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Somebody's having a baby! Maybe you're having a baby and need to decorate their nursery, or perhaps you're getting a gift for a friend or family member's baby shower. Either way, the theme of the day is brown and pink, but you're stumped. No problem; we've got plenty of Brown and Pink Baby Room Ideas that should help you find the perfect decorations, furnishings, or gifts!

1) Feathers and Arrows

Unlike a lot of common baby room color schemes, a brown and pink theme gives you the opportunity to incorporate nature into the nursery. Since brown is a natural color, you can combine elements of nature with pink baby decorations for a more natural nursery that helps promote a love of nature and natural intelligence in you or your friend's baby. One way to include nature in a pink and brown room is to get a set of sheets like this one from Amazon with brown arrows and pink and brown feathers.

2) Pale Dogwood

Since you're mixing two very different colors, you'll want to think about what shades of those colors go well together. We found this set of pale dogwood collapsible bins for storing your baby's toys, blankets, and larger essentials. The pale dogwood color has a tone that would go well with most browns, so it's ideal for a pink and brown nursery that blends perfectly together. You can also use a larger pink item like this to create a space with a lot of browns and only a touch of feminine pink.

3) DIY Tie Dye

Babies need a restful space since their room is where they sleep, but they also need some stimulation since they won't have the coordination to play with toys much when they're young. Visual stimulation is essential at a young age, so if you're using a dark color like brown, we suggest finding ways to include patterns or decorations that aren't solid-colored. For example, you can tie-dye sheets like Lindsay Lo does in this video to create pink and brown sheets that'll fascinate the baby.

4) Lush

A pink and brown theme gives you a chance to create a more luxurious and fancy-looking baby's room. You can get a lush pink curtain like this one from Amazon and put it in a room with brown hardwood floors or classic brown furniture to create a fancier look. The ruffles on the curtain will also give the baby an interesting texture to look at and help stimulate an infant's mind. Look for other ruffles and textured or knit pinks to go with it.

5) Brown Furniture and Pink Baby Accessories

Pink baby stuff is easy to find, but pink things for adults are much rarer. Similarly, it's easy to find brown stuff for adults and hard to find it for infants. One way to create a brown and pink baby room without undue frustration is to get brown furniture and pink accessories. By getting all baby stuff in pink and adult stuff like this crib side chair in brown, you make it easy to outfit the nursery and give the child the option of getting a different color when they outgrow the pink baby stuff.

6) DIY Farmhouse Crib

Brown and pink can be a bold color scheme with a lot of contrast, but brown and pink are also traditional colors. A classic brown combined with the traditional feminine pink is a wonderful way to create a tasteful nursery, but you'll have to find decorations and furniture pieces that match that style. We liked the idea of a farmhouse-style crib to create an old-fashioned and traditional impression. You can use this tutorial to make the crib and paint it brown or use a brown stain, then add pink decorations.

7) Butterflies

Butterflies are a wonderful thing to have in a nursery since they give babies something pretty to look at and help them develop a sense of wonder and love of nature. One of the amazing things about butterflies is that they come in so many different colors that you can display them in any room regardless of the color scheme. For instance, you can get these beautiful pink and brown butterflies from Amazon and display them however you want so that they flit and flutter around the room or pour from behind your baby's crib.

8) Parisian

Pink and brown is a classy and traditional choice, but there are so many traditions and styles you can follow. One style that stood out to us was this Parisian-style baby room by Jack and Jill Interiors. It has a classic French look with dark brown furnishings, and it's great if you love pink but don't know whether your baby will like it as she grows older. Since most of the furniture is brown and the pink is added in carefully crafted touches, you can remove the pink later on without a problem!

9) Koalas

Koalas are one of the cutest animals there are, but they're surprisingly uncommon in nurseries and baby decorations, so if you're looking for a unique decoration or gift, something like this brown and pink lamp with a koala on it would be perfect. The only thing young children love more than animals is baby animals, so the koala holding its baby on this lamp will appeal to them now and for a long time to come!

10) Light and Airy

Brown is an excellent neutral color for any room, making brown and pink an ideal color combination if you need a neutral base with some feminine touches. That said, brown doesn't have to be bold and dark as it often is; you can create a light and airy room with brown and pink that still has a neutral look with a hint of femininity. We loved the light colors in this pink and brown Nursery from Kate's Ordinary Life, and the rack she built gives an unmatched airy feeling.

