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As a Dallas Cowboys fan, you try to catch every game you can. Unfortunately, you live in a loud house and you’re always interrupted because your family doesn’t understand just how big of a deal the Cowboys games are.  It’s obviously time to design your man cave and we want to help.   Use these Dallas Cowboy man cave Ideas to make your man cave so you can watch the game without interruptions and show your Cowboy pride to your visitors.

1) ​Playing Cards

If you are on a budget, the easiest entertainment for your man cave is a card table and playing cards. If you are not on a budget, you still want playing cards, but you may have a nicer card table. Do not settle for regular Bicycle Playing Cards for your man cave. Instead, get these Dallas Cowboys ones. The back of each card looks like a metal plate with the Cowboys star and the team name across it. They look good and show your team spirit when you sit down for a game with friends.

2) DIY Star

The Dallas Cowboys’ star is an iconic image that makes one think of Texas, cowboys, and the Dallas Cowboys. When you are designing your man cave, you will need a wall of Dallas Cowboys art, prints, and memorabilia. This video shows you how to make a star that can frame any image you want. You can paint the frame blue and use it as its own decoration, or cut any image and use the wood star to showcase the image. You can adjust the lengths and widths of boards for different sizes as long as the angles do not change.

3) ​Stadium Art

While a man cave is a great place to enjoy a game, there are times when you wish you could be at the stadium. Stadium prints help capture the feeling of a real stadium in your man cave. This print from Amazon shows a player holding his helmet high, with the Dallas Cowboys’ star next to it. It is a three-piece print so it will take up a wide area, and can be a centerpiece for a wall. You can also pick from three other prints, if you do not like the way this one looks.

4) ​Storage Ottoman

When you sit down to watch sports, it is nice to have a place to put your feet up; however, you want to be able to get back up as soon as the commercial starts. That commercial time is all you have to use the bathroom, grab a drink, and be back before the game comes back on. An ottoman lets you put your feet up, but you do not have to wait to get back up like you might with an automatic recliner. This ottoman is also a storage space, and it has the Cowboys’ star on it.

5) ​​DIY Bar

A home bar is always a fun addition to a man cave. You can use it to serve drinks, snacks, or anything else. This do-it-yourself project is a home bar made from pallet wood. The wood is sturdy enough to reuse, and there are many places you can get pallets for free. Once you have built the bar using the instructions, you can paint it with Dallas Cowboys colors and stencil or draw the logo on.

6) ​​​​​Wall Art

A sports man cave is an active place and you will not want to put a lot of art on floors and tables where it could get knocked down or dirty. You also do not want to use up space that could have a fun game or comfortable seat in it. Instead, most of your decorations will be wall art. This set of 5 panels form an image of a Cowboys’ helmet and football in a stadium. The picture is powerful and vibrant with blue tint throughout, making it a great centerpiece for a wall.

7) ​​3D Light-Up Decoration

Prints make great decorations, as do bar signs. When you are watching a game, you will have most of your lights off. This means you will need some decorations that light up  so that you can see them. This lamp is flat, but it looks like a three-dimensional football helmet with the Dallas Cowboys’ name and logo on it. It can light up in seven colors, including blue, or you can set it to change colors.

8) ​​​​DIY Silver Accents

Silver can be a difficult color to include in a man cave color scheme, but you do not want to ignore one of the team’s colors. One way to include silver is by painting bar stools or adding small touches of silver throughout the cave. Check out Lost and Found Decor’s tips on painting furniture with metallic paint here. Silver furniture and trim will go well with blue walls. You can also add a silver accent wall to tie the furniture and wall colors together into a cohesive Dallas Cowboys theme.

9) ​​​DIY Stencils

If you want to include the Dallas Cowboys star in your decor but you do not have the skill to paint it by hand, a stencil can be a wonderful assistant. Use this stencil from Amazon to paint a Dallas Cowboys star. This turns a complicated paint job into a simple one and gives a professional-looking result. You can paint this on a wall or on pieces of furniture, such as bar stools.

10) ​​Grilling

If you have a backyard or patio man cave, you will want to grill out. Otherwise, you can grill inside with portable grills. The grilling experience will make you feel like you are at a tailgate party no matter where you are. Get these Dallas Cowboys grilling utensils with thematic salt and pepper shakers for your man cave. You can show your team spirit while grilling out and making great food to enjoy the game with.

11) DIY Finger Football

Sometimes you may want to play football or touch football between games; however, there will be times when that will not be possible. You can play card games or billiards indoors, but if you feel like playing football games, those are not quite right, either. This video shows you how to make a finger football stadium, so you can play football-related games any time you want to. Since you are making it yourself, you can paint it or use construction paper in any colors you want, including the Dallas Cowboy colors.

12) ​​Light-Up Sign

Since your man cave is often dark while you watch football and play video games, you will need light-up decor. This Officially Licensed NFL Dallas Cowboys sign lights up in the dark, and it has a curve to it that keeps it from looking flat and boring. It is a great way to make a wall look a little more three-dimensional, and the official star makes a great bar sign. You can set it to be on all the time, off all the time, or motion-activated. It is battery-powered, so you can use it anywhere without any wires or cords.

