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You get home from work and immediately take your putter into the backyard where you have a little putting course set up. After three hole-in-one attempts, you’ve hit two toys, accidentally sunk a ball into a hole your dog made, and lost your concentration because your kid started screaming because he was not able to play golf with you.  it’s obvious.  the little course you made is cool, but you need a golf sanctuary for some peace and quiet.  It’s time to create a golf man cave and all of these ideas will help you make the perfect one just for you.

1) ​Glowing Balls

If you like to practice outside, it makes sense to have your golf man cave in the backyard. You keep the grass trimmed short and fence off your man cave so you can have practice time and relax with your favorite sport. As it gets dark, you are forced to go inside. These glowing golf balls will let you practice as late as you want to without worrying about whether your lawn lights are strong enough.

2) ​Club Hat Rack

If you have an indoor golf man cave, you will have plenty of space set up to play. You will also have plenty of golf-themed decorations. This video shows you how to make a sturdy, practical decoration out of your old golf clubs. The video shows a coat or hat rack made from old golf clubs. If you have a broken club, this will use both ends of it so you do not waste material. You can find another use for the center of the club or recycle it.

3) ​Clock

While you should never rush a golfer while he plays, you do want to know what time it is when you are in your man cave. If you have work to do, or have plans to meet someone, you need to be able to enjoy time in your man cave without worrying, and know at a glance when it is time to go. These wall clock stickers show golfers in various poses where numbers would normally be. The clock is silent, so it will not interfere with your game, whether you are practicing, relaxing, or both.

4) Pint Glass

Your man cave will likely have a bar. While your choice of drink will determine some of the setup, you will need some glassware for non-alcoholic drinks. This pint glass works for beer or soda, and it has a golf ball embedded in the glass as if somebody had hit the glass with a ball and dented it. This is a thematic and amusing choice of glassware. It will become a conversation piece for any friends you invite when they realize it is made with a real golf ball. It is also made in the USA.

5) ​​​​DIY Golf Tee Decorations

If you want a unique way to decorate your golf man cave, this do-it-yourself project is a good choice. Sarah from The Simply Crafted Life shows how to make a letter using golf tees. You can use this project to spell anything on your wall. The art does not need to be a letter; you can make many images using different colored tees. For example, print a large image of a golfer using as many pieces of paper as you need. Cut out the center and arrange black golf tees inside. Glue these to a canvas for some silhouette art.

6) ​​​​​​Golf Grill Set

Your golf man cave may be outside so you can practice golf, or you may have an indoor grill set up to mimic the outdoor golfing feel. Either way, you will want some grill implements. You will need tongs, a spatula, a grill brush, and more. This 7-piece grill set is nice because it comes in a storage bag that looks like a golf caddy. Some of the implements have golf ball designs on them, too.

7) ​​DIY Display Vintage Clubs

While you are likely an active player, you also have a respect for history and for the previous generation of golfers. You may have some older clubs of your own that need to be retired. If you have antique clubs, this project shows you how to easily display them at little cost. Since it is a do-it-yourself project, you can choose your backdrop, such as solid green or an image of a golf course. Use a display like this to show off your antique clubs rather than storing retired clubs haphazardly.

8) ​​​​Whiskey Glass

A classy bar needs whiskey. If you do not drink it yourself, you likely keep some on hand for friends. You may even have decorative shot glasses and whiskey glasses to show your unique style. Your golf man cave should have golf whiskey glasses. These glasses from Amazon will go great in the 19th hole, your home bar. They have lines for single, double, and triple shots that are labeled “Par 1,” “Par 2,” and “Par 3,” to give them a golf feel.

9) Mouse Pad

If you like to play online or PC games, or if you use a computer in your man cave, you will want a mouse pad. While there are generic mouse pads you can get, they will not do justice to the man cave you have designed. Instead, get this mouse pad that looks like a golf ball. It serves its purpose, but adds a little golf decor to your desk area that may not have had any.

10) ​​Golf Ball Art

Gold balls get lost often. You have hit many balls into the water or a stand of trees, never to see them again. Since this happens often, you have a large collection of golf balls, and somebody else has likely found a collection of your old golf balls. Many people turn extra golf balls into art. This project shows you how to take your spare golf balls and make a simple decoration. You could also decorate large areas of wall with them, or build shaped frames for them to create designs.