11) Brown Moon and Stars Decals

Brown is usually a darker color, and if you're looking to take advantage of the contrast between dark brown and bold or light pink, brown decals are a good place to start. When you have a two-color theme, you almost always want to use the lighter color on the wall, so we'd recommend painting the wall pink and adding brown decals like these cool brown and white moon and stars from Amazon. You can even get these ones customized with the baby's name.

12) Trees

One way to include brown in a nursery is to get decorations showing things that are naturally brown, such as trees and other plant life. The decorations will help the baby learn about the outside world while creating something intriguing for them to look at. Since they're a dark color, they won't be overstimulating and make it hard to sleep, either. We'd suggest using brown and pink decals like these with cute forest animals to blend fantastical elements like pink owls with realistic elements like brown trees and green leaves.

13) DIY Pink and Brown Baby Quilt

A baby's quilt is a vital part of their childhood. It's something they'll likely keep with them long after they've grown too big for it, and it's one of the most common things that people pass on to their grandchildren. For a gift like this, you want the child to know that it was made with love, and nothing shows more care and attention than a homemade blanket. You don't even need a lot of experience to make a baby quilt; just use this tutorial for making a pink and brown baby quilt.

14) Play Tent

Kids and toddlers love cozy spaces, so you'll want to start setting them up now. Once a baby is born, they tend to take up most of their caregivers' time and energy and leave little time for decorating! We found this little brown play tent from Amazon that you can set up to give your future toddler a cozy space to play, and in the meantime, it'll complement your color scheme and act as a decoration.

15) DIY Flower Wall Name Art

Flowers are perfect for a brown and pink room since they often have brown stems and pink heads, and you can easily create or find floral art that matches that color scheme. Name art is a lovely way to customize a baby's room since they won't have favorite toys and themes that you can decorate with yet. We found this tutorial to help you make name art with flowers to match a pink and brown baby room, though we suggest using more brown and less gold than the designer did.

16) Jungle

If you have a pink room with brown furniture or know that you like pink and brown, you have a lot of options for themes that fit into your color scheme. A jungle theme is one of the more unusual themes you can choose, but you can find a lot of brown decorations and look for mixed brown and pink pieces or brown, yellow, and pink decorations like this blanket. The blanket would match a generic pink and brown room or one decorated with a jungle or animal theme.

17) Pink Rug

While typically, you'll want to use the lightest color in your color scheme for larger surfaces, brown can be the exception. Brown is the ideal color for hardwood floors or imitation wood floors, and you can use it for a natural trim color. One way to create a brown and pink room is to decorate it normally with wood floors and furniture and then add a pink rug or tapestry. A large piece like this rug will add a lot of pink to offset the brown stuff, and if the baby later dislikes pink, you can simply remove the carpet.

18) Just A Touch

Pink and brown are both powerful enough colors that you don't need a lot of them to create a noticeable effect. Even if you choose lighter shades and muted tones, you can use little pieces of brown in a subtly pink room to design a tasteful space. Try getting pink and white baby furniture and bedding, then get just one of two muted brown pieces so that the brown will stand out. You can see the effect this type of design can have in these images by MEGANDWADE and do something similar in your baby's room.

19) Pink and White Decorations on Brown Wall

While typically, you'd use the lightest color on the wall and the darkest color as an accent, there are ways to do the opposite and create a stunning effect that will intrigue your child and look lovely and whimsical to you. Try painting your wall brown and getting large pink and white decorations like this decal. This tree decal has a dynamic look as the leaves blow away in an imaginary breeze, and it should capture a baby's imagination as they grow older.

20) DIY Navajo Style

Brown is frequently used in Native designs, so if you're looking for a way to expose your baby to a variety of cultures and create opportunities for them to feel comfortable around different cultures, Native design could be an excellent place to start. You can make brown and pink Navajo-style blankets using these directions, and either use them in the crib or hang them as decorations. They also make wonderful gifts. Since most people wouldn't think to buy them for their own baby.

21) Rose Gold

Brown and pink and your main colors, but they shouldn't be the only colors you use a lot of in the baby's room. That would lead to a two-dimensional look that wouldn't be pleasing to the eye. Instead, you'll need to find some colors that look good with both pink and brown, and rose gold is one such color. You can get table lamps and other decorations like this in rose gold to make the nursery more colorful and lively. This would be a good lamp to put on a changing table.

Are you buying a gift for a baby room or simply trying to figure out how to fill in your pink and brown baby room? Do you like the subtle traditional look, or are you trying to highlight the bold contrast between pink and brown? We love hearing about the different styles or baby rooms people create! Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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