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You’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland. You love the strangeness and imagination of the story and you’ve decided that it’s the perfect theme for your nursery. Now, you’re looking for some ideas for decorating, along with things that you can buy to stock the nursery. We’ve found some of the best and most unusual Alice in Wonderland Nursery Ideas to help you create a wonderland for your child.

1) Vintage

Since Alice in Wonderland is an old story, you can create a nursery that reflects that age by designing a vintage room. This nursery from Project Nursery is a good example, with vintage furniture and teapots along with Alice in Wonderland decorations. You can decide whether you want everything to have a vintage storybook look or whether you want a modern space with just a few vintage touches. In some cases, modern space can be more practical, so a modern room with vintage touches can be the best option.

2) Alice and the Rabbit Print

Alice and the rabbit are two of the most important characters in the story if not the most essential characters. After all, it’s called “Alice” in Wonderland. If you’re focusing mostly on the storybook aspect of this room, you’ll want prints with writing on them and illustrations that make people think of children’s books. This print from Amazon would be a good choice, with Alice and the rabbit depicted over a page or writing with a vintage look.

3) DIY Teapots and Cards

Teapots and cards are two of the themes that often come up in Alice in Wonderland decorations. If you love the scenes with those items, you can even recreate those scenes with a stacked teapot decoration and floating cards using the directions in this video. The teapots should be sturdy since they’re glued together, making them fairly safe, while the cards hang from the ceiling, creating the illusion that they’re flying through the air in a way that’ll fascinate your infant. The same video shows how to create road signs, too.

4) DIY Card Soldiers

If you thought the card soldiers were interesting and unique and want to show both the protagonists and antagonists, then you can use this tutorial to create card soldier decorations. These aren’t inherently scary, so they won’t upset your child like some antagonists might, and you can easily design your own for little cost. Large decorations like these can go a long way towards making your nursery look like a fantasy land, or more specifically, like Wonderland.

5) Thematic Teapot

The teapot is, of course, a relevant decoration for this story, so if you love the look and significance of this china, you can look for nursery decorations that include teapots. For instance, this teapot from Amazon has images of characters, with card soldiers, rabbits, Alice, and more. This makes it more thematic than a random teapot and makes it a neat keepsake that you could hold onto after the room is no longer a nursery. It even says “We’re all mad here” on the top.

6) Mad Hatter Lampshade

If the mad hatter is one of your favorite characters, you’ll probably want to figure out a way to use him in your nursery. One neat trick that’ll make your nursery stand out from the rest is this mad hatter lampshade project. You can design a lampshade like this one that looks like the mad hatter’s hat and use it on the changing table. This is a nice choice for a small nursery since you’ll probably want a lamp for better lighting at the changing table anyway. 

7) Do You Suppose She’s a Wildflower?

“Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?” This would be a wonderful compliment that many women would love to get, so if you’re creating an Alice in Wonderland nursery for your daughter, including this quote would be a lovely way to compliment your daughter. You can get decorations like this Alice in Wonderland style wall decal with a butterfly on it that say “Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?”, and place it right near the crib as a focal point for the room.

8) DIY Wreathed Mirror

Mirrors are an excellent way to let in natural lighting that makes a room brighter and adds a more natural feel that helps promote brain development in infants and children. Mirrors will reflect sunlight and can also be a decoration in their own right, but how should you decorate one in this nursery? We found this idea for decorating a mirror with cards, the mad hatter’s hat, and more, so you can copy this DIY project to add to your eclectic collection.

9) DIY Teacup Stand

Teacups are one of the most delicate and beautiful decorations that ft. an Alice in Wonderland theme, but how do you turn something like that into a decoration? You can just set out a tea set, but that’s far too mundane for a magical story like this. One option is to try doing something creative, like building this dessert stand and using it as an organizer for your changing table or to hold other decorations. Then, when your baby grows out of it, use it as an actual dessert stand.

10) Watercolor

Watercolors are probably the best medium for creating a fantastical effect. They tend to have blurred lines and bright colors as if reality and fantasy bleed together in these brilliant images. Alice in Wonderland is all about that blurred line between fantastic and real, making watercolors an ideal choice for this nursery. You can get watercolor wall art like this with Alice, the rabbit, and other characters in vibrant and multicolor silhouettes that fit perfectly with the story.

