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Have you always wanted a man cave, but don’t have the space for one in your house? If so, have you considered making a man cave out of your garage?  If you’re here, it means you’re contemplating it and you’ve come to the right place.  Your garage might not be the ideal place for a man cave game room or bar necessarily, but there are still a lot of other ways to turn it into the perfect man cave with these garage man cave ideas.

1) Workbench

If you are planning on turning part of your garage into a workshop, regardless of what type of workshop you have planned, you will need a sturdy workbench or work table. Seville Classics Lighted Hardwood Top Workbench by Seville Classics is a well-reviewed option.  It has a pegboard back to store tools, a fluorescent light fixture and a powerstrip. It also has a drawer to store extra tools or other accessories.

2) DIY Mobile Work Table

If woodworking is your thing, then building your own work table or workbench is an awesome project that can save you money. Furthermore, if you build your own work table, you can design it to fit your space and needs. Here’s a video that will show you how to make a cheap and easy work table with casters that you can roll anywhere in your shop.

3) Workshop Stool

Another thing you might want to invest in for your garage man cave workshop is a stool. If you are at your work bench drawing up plans or working on something small, it pays to have a place to sit. Northern Tool makes an adjustable swivel stool that can be purchased at Amazon. Not only is it well reviewed, but it also has a backrest and a padded vinyl seat.

4) Hardware Cabinet

Another important consideration for your garage man cave workshop is a place to store your hardware. This is particularly important if your shop is mostly for woodworking, but a good hardware cabinet can hold hardware for automobile repair and computer repair as well. Akro-Mils makes a rugged hardware cabinet that has 44 drawers and can be stacked on a shelf or mounted on a wall.

5) Pegboard

One of the best ways to keep tools and accessories organized in your workshop is to build a pegboard wall – the original modular storage solution. Pegboard accessories can then be purchased that will allow you to hang your tools, bins for hardware, and even small shelves. Pegboard is made from many different materials, WallPeg makes their pegboard out of black plastic and sells this 4-pack that will cover over ten square feet of your wall.

6) Wall Control

Wall Control serves the same function as pegboard but is made from galvanized steel. It also has two different ways to hang tools and accessories. It will work with any traditional pegboard accessories, and it has its own accessories that fit into slots that are arranged around the traditional pegboard holes. They have a storage kit that comes with three panels and several accessories that will get you started.

7) How to Install Pegboard

While proprietary brands like Wall Control will come with installation instructions and hardware, it’s super easy to install traditional pegboard as well. Essentially, you will want to install a frame on your wall to mount your pegboard. The frame can be installed on an unfinished wall, or a finished one if you have a stud finder.

8) Pegboard Accessories

Once your pegboard wall is up, all that’s left is to add the hanging accessories and start hanging your tools and organizing your hardware. There are a wide variety of hooks that you can use to hang hammers, screwdrivers, and other tools, as well as, different sizes of bins to store hardware and other small accessories. Amazon sells an 80 piece assortment of hooks and bins that you can purchase here.

9) Custom Tool Organization Board

Of course, pegboard does have some drawbacks.  Sometimes hooks will come off as you pull a tool from it’s spot, and if you are using traditional pegboard, it is limited in the amount of weight that can be hung from any one hook. If you want to go a different route, consider making your own custom tool organization board. The video will teach you how to build one yourself.

10) Hanging Bike Rack

If you and other members of your family love to ride bicycles, your plans for your garage man cave workshop might include bike repair. To get your bicycles better organized, and to clear up space, mount a hanging bike rack on one of your garage walls. The StoreYourBoard Omni Bike Rack is perfect for the job. It’s versatile, strong, adjustable, and can store up to five bikes.

11) DIY Bike Rack

Another easy and inexpensive DIY project is to build your own hanging bike rack. One sweet advantage to building it for yourself is that you have full control over how big you need it to be.  Also, building your own bike rack will be less expensive than purchasing and installing one that’s pre-made. For instance, this video will teach you how to build and install a bike rack for twenty dollars.

