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You love airplanes and want to share that joy with your infant, but model airplanes, airplane documentaries, and such are adult hobbies, so how do you introduce your infant to them? What might a baby like about an airplane? We found some Airplane Nursery Ideas that’ll help you create a fun and infant-oriented airplane experience and show your little one their first airplanes.

1) Airplane Storage Bins

Storage and organization are essential in a nursery because you’re going to have a lot to handle, and you don’t want to be hunting for the things you need while also trying to soothe an unhappy baby. This applies to changing tables, clothes, toys, and more. There’s nothing worse than trying to find a teether with a crying baby in your arms. These storage containers are the perfect size for baby clothes and toys, and they have cute airplanes on them!

2) Animals In Planes

Animals don’t know how to fly planes, do they? Babies love animals, so one way to make your favorite hobby cute and fun for them is to add animals. You can get stuffed animals and decorations like this set of six unframed prints with a lion, giraffe, bear, and more animals flying planes. This is a unique way to inspire your little one and catch his or her imagination while showing them how fun airplanes and pilots can be.

3) DIY Cloud Light Fixture

Clouds are a significant part of aviation. Many people love flying because it’s one of the few moments when they get to see clouds from above. This beautiful sight, along with the turbulence and dangers of flying through clouds and storms, makes clouds much more interesting from an airplane. Because of this, you might want to include clouds in your theme with things like this homemade cloud light fixture. You can use these directions to make the fixture, then hang model planes from the ceiling to create the illusion of an outdoor sky full of airplanes.

4) Up, Up, and Away!

In an airplane, you get to go up, up, and away to wherever you want at 600 miles per hour, depending on the plane. This is one of the thrills of flying and shows what a true engineering marvel these creations are. Up, up, and away is a fun thing to say and it’ll make your child feel like a superhero as they grow older. These prints of vintage airplanes with the words “Up, Up, and Away” are the perfect way to show how pilots can be superheroes, too!

5) Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

If you’re a Dr. Seuss fan, you can throw in a Dr. Seuss reference to make the nursery more exciting and fun, and make it more child-friendly. With this quote, you can show them how fun and free flying can feel while referencing something familiar and age-appropriate. Naturally, your little one won’t be reading Dr. Seuss just yet, but they’ll love the rhythm and rhyming of the books, and Dr. Seuss quotes are a fun way to introduce them to exploration and aviation. Consider this nursery idea, as you may be pleasantly surprised.

6) Paper Airplanes

One child-friendly version of an airplane is the first one they’ll ever build: the paper airplane. Paper airplanes are an easy decoration to create, and they can be fascinating with sharp lines. Plus, they’re an easy decoration to make, and you can color them any way you want. You can actually create a paper airplane theme to make the nursery child-friendly and fun, and to create something they’ll love for a long time as they grow up and begin making their own paper airplanes. 

7) Colorful Planes Name Decal

Color is important in a nursery since it’s stimulating for an infant and gives them something interesting to look at. If you want to make the airplanes interesting to a baby, you’ll want to use colorful designs, and perhaps cartoon versions of them, as well. You can get name decals like this one that has four different colored cartoon planes flying around. This is a neat way to label the room with your baby’s name and also include planes that’ll be interesting for your infant.

8) Peel and Stick Sky

One way to set up an airplane nursery is to make the entire room into a setting for the airplanes by making it look like the sky. Then, add airplanes into the mix to create a complete picture. You can paint the walls light blue or gray, then add decals like the ones in this set, including planes, hot air balloons, clouds, and the sun. The sun has a cute smiling face on it to make it fun for an infant, and everything is a bright color to add some entertainment value. 

9) DIY Birthday Decor

This room probably isn’t permanent, either because the baby will move to a different room when they’re older or because you’re going to redesign the room when they get older. This means that you don’t have to worry about how long the decorations will last. After all, your baby won’t be rubbing against them, pulling on them, or otherwise destroying them the way an older child might. You can get or make temporary decorations like these cheap and easy-to-make airplane birthday decorations using these instructions.

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10) Loop de Loops

Writing in the sky is one of the first things that fascinates a lot of people when it comes to planes. It’s pretty cool when you see a plane twist and do a complete flip to spell somebody’s name or draw a picture in the air, so that may be a good way to introduce your little one to airplanes. You can get wall decals like these that show those loop de loop patterns, even if they’re not cloud writing. This shows how exciting an airplane ride could be.

