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It’s time for the game. You sit down to watch, but your kid runs in front of the television and your spouse calls from the other room to ask you a question, over and over again throughout the game. It’s obvious, you need a private space for the game. Now is your chance to build your man cave using these Atlanta Falcons Man Cave Ideas, and sit down on your comfortable couch to cheer the Falcons on.

1) ​​Red Felted Pool Table

Team colors will be an essential part of your Atlanta Falcons man cave. While some things will be neutral colors, you don’t want any large areas filled with other teams’ colors. When you get your pool table, you don’t want a traditional green felt. Instead, get this red felted pool table to match your red, black, white, and silver decor.

A pool table is an essential addition to your man cave, upgrading it to a classy sports bar instead of a red and black living room.

2) ​​DIY Logo Signs

The sports team logo is the most unique element of the team’s brand. The Falcons logo is simple and easy to replicate, making it ideal for a man cave decoration. This video shows tricks you can use to transfer any logo onto a wood sign or other flat wood surface. Since the Falcons logo is relatively simple, you can use any of the five methods in the video for a good result. If you have a band saw, you can use it to cut the logo out afterwards for a sign shaped like the Falcon logo.

3) ​Cup Holder Lights

You’re watching football in a dark man cave. The TV is back-lit with red lights that glint against the silver highlights throughout the room. You reach out to set your drink in the couch cup holder, and wet beer spills over your lap as you hit the side of the couch instead. These cup holder lights from Amazon are small plates that fit in the bottom of the cupholder. They glow so you can always see where to put your drink.

4) Red and Black Furniture

Football man caves center around one of two things: watching football and playing football. If you have a backyard Atlanta Falcons man cave, you likely spend a lot of time playing touch football and football games. You may even have an outdoor projector to watch games on a 100-inch screen in good weather. Your backyard or patio man cave will need comfortable seating for watching television and taking breaks from outdoor games. This wicker furniture set is waterproof and has comfortable cushions for you to lounge on.

5) ​​​​​Throws

Your man cave may be in a cozy bonus room, but if you are customizing a garage for your man cave needs, your heating may be less than adequate. Throw blankets are always a good thing to have around. They are also the cheapest way to decorate your man cave with the Atlanta Falcons colors and logo. Instead of buying red furniture and painting entire walls, buy a few of these throws from Amazon and place them around the room.

6) ​​​​​​​DIY Beer Taps

While you are watching the game, you will want a choice of drinks. While you have a favorite brand of beer or wine, it is always good to have choices when you have friends over. This do-it-yourself beer dispenser has three taps for any drinks you choose, including cider and non-alcoholic drinks. Instead of filling your man cave with endless beer cans and getting up halfway through a game to restock, create a professional-looking bar setup using the instructions in this video.

7) ​​​This is Falcon Country

Your man cave is not a football man cave. It’s an Atlanta Falcons man cave. Make it clear that this is not a place for any football fan with this sign. This reserved parking sign announces that your man cave is an Atlanta Falcons Fan Zone. Continue the long tradition of decorating man caves with automotive signs, and add some tongue-in-cheek humor by hanging this sign above the couch or bar. This way, people know that the area is reserved for Falcons fans.

8) ​​​​​Gnomes are Fans

Your backyard man cave may be abandoned on cold or rainy weather. During this time, you will need to leave an Atlanta Falcons fan behind to keep watch. This gnome wears the Atlanta Falcons logo and carries a football to show that even the gnomes know what team to root for. You can also have this guy guard the entrance to your shed man cave, ensuring that people know what team is the best before they even go inside.

9) ​Wall Art

The bar area will likely be covered in bar signs while your memorabilia display wall will have autographed photographs and football cards. Include some decorative Falcons artwork. This art will entertain you and your friends when you are spending time in the man cave.

10) ​​​DIY Team Color Scheme

While red and black are the most unique of the Atlanta Falcons’ colors, they are also intense colors. Use red and black for furniture, throw pillows, and smaller decor touches, while you paint your walls in red or white. Rather than painting all four walls silver, use this advice to paint one or two accent walls silver. You can also paint furniture silver or black, and use red cushions. This will let you include all of the team colors in a balanced way.

11) ​Darts

Dartboards are a great addition for any man cave, but they are essential if you have a bar or billiard area. Put one in the bar area or any space with enough room. You can get a red, black, and white dartboard, and complement it with this set of darts from Amazon. Each dart has all four Atlanta Falcons colors and they are high quality throwing darts. These are great for commercial breaks or spending time with friends.

12) ​​​​​Large HD TV

You spend a lot of time watching and playing football games in your man cave. You will want a big TV to watch the game on, and an even bigger one to play sports games on. This 4k SMART TV has Alexa built into it, and it is one of the best TVs for watching sports. The 65-inch screen and 4k resolution make it ideal for most man caves, but the TV comes in 55- or 77-inch sizes for bigger or smaller man caves.

13) ​​​Backlighting

If you will spend a lot of time in your man cave watching sports games or playing video games, you will have to combat eye strain. Backlighting for your TV can reduce eye strain significantly and can improve the image when you watch television. You can get the simple white version or spend a little extra for the pro version. The pro version comes in several colors so you can choose a preferred color. While red may look nice, white works well and is also a team color.

14) ​​​DIY Decorate Tables and Furniture

If you have an indoor man cave, you are likely not playing a lot of football inside, but you still want to feel like you are on the field with your favorite team members. When a team member catches the ball and makes a run for the end zone, your heart beats with theirs as you hope for the touchdown. Bring that field into your Atlanta Falcons man cave with this craft. You can decorate a table or shelf, making it look like a football field, and add the Falcons logo and colors to the miniature field.

15) ​​​Switchplate Cover

You can make everything and anything in your man cave thematic. This includes lights, doors, floors, and even switchplate covers. People rarely think about switchplate covers when designing a room. They often opt for a simple white cover or paint it the same color as the wall. These covers can be a part of your decor if you make them the same color as your trim. Get this light switch cover.

16) ​​​​Perfect Your Lighting

When you are watching the football game or playing video games, you will want the lights off or dimmed to prevent glare. These recessed lights direct light downward so you will never have to worry about glare. Place them around the edges of a room,and add an extra one over your bar or snack bar for light. These are damp-rated and dimmable. This means you can have them in basements or areas that do not have good climate control. You can also dim them rather than turning them off so you can still see during a game.

17) ​​​DIY Logo Sign

Your man cave probably has a dartboard, and possibly a pool table or billiard area. In this video, Life of Bliss shows you how to make a dartboard wall. In addition to that great setup, you learn how to hang and backlight a sign. You can buy or make an Atlanta Falcons logo sign for your man cave and backlight it using this video. This way, when it is dark and you cannot see the dartboard, you can still see the team logo.

18) ​​​​​Recliners

Football games take a long time. When you are watching a game from start to finish, you need to get up, stretch, and look at something that is not a TV screen every so often. Even with some exercise during commercials, your back can hurt if you do not have the right chair. This dual recliner with cup holders and storage lets you and a guest sit in comfort with drinks and snacks at your fingertips for longer than most chairs. This way you will not need to get up as often to prevent back pain or get drinks.

19) Team Color Lights

You can incorporate team colors into most parts of your man cave, including lighting and fixtures. Many game room items, such as pool tables, can come in red. Accent that red with white, silver, and black light fixtures, like this black and silver set of pool lights. These would go well over a red pool table to show off your team colors. You can even use red light bulbs in them on some occasions, or you can use color-changing light bulbs.

​How do you show support for the Atlanta Falcons in your man cave? Every fan has their own way of showing support and we would love to hear any ideas we may have missed. Please let us know in the comments below!

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