12) Yard Tool Rack

Perhaps gardening or yard work is one of your favorite hobbies. If this is the case, you can purchase and mount a hanging rack to organize your yard tools. This is not only a great way to display those tools, but it will also take up less space than other storage methods. NZACE makes a 48” adjustable storage rack that can be used to hang rakes, brooms and other tools.

13) DIY Garden Tool Rack

As with building your own bicycle rack, building your own garden tool rack is also an easy DIY fix. In fact, almost anyone can build their own garden tool rack. This website has a video and plans that will show you how to build one out of 2x6s and screws. The only tools you’ll need are a screw gun and a mitre or circular saw.

14) Hanging Ski Rack

Do you and your family love to ski? If so, then mounting a ski rack to hang your skis from the wall of your man cave garage is a fantastic way to organize and display those skis. StoreYourBoard has you covered with their Omni Ski Rack and Storage Shelf. It can hold 10 pairs of skis and has an overhead storage shelf for your ski boots.

15) Polished Concrete Floor

Now that you have the proper place to store all of your tools and hobby equipment, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with the floor of your garage man cave. Since most garage floors are made of concrete, one option is to have your concrete floor polished. Polished concrete looks fantastic and is easy to keep clean. To learn more information about polishing concrete, watch the video.

16) Interlocking Garage Tile

Another way to make your garage floor look great is to cover it with interlocking garage tiles. These square tiles are typically one foot long on each side and are made to interlock so they can be arranged on the floor of your garage as needed. Tiles in a variety of colors. They are sturdy enough to withstand pressure from automobiles, SUVs, and pickup trucks. They are also easy to clean.

17) Rolling Tool Chest

If your ideal garage man cave is to have a place to restore old cars, one thing that will help make it easier is a rolling tool chest. Instead of having to keep going back to a stationary cabinet or workbench to grab a tool you’ve forgotten, this tool chest will insure that the tools you need are always close at hand. Goplus makes a sweet looking rolling tool chest that can be found here.

18) Garage Cabinets

Perhaps you have plenty of room in your garage and you want to make a big statement with your work area. The perfect thing to make that statement is the NewAge Products 7-Piece Garage Cabinet set. This set is made of 24-gauge steel and has large easy-to-grab handles for the drawers and doors. It also comes with a Slatwall backsplash that can be used to hang and organize tools.

19) DIY Garage Cabinets

With a smaller garage, you won’t have the space for the 7-piece cabinet set. That does not mean you have no options for garage cabinets. It is easy to find single unit garage cabinets that will fit almost anywhere. Another option is to build your own cabinet, which will allow you to decide how big you want it to be. Check out the video to learn more about making your own garage cabinet.

20) Table Saw

For all you woodworkers out there, one of the best items you can have in your garage man cave is a table saw. Table saws are so helpful in that they can be used to rip lumber, shelving, hardwood floor board, and a lot of other items. Dewalt makes a beautiful 10-Inch Table Saw that can even be used to cut steel plate. To get a closer look at it, click here.

21) Miter Saw

The best way to cut angles in wood is still the Miter saw. If your garage man cave is a woodworking shop, the miter saw is the most important tool to have. They can be used for so many things, from cutting lumber to trimming crown molding.  Dewalt makes one of the best miter saws in the business. Click this link to learn more about it.

22) Shop TV

If you have a garage workshop you still may want the option to follow your favorite programs or watch the game while working in your shop. Or maybe, your garage man cave is for tinkering with computers and you need a monitor to do your work. Either way, consider mounting a small TV or monitor over your workbench. High definition TVs can be purchased as small a 22” like this one from LG Electronics.

23) How to Wall Mount a TV

Mounting a TV to the wall is not very hard to do, especially a small one. You’ll need a mounting bracket, and if your garage is finished, you’ll need a stud finder to make sure you install the TV in a secure spot. Also with finished walls, you’ll need to consider what you want to do with the wires coming from your TV.  For complete instructions on wall mounting a TV, watch the video.

24) Hunting Closet

Planning a garage man cave for a hunter? Many of the items on this list work just as well for a hunting man cave as they do a woodworking one (I’m looking at you workbenches). One other item to consider is a hunting closet, a place where you can store your clothes that will remove any scents that may frighten your game. Scent Crusher makes a flexible hunters closet that destroys odors in thirty minutes.

