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Your porch is looking a little bare. The concrete is cracked and faded, and it doesn’t look that great. One section was poured at a different time, and it has a slightly different color than the rest. Your porch needs some paint to revitalize it, but there are many kinds of paint, and you need some Concrete Porch Paint Ideas to help.

1) ​​​Wood Look

If you bought or rented a house with a concrete porch, and you aren’t a fan of the material, you don’t have to just live with it. You can make the floor look like a regular wood porch. In this article, Terrie from Decorate and More With Tip shows you how to make your concrete porch floor look like a wood porch floor. While this only covers the floor and not the sides, it makes the porch look like wood while you’re spending time on it.

2) Anti-Slip

One major issue with having a concrete porch is that they tend to be slippery if they have a smooth finish. If your porch has a more porous surface, it might be less slippery, but it’ll still be rough and painful if you trip and fall. Anti-slip paint will keep you from falling, and also cover any rough spots with a smooth coating that should hurt less if you or your kids fall. This paint from Amazon comes in a variety of colors, so you can use it to make your porch look better, in addition to being safer.

3) ​​​​Brick Pattern

If you don’t like the dull look of grey concrete, change it up with some red brick patterns. Covering an entire porch with bricks would be expensive, and painting an entire porch red would be…well, a bit much. The brick pattern in this video is the perfect way to add bright color to your concrete porch without creating an unnatural-looking finish. The natural grey of the concrete will mimic brick mortar, so you don’t have to worry about another paint choice. If you don’t want to leave concrete exposed, or if you have cracks, paint it grey beforehand.

4) ​​​​Lake Rock Paint

You want to paint your porch to cover cracks and seal it from the weather, but you don’t have to use just one color. Instead, use a mix of colors that mimic natural rock and other parts of nature. This way, your porch will blend with any natural decorations you have outside, and it won’t be as obvious that it’s a concrete slab. This lake rock paint from The Home Depot has a blend of color that will make the porch look like a part of nature

5) ​​​​​Grey Stone Look

The concrete front porch in this image is tastefully designed and blends well with the house. If your house is grey, brown, tan, or any natural earth tone, you can achieve a similar effect. Choose your paint color to match your house color, then make a pattern like this one, or another pattern you like. By creating a pattern, you keep it from looking monotonous without clashing with house colors. If you have a grey house, you can choose almost any shades of grey, but if your house is another earth tone, carefully consider whether it’ll match.

6) ​​Dark Grey

If your reason for painting your porch is to seal cracks and protect the porch, and you don’t want to make any significant changes to its appearance, try a grey paint like this. This will look similar to the original concrete while preventing further damage to the porch. It’ll also help blend two pieces of concrete together if they were poured at different times, and get rid of any color differences between the two areas by covering the whole porch in a uniform color.

7) ​​​DIY Patterned Rollers

You wouldn’t be reading this article if you were planning to slap a coat of plain paint down and call it a day. If you want a creative way to color your porch without spending too much money, try this patterned roller from Amazon. When you roll paint on with this, your porch will look like it’s topped with wooden boards. This can be a do-it-yourself project, but if you’re not an experienced painter, you can also have a contractor do this work.

8) ​​​​​​​DIY Porch and Patio Paint

Buying porch and patio paint sounds like an obvious choice, but there’s a reason you want this specific paint. This paint works on both concrete and wood, so you can use it to paint the concrete floor, then paint parts of the railing, ceiling, and roof with the same paint. Since the paint is the same color, you can use it to tie the whole area together. In some cases, the paint could cover one surface differently than others, and it may need more coats.

9) ​​​​​​DIY Tile Pattern

Paint is a great way to revitalize a concrete porch without spending time and money on contractors, but it can seem like a plain option. You don’t want to feel like you’re settling for a dull porch when you could have something beautiful. These instructions by Traci from Beneath My Heart will help you paint your porch in an attractive tile pattern instead of just slopping paint on it. This is a lot cheaper than hiring somebody to lay tile, or taking it improperly yourself.

10) ​​​​​Paint Flakes

If you don’t want a single-color porch, but can’t decide on a tile or stone pattern, try a decorative paint with paint flakes or chips in it, like the one in this picture. This paint looks more natural than a solid color, creating the illusion of a single large sheet of decorative stone. The chips create reflections when light hits the concrete, and you can match them to your house and trim colors. Make sure to get chips or flakes that are designed for paint, not epoxy.

11) ​DIY Paint Railings

Your concrete floor isn’t the only thing you need to consider painting on your porch. When you paint the floor, you’ll also want to paint the steps and railings. Otherwise, you’ll have a new-looking floor with dull railings that don’t look right. You’ll also need to match any new colors you choose for the concrete floor. Watch this video to learn how to caulk and paint the railing where it meets concrete. This will make the whole porch look better, and you may decide you don’t need to paint the concrete itself.

12) ​​​DIY Stone Pattern

If you like the idea of a natural stone porch, but what you’ve got is a concrete slab, you can still get the look you want. In this article, Chrissi from First Home Love Life shows you how to use a simple stencil to paint a stone pattern. You can also use a thinner stencil and roll or brush the paint on over it. Make sure your stencil is the correct size for your area, and use a random pattern of colors to create a natural look and keep it from looking unbalanced.

13) ​​​​​Terra Cotta

Terra cotta is a great paint color choice because it matches a lot of things you may already have around. If you have red brick pavers on your walkway or nearby patio, you can paint your porch with this terra cotta paint to visually tie the two spots together. You can also use this terra cotta paint to paint a brick design on your concrete or to blend parts of the porch in with existing brickwork. The paint works on both wood and concrete, so you don’t need to buy two types of paint to get the look you want.

14) Textured Sides

Making concrete look like stone is fairly easy since it’s made from stone. This means the texture and hardness of the porch are already similar to a stone slab. When you paint your porch floor, you don’t just want to make it look like stone from above. Instead, transform the whole porch floor by painting the sides with a rougher texture, like the stone in this picture. If you already have stone beneath or near your porch, make sure your new paint matches that stone’s color.

How’re you painting your concrete porch? Are there any other ideas you’d like to have seen? Let us know in the comments below!

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