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A nice stogie is one of the most relaxing things you do after work a couple days a week, but it turns out everyone else in the house doesn’t love the smell nearly as much as you do.  For years you’ve been smoking in the basement next to an air purifier, but you’ve finally decided it’s time to step things up a notch.  So, grab your cigar, take a seat, and get ready to take in a handful of great Cigar man cave ideas to make your basement into a true cigar smokers paradise. 

1) Leather Chair

Your cigar man cave will be filled with smoke at times. You may not smoke all the time, but you want the option to do so whenever you like. Cloth chairs tend to absorb smoke odors. They also burn easily when ash is dropped on them.

Rather than using cloth, try leather. It gives a classy and masculine feel to the space, and is safe from smoke and fire. This leather reclining loveseat has cup holders for cup holder ashtrays, along with storage space for anything you and your friends need.

2) DIY Humidor

Every cigar man cave needs a humidor. This video shows how to make your own desktop humidor. This will sit conveniently on any surface, and keeps cigars at the right temperature and humidity. You can make your own choices for lacquer, stain, and wood types to make it look how you want. Carving designs or initials is a great way to customize a humidor like this, and the professional-looking craftsmanship will make it stand out from other do-it-yourself projects.

3) Fabrics

One concern a cigar man cave will always have is the presence of fire in the home. Unlike a stove, boiler, or other place that houses fire, a cigar is not going to be surrounded by fireproof stone, tile, or similar materials.

This fire protection spray keeps cloth from burning when ash falls on it. It is designed for fabrics, but is not recommended for leather. This is good if you have carpet, throw rugs, or cloth chairs. You can also spray curtains and other cloth surfaces in case a larger area catches fire.

4) Curtains

When choosing window coverings, you will need something that is both easy to clean and fire retardant. You do not want to use blinds that will get covered in soot and be impossible to clean, and you certainly do not want cloth that smells like smoke and has burn holes in it.

Instead, it is best to use flame retardant cloth for curtains. This will keep them safe from burns and reduce the chances of a more serious fire catching and spreading.

5) Door-Activated Light

This wireless smart light can be installed on any door or cabinet, such as any of the humidors suggested in this article. Once this is installed, you can set it up so the cabinet, humidor, or other light comes on as soon as you open the lid or door.

A door-activated light helps give your homemade humidors and other storage areas a professional appearance, and makes it easier to select the right cigar. The sensor takes up some room, but it has a clean design that would not take away from a modern look.

6) Hardwood or Vinyl Floor

Like cloth chairs, carpet can absorb odors, and is easily burned. To keep your man cave floors looking nice, use hardwood or vinyl. These do not absorb odors, and will not get burned as easily as carpet. Hardwood will give a high-end look to the area that matches the quality of the cigar-smoking experience. A lot of Vinyl imitates this look well, but nothing compares to real hardwood flooring.

You can hire a contractor to install these hardwood floors, or do it yourself with the right tools.

7) ​​​​​​Air Purifier

Smoke affects more than just the smell of your upholstery. It also affects the quality of the air you breathe. When you are not smoking, it will be important to have clear and healthy air to breathe. Beyond that, your non-smoking buddies will appreciate clean air. This air purifier filters up to 215 square feet of space, which is plenty for most man caves. It comes with instructions; however, it needs little setup, and stands freely anywhere in a room.

8) Eg-Shel Paint

One complaint landlords and homeowners often have about smoking is that the smoke leaves residue on ceilings. This means that popcorn and textured ceilings are a nightmare to keep clean and looking nice. A non-textured Eg-Shel paint is one of the better solutions to this. Glossier paints are smoother, more stain-resistant, and easier to wipe down. A semi-gloss or glossy paint does not fit well with most man caves, making Eg-Shel the best compromise for a stain-free ceiling.

9) Ventilation

Your man cave will need good ventilation to clear smoke out and keep the air breathable. Air purifiers are one way of doing this, but a simple exhaust fan can also be an easy solution. Rather than scrubbing existing air, this exhaust fan vents air outside and brings in clean, outside air.

If you prefer to have fresh air coming in, this is the best way to get rid of smoke. This fan can also be used for cooling, making it a versatile choice.

10) Humidor Cabinet Display

A desktop humidor is an attractive and functional addition to a cigar man cave. Sometimes, though, it is not enough. If you have a wide selection of cigars, you will want this larger humidor to display and enjoy them. This display case can have up to six separate sections to store a variety of cigars in, and has a lock to keep your expensive collection safe. It is free-standing, so you can put it anywhere you have enough space.

11) Mixed Wood Humidor

Sometimes you need some overflow space for your cigar stock. Other times, you need the convenience of not having to go into a cabinet every time you want a cigar. Like the DIY humidor from earlier in the article, this humidor sits on a desk or other surface. The great thing about this humidor is that you can buy it premade. It is made with a variety of woods that give it a unique and attractive appearance. You can use it as extra storage, or as your main humidor.

12) ​​​​​​​​Cigar Ashtray

It would be unwise to design a cigar man cave without the most basic of cigar paraphernalia: the ashtray. More than any other item, the ashtray keeps ash from getting everywhere and singeing things or starting fires. This tabletop ashtray has three slots to hold cigars. With these, you and your friends can have a safe place to set cigars, rather than balancing them on the edges of tables or in a cigarette ashtray. This ashtray is made of maple, for a classy look that goes with wood humidors and even leather seating.

13) ​​​​​​​​​DIY Cigar Ashtray

Not every ashtray is the same. Like building your own humidor, crafting your own ashtray is a chance to make something your own. For the price of a block of wood, and the use of some basic tools, you can have the ashtray you want. This video shows a woodturner making a round ashtray with several slots for cigars; however, you can make a square or other non-circular version of this with a table saw and chisel. This DIY project lets you pick your own wood, how many cigar slots you want, and what designs you use.

14) Metal End Table

This end table looks like it is made of wood, but it is actually metal. Since it is metal, you do not have to worry about burns or stains. A metal surface is the ideal place for an ashtray and your favorite book. The top drawer is also good for storing your favorite cigar cutter, or a handful of cheap ones for when your friends walk off with them. This lets you have everything you need on hand to enjoy a cigar along with your other preferred activities.

What is your dream place to sit back and smoke a cigar? Do you have a neat idea that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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