11) DIY Butterfly Installation

If you’ve ever seen a swarm of butterflies and been surrounded by their many iridescent and multicolored wings, you’ve seen the way they look almost magical, like something that belongs in a fantasy setting. Since you’re creating a fantasy element in this room by making an Alice in Wonderland theme, butterflies would be appropriate, but not just any butterflies. You can create a butterfly installation like this one with many butterflies in a swarm to show that same magic you might have experienced to your child.

12) Very Few Things are Impossible

“She began to believe that very few things are indeed impossible.” If there’s anything we learn from this story, this quote is certainly one lesson. Nothing is impossible, or at least you’re trying to show that to your little one for as long as they’ll believe it. That makes this a wonderful quote to include in a nursery. So we found this rustic image with Alice surrounded by butterflies, and that quote written across it. You can even combine this with a butterfly installation to create a butterfly theme in addition to the Alice in Wonderland focus.

13) DIY Signpost

Signposts are significant in Alice in Wonderland, and they make wonderful nursery decor as they show babies what signs look like and because the ones in the story are exciting and strange. We found this tutorial for making Alice in Wonderland signposts along with other decorations that’d make your nursery look like Wonderland. If you don’t want to repaint existing decorations, you can also use cardboard, two-by-fours, or plywood to make signpost decor from scratch.

14) All the Best People are Bonkers

“You’re entirely bonkers but I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” This is one of the quirky lines that makes this story so exciting and unusual. If you’re a fan of weirdness, then this quote would be a perfect one to include in a nursery. It gives life advice and tells your child not to be afraid of being a little strange. You can get this eight-by-ten watercolor image of Alice with that quote and either frame it or hang it as is.

15) DIY Printables

Printables are always nice when you’re trying to create a thematic space because it can be hard to find decorations that fit your theme but aren’t overly expensive. It’s also hard to find things that are customized the way you want them, and it’s easier to modify printables than store-bought items most of the time. We found this article with party ideas that you could extend to use in a nursery along with free fonts you can use to create and print your favorite quotes. 

16) Light-Up Cuckoo Clock

Light-up decorations are important in nurseries because some of them are bright enough to function as night lights while others aren’t that bright but can keep the room from becoming fully dark and keep your child from becoming frightened in the night. This light-up cuckoo clock can serve to illuminate the room a little and also makes a fun thematic decoration. It’s shaped like the mad hatter’s hat and has characters all over it, plus the message “we’re all mad here.” The fact that it’s a cuckoo clock also gives it a crazy impression that fits the story.

17) Mini Door Decoration

Remember that door? The one from the book. You know the one. If you want to make it look like your nursery has a portal to another realm in it, you can use these instructions to create a miniature version of the door from Alice in Wonderland. This would make a wonderful wall hanging, or you can put it somewhere else that’s appropriate and visible. Try designing and painting a larger version if you’re feeling creative.

18) Card and Books Staircase

The mad hatter’s tea party is an interesting place, and if you want it to look like your baby has been issued an invitation, a decal like this could be the best option. This decal has a staircase made of books and a playing card for a door. The door opens into a forest, creating the illusion that your child could step from their nursery right into the storybook. The decal supposedly works on textured walls, and it should be easy to remove later on.

19) Wildflowers and Bunnies

If you have one or two favorite themes from the story, it makes sense to focus on them. For example, if you prefer to focus on the lighter and happier aspects of the story, then bunnies and wildflowers are probably your best option. You can design a space like this nursery with minimal decorations other than wildflowers and bunny images, then add just a few quotes or other things to show that it has an Alice in Wonderland theme. 

20) Vinyl Clock

Vinyl clocks are a fun craft if you’re into old music but have records that are no longer playable. They’ve become popular enough that you can buy them, too, and since Alice in Wonderland is an old story, it makes sense to use a vintage decoration like these. You can cut out a piece of vinyl to fit an Alice in Wonderland theme or buy a vinyl decoration like this. This one also happens to be a clock, so if you want to copy that, you’ll just need a simple DIY clock kit.

21) Laundry Bag

A laundry bag is a convenient way to store your baby’s clothes and blankets. You’ll want something that you can remove from the room and machine wash to keep it clean like this one. This bag is freestanding but is also soft, with handles to hang it up from and a drawstring to make it convenient. It’s decorated with keys, playing cards, and other things from Alice in Wonderland, making it fit your theme. If you don’t need a laundry bag, you can always use it for toys instead.

Do you have something that we should have added to our list? Everybody loves something different about Alice in Wonderland, and we’d love to hear what your favorite part of the story is! Please let us know in the comments below.

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