11) ​​Golf Ball Decanter

Your bar will have your favorite drinks in it. One way to  customize your golf man cave bar is a thematic decanter. This decanter is shaped like a golf ball. While this may sound cheesy, the round glass shape looks nice on a counter, and the golf ball shape makes it look like faceted crystal. When you look at it for a minute, you realize it is shaped like a golf ball. This makes it an interesting conversation piece.

12) ​​​​DIY Outdoor Images

If you have an indoor golf man cave, you can make it look like a golf course with putting areas and wall hangings. This ceiling track lets you hang a tapestry anywhere, so you can set up any number of holes to practice your putting. Hang backdrops like real golf courses, forests, and anywhere else you would like to golf. You can have different backdrops in different areas of the man cave, or use a hanging to separate the bar from the playing area in case a ball goes wide.

13) ​​Repurpose Golf Clubs

If you have old golf clubs you have retired but you do not want them to go to waste, try this project. With this project, you can turn three golf clubs into a golf-themed end table. This gives you a place to set snacks when you are watching TV or relaxing. Since you are making it yourself, you can choose the height that is best for you, and make it with a glass, wood, or other material top.

14) ​​19th Hole Decor

The 19th hole is a big part of golfing. If you go to a country club, you likely stop for a drink at the bar, or the “19th hole.” Your man cave is essentially your 19th hole, no matter where you do your golfing. For a golf-themed bar, add some 19th hole decorations, like this wall-mounted bottle opener. The opener has a picture of a golf club hitting a ball, and a mason jar attached to the bottom to catch bottle caps.

15) ​​Cabinet Handles

Golf decor can include furniture and wall art, but it can also include little touches like these cabinet handles. The black handles have a sleek look, with an image of a golf tee and ball under the glass panel. You can use them for your bar cabinets or elsewhere. They are easy to install by simply screwing in a bolt, and do not require any tools. These handles are more comfortable and classier than a golf ball- or club-shaped handle, without being plain.

16) ​​​Wine Stopper

If you drink wine, you will have a stock of it at your man cave bar. When you are celebrating a win or coming home for a relaxing drink, you will want a drink. If you do not plan to drink the whole bottle, you will have several wine stoppers on hand. This video shows you how to make a golf-themed wine stopper with a golf ball. You can make a similar stopper with other materials and the same method, also.

17) ​​Putting Green

You will want a place to play golf in your man cave, whether it is for practice, pure relaxation, or both. This putting green from Amazon gives you a small 9 foot by 3 foot space to practice putting in even a small man cave. You can hang outdoor scenes around to make the man cave feel like a real golf course, and practice hitting balls into either of the three holes on the left, right, and center of the small putting green.

18) ​​​​Whiskey Stones

While you are stocking your golf man cave bar, you will look for glassware, bar stools, decorations, and more. One accessory you should not forget is whiskey stones. Unlike ice cubes, they do not water down your drink, making for a consistent flavor. They also keep your drink cold longer than ice cubes. These whiskey stones are shaped like clear golf balls. Like the decanter, they are only noticeable when you look for a minute, making them a conversation piece without being tacky.

19) Golf Club Floor Lamp

If you have old golf clubs, you can turn them into man cave decor. With this do-it-yourself project, you can turn two old golf clubs into a floor lamp. This lamp is good for reading on a couch or other area because one golf club is vertical while the other is at an angle. This allows the light to hang over a low surface such as an end table and light it from above. Since the lamp is fairly short, you will want to use it for small areas rather than area lighting.

20) ​​​​​Caddy Wine Bottle Holder

If you are a wine drinker, you likely have a nice wine rack; however, sometimes you will want a special spot for an individual bottle. This wine bottle holder from Amazon is a creative way to store a special bottle or one you currently have open. The holder looks like a miniature golf caddy, as if somebody were bringing an enormous bottle of wine with them to golf. The dark metal will look nice on your bar, while the holder shows appreciation for the sport.

21) ​​Grass

When you pick flooring for your man cave, you will want something durable if you are playing golf inside. That said, your floor is another chance to get creative. While you set up tapestries or large screen TVs to make it feel like an outdoor setting, you can also install this synthetic grass. With a synthetic grass floor, you will have a comfortable man cave that feels like a golf course. The carpet grass is even soft enough to walk on barefoot when you are not playing golf.

How did you set up your golf man cave? Did any of our ideas help? Tell us in the comments below!

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