25) Reloading Kit

Another useful item for the hunter’s garage man cave is a reloading kit. One of the most expensive things about hunting is purchasing ammo. A reloading kit saves money by allowing the hunter to reload spent shell casings. It’s not hard to learn how to reload, but you need the right tools. RCBS makes a reloading kit that comes complete with a guide to teach you how to reload your own ammo.

26) Multifunctional Home Gym

If you love to work out and want to turn part of your garage man cave into a workout gym, that’s also an option. One way to do it is to purchase a multifunctional home gym station. These gyms are a single piece of equipment that can be adapted to work several areas of the body. Another benefit of the multifunctional home gym? They take up much less room than seperate pieces of gym equipment.

27) Barbell and Weights

Maybe you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to working out and you prefer using free weights. This is also a great idea for your garage man cave. Free weights can be stored out of the way when not in use to allow room for other activities in your garage. XMark Fitness makes a well reviewed set of weights that comes with a 7 ft. Olympic Barbell. Click here to check it out.

28) Weight Bench

After getting the barbell and weights all squared away, you’ll also want to purchase a weight bench. You can purchase a weight bench and lift frame separately, or as one unit. In fact, Marcy makes an olympic weight bench that is versatile enough to give you full body training with your free weights. It’s a well reviewed bench and can be purchased here.

29) Free Weight Storage Rack

To keep your workout area neat and tidy, you will need a rack to store your free weights. Marcy has you covered here as well. Their Combo Weight Storage Rack is perfect for storing dumbbells, kettlebells, and weight plates. It’s got three shelves for the dumbbells and kettlebells, and four storage posts for weight plates. It’s built with heavy gauge steel making is sturdy and stable.

30) Power Cage

Another item that can be purchased for the garage workout man cave, is a power cage. The power cage gives you more options for your strength training workout. They can be used to help with squats, curls and pullups. They can also be paired with a bench for bench presses. Fitness Reality makes a power cage that also has optional attachments allowing you to do arm dips.

31) Punching Bag

If you love to box or kick box, then you’ll want to add a punching bag to your garage man cave.  In fact, the garage is a great place to put a punching bag. The mounting hardware won’t stick out as much as it might in some other area of the house. RDX makes a punching bag that has super reviews. It also comes with two different mounting brackets, making it very flexible.

32) Floor Mats

One final consideration for your garage man cave workout area is floor padding. Since your garage floor is probably concrete, you will want to purchase exercise mats for the floor to protect your joints. Interlocking foam tiles are perfect for just this thing. They come in squares 2 feet across and can be placed anywhere by locking them together.

33) Folding Poker Table

Maybe your ideal man cave is a place to play poker with your buddies. When the weather is nice, you can have poker night in your garage. Of course, if your garage is cooled and heated you can do this year-round. If you don’t have a lot of space in your garage, you will want to purchase a folding poker table. That way, it can be stored out of the way when not in use.

34) Folding Chairs

For the complete poker night, you will also need seating for your friends when they come over. Folding chairs are perfect because they can be used when needed and stored when not. Since poker games can last a long time, you’ll want the folding chairs to be padded for maximum comfort. Amazon has a four pack of Flash Furniture padded folding chairs, just click here to check them out.

35) Mini-Fridge

Regardless of your plans for your garage man cave, chances are you’ll want to be able to grab something cold and refreshing to drink while hanging out there. Of course, going back into the kitchen to grab a drink can be a pain, so why not include a mini-fridge in your garage man cave? Or a mini fridge and freezer combo? RCA makes one that can be purchased by following this link.

So, those are our 35 Garage Man Cave Ideas. If you love woodworking or restoring old cars, turn a part of your garage into a workshop. Love to workout? Turn your garage into your personal man cave gym. Or maybe just use your garage to store and display all of the toys from your favorite hobbies. Whatever you want, the choice is yours. With our 35 Garage Man Cave Ideas you’ll have plenty of ideas to get you started.

What do you think? Did we leave any ideas out? Leave a comment and let us know!

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