13) ​​Cowboys Stadium Wall Art

Football players are tough, and your team is no exception. This image makes a great centerpiece, with five panels that take up a large space. The image has a backdrop of the stadium.

14) DIY Recycled Ice Chest

If you have an old refrigerator around, this do-it-yourself project will help you recycle it. Rather than throw it away when it stops working, turn it into an ice chest for your man cave. If you cannot afford to buy a new mini fridge for the man cave, this well-insulated cooler will be the next best thing. It is also great if you do not have electricity in your shed, backyard, or other man cave, or if your spouse does not want you spending a lot of money on your man cave.

15) ​Piggy Bank

While you may be able to go to sports games often, you may have to save up for some of them. This could be for home game tickets, or you may want to save up to support your team when they are far from home. Either way, this piggy bank will help remind you what you are saving for. Put this near the entrance to your man cave for spare change, or set it in the bar for tips from generous friends. If you are desperate for that trip, turn it into a swear jar.

16) Swivel Can Lighting

Your man cave lighting needs to be subtle if you will be watching games and playing video games. You do not want any glare on your television, but you also do not want to have to turn all the lights off during a game, either. With this swivel can lighting, you can adjust the lights to point where you want, even on an uneven ceiling. This can showcase memorabilia walls or light pathways. Make sure to put lights near the edges of the room and away from the television, and have an extra light near the snack bar.

17) ​​DIY Magnetic Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are staples in any man cave. They are great for beer and old-fashioned soda drinks, and add a little bit of class to the space too. This video shows you how to make your own wall-mounted bottle opener with only simple tools. Since you are making it yourself, you can paint it in team colors or add the team star to it. This opener is magnetic, so it will catch the bottle caps before they fall on the ground.

18) ​DIY Blue Felt

Billiards are a great addition to a man cave. After all, you will probably not spend every moment in your man cave watching football. Since your team color is blue, try using this blue felt for your pool table. With some chrome or metallic silver pool lights and blue prints, you can create a fun billiard space with a Dallas Cowboys theme. You can also add blue felt to a dartboard cabinet so it will match the pool table and create a cohesive theme in that area.

19) ​​Tin Sign

Bar signs are great for man caves, whether you have a bar or not. Tin signs make great decorations and this Dallas Cowboys tin sign is no exception. The sign will fit in with a series of other bar signs, since it is not overly large, and it features the Dallas Cowboys colors and logo. Include this in a wall of bar signs rather than a memorabilia wall, since it has a shiny finish rather than a vintage look.

20) ​​DIY Football Field

Since you are not in a stadium or on a football field, you will have to make your field where you can. This DIY blogger writes about turning an area rug into a football field. You can use this for a table cover and create your own miniature game, or decorate the floor or snack table. To turn a table into a finger football game with this, glue craft sticks together into goalposts at each end of the table, or place plastic straw goalposts in small plant pots filled with dirt or rocks to keep them upright.

21) ​​Large HD TV

You will want a high-quality TV when you watch the game. You will need a smaller television if you have a tiny man cave, but if you like to have a group of friends over for a game, you probably have a big cave and want a big TV. This TV from Amazon comes in 55, 65, or 77 inches. You will probably not want anything less than 65 inches for the best viewing experience you can get. You dedicated the man cave to the sport, so the last thing you want to skimp on is the viewing quality.

22) Couch With Cup Holders

When you sit down to watch the Cowboys play, or play a video game as a Cowboy, you want a comfortable place to sit. While a recliner is comfortable, it will not be enough if you invite several friends over to watch the game and spend time together. Instead, get this sectional from Amazon. The pewter gray color is not quite your team’s silver color, but it is similar enough to fit your theme. The couch is comfortable and has cup holders, so you will have a place to put your drinks without having to put the footrest down.

23) ​​DIY Frame Jerseys

Your Dallas Cowboys man cave should have at least one jersey, if not more. When you get your favorite jersey, make sure to frame it properly so it can be seen and will stay in good condition too. In this video, a professional framer teaches you how to frame a sports jersey. While getting a jersey professionally framed is a good idea, doing it yourself is more cost-effective. You can also add memorabilia to a jersey display. If you only have one jersey, it should be a centerpiece. Otherwise, choose your favorite jersey as the centerpiece.

24) ​​Reduce Eye Strain

Watching TV for a long time can cause eye strain. While most people know this, few people do much about it. During commercials, you probably get up and stretch, and look around the man cave a bit to look at something other than the screen. Bias lighting is another way to reduce eyes strain and can have a big impact over time. It also helps colors look better when you watch sports. This bias lighting is color-changing, so you can pick a color that suits you, or use team colors.

25) Cornhole

A Dallas Cowboys man cave is somewhere you can watch sports, play a game, or throw a tailgate party whenever you want. You do not need to wait for the game to happen because you have brought the game to your home permanently. Cornhole games are fun pregame yard activities, but you can also set them up in indoor man caves. Create a space just for cornhole, or set this Dallas Cowboys miniature cornhole game across from the couch to play while you sit.

Did you like any of these Dallas Cowboys man cave ideas? Your man cave is an expression of yourself and your team support, and we would love to hear about your ideas. Tell us about your Dallas Cowboy man cave ideas in the comments below!

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