11) Mobile

Mobiles are important for babies since they give them something entertaining to look at while you’re changing them and help them fall asleep. You’ll probably want to get an airplane mobile to fit your theme, so we found this one on Amazon for you. It has multiple different colored planes with a texture that could be interesting for your baby, along with some clouds that’ll create a sense of setting. The neat thing is that these pieces will be floating in the air just like a flying plane or drifting cloud.

12) Travel

Airplanes’ primary purpose is to facilitate travel, though in this case, the means of travel is almost as fun if not more fun than the destination. If you’re creating an airplane-themed nursery to show all the cool things about airplanes, it only makes sense to show the different places you can go on one. You can create a travel-themed nursery like this one with a heavy focus on airplanes and places that you can get to with them.

13) Parachutes

If you’re a fan of the military and love paratroopers and old military planes, adding some characters to your plane nursery could be fun. You can design a nursery with not just planes but pilots and people parachuting from them, too. We found these decals that have adorable vintage planes and cute animals parachuting from them in a baby-friendly way. Your infant will probably love the colorful images, animals, and balloons mixed into this decal scene.

14) Airplane Fan

There are many cool things in this nursery, but what we noticed the most is the airplane fan. This is a neat way to integrate airplanes into the room design in a way that you probably wouldn’t in an adult-centric room. The ceiling fan in this nursery looks like a plane propeller with colorful paint, and you can design something similar for your nursery by painting the fan. If you’re artistic, you might want to try painting the rest of the plane onto the ceiling as they did.

15) DIY Cardboard Airplane

First and foremost, this nursery is a place for your infant to play and sleep, along with a place for you to care for them. To make the nursery fun, you might want to have some toys that are also decorations. We found a simple craft that anybody can make from cardboard but that’ll make your baby and later toddler feel like a real pilot. You can use this youtube video to learn how to build a cardboard plane toy and decoration, then paint it like your favorite airplane!

16) Clouds and Planes

Clouds are a significant part of flying as they have effects on visibility and turbulence, among other things. If you’ve been in a plane, you’re one of the rare few who’ve seen clouds from above, and it’s an amazing sight! If you want to integrate this into the nursery, you can get garlands like these that have strings of clouds and planes, then hang them across the ceiling or along the walls to make it look like the clouds are floating and planes are flying across the wall.

17) DIY Airplane Shelf

When your child gets older, they’ll probably need plenty of shelf space, but for now, the shelf space is mostly decorative. You’ll want to add a few books facing outwards so that your baby can see the pictures on them and decide which one he or she likes. Other than that, all that extra shelf space can be for decoration until your little one’s old enough to use it, meaning that shaped shelves like this airplane shelf will look amazing. You can use these directions to make an airplane shelf.

18) Oh The Places You’ll Go Custom Name Decal

If you want your child to be a pilot someday, they’re going places! Even if you just love planes, airplanes unlock so many new places, and this Dr. Seuss quote, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” is perfect for an airplane-themed nursery. We found this decal that you can customize with that quote and your baby’s name, along with a large image of an airplane. This is a neat way to imply that they’ll be able to go anywhere they want with the freedom of a plane.

19) Vintage Room

Vintage airplanes can be some of the most interesting-looking, as they have more patterns, bells, and whistles that are visible enough to entertain an infant. You might know that a sleek new aircraft can travel fast, but all your baby will see is the design and any colors and patterns on it. This makes vintage airplanes more interesting at his or her age, so you might want to focus on vintage airplanes as this family did in their nursery.

20) Colorful Vintage Ornaments

If you want to hang model planes around the room to show off the way airplanes really look, you’ll want to find ones that are as entertaining to your baby as they are to you. You’ll probably want something colorful with many moving parts or a less sleek design since infants won’t notice a flatter design. These colorful vintage ornaments from Amazon are one way that you can add something that resembles a plane model with plenty of colors and a 3D look.

21) Biplane and Fighter Jet Print Set

If you like biplanes and fighter jets, we found some prints that would be perfect for showing them off. These prints from Amazon are colorful enough to attract an infant’s attention, and they have a patriotic red, white, and blue color theme. You can add these as a splash of color to the nursery, particularly if you have many other military and patriotic decorations. They also have a somewhat simple, almost cartoonish design that makes them appropriate for a baby or child’s bedroom.

Do you have any airplane nursery ideas that you’d have added to this list? Everybody loves different things about planes, and we’d love to hear how you’d share this passion with your baby! Please let us know in the comments below.

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