wall. Then, make sure you get paint that looks the same on both the wood and drywall. Try out some test pieces to see how the color looks, and think about painting any texture pieces you add with a different color before installing them.

4) Grey

If you want your gym to have a cohesive look, you’ll need to paint the walls in a color that matches most of your equipment, and more importantly, your floor mats. Most floor mats are black or grey, but you can get them in neutrals like brown, so start by focusing on your equipment. Since most gym equipment is chrome or black, grey paint like this is a great all-purpose gym color. This way, it’ll still match your furniture and equipment if you have to replace some of it.

5) Ceiling

If you do a lot of weightlifting, bodyweight exercises like curl-ups and pushups, you might not have a TV in your gym since it’s hard to watch TV if you’re staring at the floor or ceiling. If you want a creative way to make your workout a little less bland, try painting the ceiling with something other than white. You can use some of these tips from House Painting Tutorials to make a decorative ceiling so that you’ll have a little bit of something to look at during chest presses.

6) Rust-Oleum

If you have an outdoor gym, you’ll need to make sure your equipment is protected. You may still be debating about the best way to cover it up and keep it from rusting, and one thing you can do is to paint it with rust-resistant paint. Rust-Oleum is a common brand that you can get on Amazon, and it'll leave your equipment and benches with an attractive and rust-resistant shine. They have a great selection of metallic paints to cover up black equipment that can become painfully hot in the sun, too.

7) Floor Paint

If you’re building your gym in a garage, in a basement, or on a concrete pad outside, you’ll need something to keep yourself from being injured on the concrete and to protect the concrete from heavy weights. While you’ll have mats in most areas, you’ll want to prevent scraps and keep the floor sealed against moisture and damage from heavy weights. Try using a floor paint like this to seal and protect the floor while making any visible sections look nice.

8) Yellow

Why do you want a home gym? Do you love working out, or do you need to lose weight and feel uncomfortable going to a public gym, maybe? If working out isn’t your favorite thing, you’ll need an extra dose of happiness in your home gym. Did you know that yellow is the happiest color and can actually lift your mood while you’re working out? Try painting your gym a cheerful yellow color to help get you through your workout.

9) Textured

A gym is a plain-looking place, so you’ll want to find some ways to make it slightly more interesting when you choose your paint. One way to do this is to add texture using splashes of joint compound of a paint texture like this. The texture will make regular paint look slightly more interesting without distracting from your workout, and any odd designs on the surface will give you something to focus on during a particularly grueling workout.

10) Vibrant Color

Workouts are energetic, and everything in your home gym, from the equipment to the decor to the paint color, should reflect that. Bring a lot of energy into your gym so that you can stay hyped up when you’re excited to work out or borrow energy when you don’t really feel like exercising. Think about brightening your gym and creating energetic vibes by painting it a vibrant color like the orange Our Crazy-Fun House did in this video.

11) Car Paint?

If you have an outdoor gym, you’re not looking at wall colors. No, you need something to keep all your equipment safe by protecting it from the sun, the rain, and everything else. Sunlight and water can damage your equipment, so one of the things you’ll need is UV protective paint. In this article from Home Gym Resource, the author suggests car paint. If you think about it, cars need the same protection that gym equipment does, making car paint an ideal choice.

12) Cream

If your gym is a yoga studio or other calming environment, you won’t want vibrant colors and energetic paint patterns. Instead, you’ll need something relaxing and neutral to help you do your poses and stretches and achieve peace of mind during your workout. While white is the most standard wall paint color, it can be blinding if you have bright lights, and it’s not a very calming color. Try a cream color like this instead, so it’ll absorb some light and provide an atmosphere for relaxation.

So, what color did you pick? Did you go with one of our ideas, or did something else come to mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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